September Challenge: Give Sugar a Swift KICK!

Hello Lovelies!

I know, you’re probably tires of everybody doggin on sugar like it’s the founding member of the apocalypse. I get it. BUT, I do have to point out a few key things that we may KNOW but don’t really let sink in. Come along for the rise and I’ll make kicking sugar a bit easier for you. Here are a few things sugar does to your health, mind and body:

  • Sugar IS a main culprit in processed foods and we all know we should be staying away from those.
  • Excessive sugar intake causes chronic fatigue
  • Sugar causes WRINKLES! Hello?!?!?! Step away right now…..
  • Sugar can worsen inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis or any itis really
  • Sugar is highly addictive (duh)
  • Sugar gives a quick high, followed by a crash…this is an instability in your blood sugar. Blood sugar directly affects hormones and hormones affect EVERYTHING
  • Sugar can cause weight gain or instability in weight which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers
  • Cancer cells FEED on sugar…..yeah, sugar is the preferred nutrient of cancer cells and we all have cancer cells. Do you really want to give them unlimited amounts of nutrients?

So, am I just supposed to go completely sugar-free?!?!?!?!

Well, there’s a catch here. If you depend on products that are labeled “sugar-free” then you are inviting all kinds of other nasty chemicals into your body. Nature has some natural sweets that you can incorporate to keep your sweet tooth under control, and I’ll get to those in a bit. FIRST, 3 simple ways to tell if you have a sugar problem:

  1. You crave something sweet following dinner (or lunch, breakfast or snacks)
  2. You reach for your favorite sweet when having a bad day.
  3. You stuff salty foods down the hole like there’s no tomorrow. Believe it or not, salty foods do trigger the same response and many have a higher sugar count than you think.

Natural Sweeteners:

  • Fruits
  • Dates (these will make a GREAT sweetener for recipes)
  • Starchy veggies (hello sweet potatoes!)
  • raw honey (moderation is key here)
  • coconut sugar
  • rapidura (a natural form of sugar)
  • Stevia (if you dig the after taste)

Are you ready for the great CHALLENGE? Here’s what you need to know…

Studies show that we reach goals faster if we have an accountability group (who here LOVES Weight Watchers? That’s why.), so we’re going to create a LARGE group to kick sugar in the butt and out of our gut. You can come to this blog once  a week in September for weekly recaps and fun recipes. I admit, sugar has crept back into my diet and this is really just my selfish way of getting it out again :) So, here is what you do:

  1. Follow me on Instagram as that is where the majority of the posts will be. Don’t have an INsta? Neither do my kids. You can follow along on Twitter OR FB, but if you’re reading this then you probably already do.
  2. Take pics (I don’t care if they’re pretty!) of your sugar-free inventions, foods you’ve been shocked to find contain sugar, kids giving you scowling looks because you’re taking their sugar away, whatever! Tag me in your pics: @michellecfitness for insta @michellecfit for Twitter and HASHTAG #sweetenough #downwithsugar
  3. Commit to this for the WHOLE month of September! I promise you will feel so much better and have loads of extra energy.
  4. Don’t be stingy. If you find or come up with a great recipe, share it with us! You may even find yourself featured on the blog :)

It’s pretty easy right? We’re all involved in social media, so let’s use it to create a healthy wave! Commit to change and kick sugar! Who’s with me?



bears will kill you It’s not a bear….you can do this ;)

Sunday Share: Proud Momma

As I sit here this afternoon (I’ve been out ALL weekend due to sickness….not cool), I wanted to share a little story with you. Be warned, this story may seem like it doesn’t directly relate to fitness…but commit to the end and you’ll see.

THIS is my daughter Debbie:

Mom and Deb

Pretty cute kid right? We’ve been hanging out together for over 13 years now, the past 2 we’ve almost been inseparable. You see, at the tender age of 12 (ALMOST 13) Debbie has a story. She, like my son, attended public school for most of her formative years. In the 3rd grade, things began to shift towards a darker side. She would come home all moody and upset, not wanting to talk about her day. A couple of months into the 4th grade, this bright child had become shrouded in darkness. As many can guess, it was the ever-present bullying that was haunting my once shining star. When I finally got her to open up about it, it was more heartbreak than a mother can stand.

Physical bullying can be stopped. I taught both of my children how to land a well-timed punch that would send enough fluid to the eyes their attacker wouldn’t be able to see them across a room without their eyes watering. Verbal abuse, thoughtfully articulated so as to inflict the most amount of pain to the emotional and mental center, doesn’t respond so quickly. Pile onto it that the main abuser had once called herself “BFF” and you have a foundation for LASTING mental anguish. Trust me, I suffered through junior high and could pick them out of a line up to this day. Words leave deeper scars than any other weapon.

The abuse was going on because Debbie didn’t conform to the crowd. One girl stopped being her friend because she wanted to be friends with another girl who didn’t like Deb. Moms, isn’t it funny how the world truly has not changed? She was made fun of because of her body: called skinny and such (ok, that part has changed…) and her energy. Kids told her she was weird, too happy, retarded, stupid, dumb, ugly, and would basically never have a hope of being nearly as successful as her 4th grade counterparts already assumed themselves to be. Talks with the teachers simply lead to heartless apologies followed by even greater assaults once the teacher left the room….them denial when she came back. I started having lunch with Debbie during the week JUST so she would have somebody to sit with in the cafeteria. I would be lying if I told you the thought of pummeling underage children and their parents didn’t cross my mind every single time I sat down to eat…

Debbie knew that I homeschooled through high school and opened a conversation about the possibility to do so herself. After prayer and more prayer, we decided to give it a go. And that has made us completely inseparable for 2 years. She has gone to work meetings and boot camps, and she even got to travel overseas on a mission trip. She has played photographer, stylist and therapist from one time to another :)

mom and deb plane

We entered the home school decision always knowing she could choose to return at any point. She chose to return this year: 7th Grade.

Her reasoning was that she felt more sure of herself and that she could handle what came her way. She was covered in prayers and backed by my ever-present promise to be at the school within 5 minutes should anybody need to talk directly to me :)

The first day of school came and my bright child felt as though she might vomit. I couldn’t get her to pinpoint what was actually bothering her most until we were walking to the school. Her response was that she had just realized those very same children who had made it their job to cut her down would indeed be at this school. My advice? Hold your head high. You have changed and perhaps they have as well…..I mean, you never know right?

Well, the first day was pretty much the first day. The ones who did recognize her met her with the astute response of “What the **** are you doing here?” A junior higher’s propensity to curse still astonishes me. She would respond with “Going to school” and move on. A real breakthrough came with her first reading assignment. They were given a reverse poem and told to write one as well. She worked hard to come up with a poem that had to do with faith, since she believes faith is what has truly brought her through all the hard stuff. The teacher said she (and some others) had done the assignment wrong and they were just supposed to reword it. She came home down, but not defeated. She felt her point of view MUST be stated. After a late night of hard work, this is what she came up with:


Godless Generation

I am part of a Godless generation

And I refuse to believe that

I can change the world

This may come as a shock to you but

“God is real”

Is a lie, and

“Money will make me happy”

So in 30 years I will let God know that

He is not the most important thing in my life

My teacher will know that

I have my priorities straight because


Is more important than


I tell you this

Once upon a time

God was real

But this will not be true in my era

This is an unholy society

Experts tell me

20 years from now, I will be sinning without consequence

I do not concede that

I will live in a country full of the Holy Spirit

In the future

An empty church will be the norm

No longer can it be said that

My peers and I care about Jesus

It will be evident that

My generation is unbelieving and unsaved

It is foolish to presume that

We believe


Unless we reverse it.



Which generation are you living in?



So, how can I possibly tie a fitness bow around this? My daughter does not workout with me. She has no desire to lift anything heavier than her cat. She doesn’t strive to be stronger than everybody else. She does enjoy hitting things though :)

It’s not the act of making my daughter move that creates unshakeable confidence in her…it’s the EXAMPLE I set before her. I am a very imperfect person, but I strive to live a life that shows discipline and dedication, not to fitness….but to my family and the values we hold. I strive to create an environment where I am honest with my children AND where they can feel comfortable being honest with me. I hope they will push their generation to hold one another up instead of tear one another down. Maybe this can be the generation that changes everything….but only if we realize they are watching us…

wonder woman

Work IT Wednesday: Shoulder Sculpts

SHAME! I am a day late, but your shoulders can probably still use a little workout right? :)

BTW, that’s my oldest adopted son Donovan :) We love him!


AFTER Your warm up (jump rope for 5 minutes and you’re good)

Upright row: 3 sets, 12-15 reps

Single Arm Clean and Press: 3 sets, 10-12 each arm

Lateral Raise: 3 sets, 12-15 reps

Rear Delt Raise: 3 sets, 12-15 reps

Overhead Press: 3 sets, 12-15


Forward/back, circle front, circle back: 30 seconds each on one arm then the other


#IDEAWORLD2014 Recap….I survived :)

Hello Beautiful People!

I am finally feeling back into the swing of things since returning from California last week. Sometimes it takes a week, get over it.

While I would LOVE to share all the wonderful things I experienced, there’s a lot to cover over the conference itself so I’m sticking to the basics. Give it a read and PLEASE click on the sponsor links within the post so you can check out some of the super cool things I got to check out :) Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?


Ideaworld 2014 banner

I have the picture to prove it. Ideaworld #blogfest started Thursday morning and I took my seat in the back. Thursday and Friday were probably the MOST fun days (that’s a WHOLE other blog post people), but my favorite parts were actually the brands. You see, during Tweet breaks (don’t fight it, it’s totally a thing) we were introduced to the brands who were sponsoring Ideaworld and making everything possible for our betterment and education….and they were giving us plenty of free swag. Word to the wise: you want my life, be willing to work as hard as I do.

REEBOK: King of swag

Here’s the funny thing….I’ve never really been a Reebok girl. I think I always associated them with the old-school aerobics instructors in tights and high tops….eeeewwwww. Reebok has totally redeemed themselves though! they’ve successfully been through an awesome rebranding (complete with new logo) and they were a fierce presence at the conference. I scored a bag, tank, water bottle and towel the very first day! That night, I got me some shoes :)

Ideaworld Reebok

I’ve already been asked about the shoes since being home and NOBODY believes they’re Reebok, BUT they are…Reebok One Cushion to be exact. Go get you some…you will not be disappointed.

Ideaworld Reeboks

UNDER ARMOUR: Still the coolest :)

I am a geek to no end, and I’m OK with that. Under Armour’s own Shauna Harrison @shauna_Harrison was there to talk about the newly launched #IWILLWHATIWANT campaign, and you’ll be getting more info on that very soon. BUT first, check out our flex off:

Ideaworld 2014 under armour

Yeah, that happened….

OK, so UA also gave bloggers a brand spankin new UA39 (the BEST of the best in heart rate monitoring and other super techy stuff). I’ve been keeping track of all of my workouts and performance outputs during each one. As you know, I vary workouts since I have exercise ADD and it’s been awesome to track on this sweet little device.

Ideaworld Under Armour UA39

That was a 450 calorie leg day :)

LORNA JANE: The SWEETEST smile at Ideaworld

If you have yet to meet Lorna Jane Clarkson and her FABULOUS clothes, you really must get out of Academy more. I was gifted with a super awesome tank top AND the ability to hear Lorna Jane speak on how her boutique clothing line came to be and what the philosophy of her company is. I was inspired to say the least and even picked myself up some more goodies at the Lorna Jane booth :) I fully encourage you to check out for blog posts, health tips, workouts and more on fun healthy living.

Ideaworld Lorna Jane

Are you tired of pics of my swag yet? OK, I’ll stop :)

I try to keep the posts short enough for my attention span, but I do need to show some love to some of the other sponsors. I don’t get a dime for you to click on these! I’m just trying to share what I experienced with you :) So check the links below for people who are all too willing to help you achieve the fit life.

Fit Approach

AMRAP Nutrition


Aspen Yoga Mats


You’ll be seeing reviews on a LOT of these products soon…and just in time for Christmas :)

Before I sign off, I would love to point you in the direction of some gifted bloggers who made an impact on me last week. I don’t consider myself a true blogger, more like a fitness pro who has a blog. These guys are at the top of the blogging game, so enjoy!






5 simple daily rituals to melt fat for good

Sometimes weight loss can seem to be a daunting task, with all the mixed messages out there and the contradicting thought points and the emerging plethora of new diets around. There is however a simple yet extremely effective routine that I personally use to keep in shape and for people who are starting out to drop some pounds, look good and regain their vitality. Now these steps aren’t new or are they incredibly complex. They are 6 daily rituals which at their essence are the most basic knowledge that literally everyone can do and perform everyday to some degree.

I’d like to tell you that there is a magic weight loss pill or some cutting edge diet that dissolves fat and changes your entire physique in 3 days – but I would be lying to you. There is no quick fix, no fancy pill or a new fancy weight loss diet. It’s a way of life, a few lifestyle changes that over the long-term will get fantastic results much better than getting on the new diet bandwagon and falling off it to regain not only the weight you have lost, and then some.

               1.       Goal Setting and Visualization

Goal Setting

Goal setting is so critical to useful endeavour. Without a goal it’s like steering a ship without a rudder. This is a critical first step whereby everyone should have written down a goal to achieve their desired weight loss. Here’s a simple way to set a goal in 5 minutes. Make the goal S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. There are hundreds of variations to SMART goals however they are all essentially the same.

If you are looking to lose weight here’s what a goal may look like:

I want to lose 10 pounds by Dec 31st 2014 at 5pm.

See how I have even inserted the time to the exact hour? This is so that you give your subconscious mind a time to work towards (more below).

Below this you would want to write out the steps you are going to take to achieve this goal. This could be:

-          Go for a 30 minute walk every morning

-          Eat vegetables with each meal (3 times a day)

-          Reduce the amount of processed food I eat by half

-          Drink 8 glasses of water a day

-          Do yoga 2 times a week

-          Lift weight 3 times a week

As you can see I have made each of the steps that accompany the goal with exact numbers this makes it far more specific and measurable, so that it allows you to track and measure your results.

If you are starting out PLEASE don’t try everything all at once. For example if you want to lose weight, start with one form of exercise first and set out to do this 3-4 times a week for half an hour. Try this for 2 weeks and when you feel comfortable, take another step forward and incorporate perhaps eating more greens into your list. Don’t try to take on everything at once, try one or two things at a time and test the waters until you are almost certain you can incorporate another step into your plan.

This is critical that you write down your goal before anything else you attempt, it will keep you motivated throughout the entire process. By setting a realistic goal, you are bound to hit it – no matter what!


Now this may seem like a new idea or a bit woo woo, however there have been studies conducted on visualization and these studies have shown that when people hold their goals and aspirations in their mind’s eye for an extended period of time they start to ingrain the image into their subconscious. The subconscious mind has a difficult time in differentiating what’s real and not real and often accepts these images to be real and starts the process of changing thought processes to make your goals happen.

Here’s what to do:

Find an image of what you would love to look like or an image of what you used to look like, and hold it in front of you. Stare at this image for 30 seconds and then begin to alter your focus as if you were looking straight through the image. Do this every day so that this image sinks into your sub-conscious mind. Before you know it your sub-conscious mind will start to work on your goals and desires and you (without much notice) will start making the changes you need to get yourself closer to your goal!

        2.  Walking

Now this is so basic! Cardiovascular exercise is so important, it burns calories and most of all keeps your heart healthy. There is a huge array of different cardiovascular exercises out there including High Intensity Interval Training, however these types of exercises may not appeal to you and you are looking for something manageable without the risk of injury then walking is for you. Try walking in the morning just as soon as the sun is up – this way you are getting much needed vitamin D and also burning calories.

         3.       Yoga

Here’s a fantastic weight loss tool. Yoga may not seem that it burns calories, but it really does. Studies have shown that yoga with its many postures and positions engages a large number of muscles simultaneously. By contracting and holding muscles for short periods of time generates much of the same calorie burning mechanisms as cardiovascular exercises by increasing your bodies metabolic rate. Yoga is great for another reason: flexibility. Flexibility is often overlooked when it comes to overall wellness. Being flexible allows you to guard yourself from injury, lessening the effects of previous injuries while allowing greater flexibility throughout the body.

If you are time bound try starting with a 5-10 minute Yoga routine, do as much as you can with the limited time you have. You can easily access hundreds of different Yoga videos on YouTube. Check out Tara Stiles. Tara has a fantastic range of 10 minute easy to learn Yoga routines.

          4.       Detoxification and Hydration

Detoxification has become popular as of recent years. Detoxification is the process of expelling the build up of toxins from the body that has been accumulated through what you eat, drink and breathe. These toxins are often detrimental to vital organs and have a huge role to play in inflammation. Inflammation from eating say processed foods are caused by a whole host of bad oils, sugars, and chemical additives that leave organs such as the liver clogged up and working inefficiently. Inflammation in the gut leads to many side effects one of the most common is weight gain.

Here’s a simple but effective drink to increase metabolism and flush out toxins – drink more water! Chances are that you aren’t getting enough water in your day. The recommended daily intake of H2o is roughly 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Yes! 6-8. Water is so vital for our bodies and we just aren’t getting enough of the good stuff. The easiest way I found to keep me hydrated is to have a glass bottle or a mason jar filled with water sitting next to me no matter what! When I am at work I have a bottle sitting on my desk the same while I am at home. Fill up a mason jar and leave it on your bed side table before going to bed so if you do wake up thirsty you have quick and easy hydration. First thing in the morning you may want to consider drinking a litre of filtered water with some fresh lemon juice, this helps flush out nasty toxins that have built up in your body over night.

Another fantastic detoxification option is to drink a green juice or green smoothie in the morning. Juicing or blending allows you to get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals into your body first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Juices and smoothies contain a huge about of nutrients which help assist in healing your gut, flushing toxins out of your liver, repairing damaged cells and giving you sustained energy throughout the day without having the peaks and crashes like coffee!

           5.       Remove refined and processed foods

These include any form of so called “food” that comes in a can, box, preserved or in a plastic bag. You know which food you are eating is absolute garbage, get rid of them! They are doing absolutely no good for you. These foods are making people fat, sick and nearly dead for the past 50 years and are continuing to do so at an even more rapid speed. This category also consists of refined oils such as canola, cotton seed and vegetable oils. Other foods would include any sort of refined white sugar, soft drinks, white breads, potato chips, deep fried foods of any kind, takeaway food from all of the major fast food “restaurants”, microwaveable foods and all forms pastry. Basically anything that you know has added chemicals or is made in a factory somewhere.


This all may seem like a monumental task, and you would be right. However, please don’t expect to start with every single tip on this list at the same time. Focus on one thing at a time and eventually add steps to move even closer to your goals.

I hope this information helps you in some way shape or form! If you would like more great insights, tips and guides please visit

To your health and wellness!


Merwin is the founder of Eat Live Life – a site where he draws on his experience in overcoming adversities with his own health. Eat Live Life aims to create a healthier and happier world. Merwin is a dedicated nutrition researcher, wellness advocate, writer, student, meditation practitioner and wannabe Yogi.





Merwin Davies Portrait (2)

Merwin runs the Eat Live Life site and I was fortunate enough to meet him and exchange posts a few weeks ago. Check out the post I did on his site HERE.

Peace, Love and Lunges,




Grab some weights (8-15 pounds should do) and a little space for total body toners :)

#IdeaWorld #Blogfest here I come…yikes

Hey ya’ll!

I am writing from my office upstairs while my self-tanner tries to feel a bit less tacky…:) Hey, it makes me feel better.

The past few days have been filled with hustle while we get ready for the next week. What’s happening? Thank you for asking! A few months ago I was chosen as one of the featured bloggers for the very FIRST annual #blogfest at the Idea World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, California. I have put together my presentation and will eventually practice…those who really know me totally know I’ll fly by the seat of my pants. During this time my family will spread out among the states and I will be forced to do something that strikes fear to the very center of my little heart: SOCIALIZE!!!!!!!

introvert Audrey

I always loved Audrey. She was an introvert and lived to be a ripe old age! Coincidence? I think not, just saying….

OK, so I am an introvert. Wait, huh? Yes, I know. I give speeches and talk in front of large crowds without too much trouble. As a matter of fact, the presentation itself has hardly crowded my thought process at all. It’s the fact that during this convention there are actual gatherings of people. This drains me of all energy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be laid up in bed for several days upon my return home.

So, what’s the problem?

My introversion has caused me to miss many an opportunity and many a party. People who don’t really understand the whole introvert thing (I like the people in books far better than those in real life at times, lol…but really) tend to think this is something one can just “turn off”. Not the case for such an odd issue. In reality, the age of technology seems to have made it easier to be an introvert. That is, until one actually has to go out and do something.

How deep does this really go?


Well, let’s just say I tend to schedule ALL of my errands at once just so I can limit those pesky social encounters. Oh, and apps like BUFFER have made me SO happy! I don’t even have to be social on social networks anymore! Have I told ya’ll I have issues?

Yeah, so I did decide that THIS YEAR I would do more things that frighten me….socializing has won out. I now get out of my hobbit hole a few times a week and purposefully engage with others while out and about. I also signed up for this big ole convention AND I am participating in a scavenger hunt where people I don’t know have to find me! This is craziness at it’s very core people.

Large runs and fitness events don’t scare me. I’ve spoken and taught to large groups of people. NO WORRIES! It’s the more intimate places where people actually want to “get to know you”. Perhaps I feel enough people know me. Maybe my friends list is full. I’ve tried for years to figure this out. I mean, I’m far from boring. I’ve traveled the world, I fight and teach boxing, I’m involved in anti-trafficking movements, and I am a deeply passionate person when I get all kinds of riled up about something…..I just don’t give myself enough opportunity for others to see it.

So, I ask for your thoughts and prayers as a head forth into the social arena. If you’re there, say hi. If you’re an introvert like me, wave from the corner! I understand that!!!!!!

The challenge I have for you is twofold: understand who you are first, then understand that YOU can change the things that place limits on you. One little lunge at a time….stepping is so boring:)

Train hard ya’ll! I’ll see you when I get back.




#workit #Wednesday Superstrech

If you’ve been working out consistently, you are probably in need :)

Product Review: Marika Magic Slimming Capri

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I have another product review for you, and this one is for the ladies :)

Marika, that FABULOUS yoga pants company (OK, they make MORE than yoga pants, but their yoga pants rock) has asked me to review their Magic Capris. UM, yeah! I love pants :)

marika capris

PSSSST!!!! Love these pants? Get them for 30% off with this code! MM30

So, let’s first get the dirty deets on this Magic Slimming pant:

These capri’s will keep you looking slim; features inner power mesh lining along the thigh area and contour seaming for a slender look. Coordinate with your favorite top or one of our tummy control tops for added support.

19″ Inseam
4″ Flat waistband
Power mesh lining on thighs
Contour seaming for a slenderized look
Coolmax gusset
Body: 89% Cotton, 11% Spandex
Power Mesh: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex
Gusset Lining: 47% Coolmax Polyester, 47% Polyester, 6% Spandex
Now that we have established the pant itself, how about a little opinion?
I have to be honest, when I first slid them on I was a bit concerned with the higher waist. Please note, I dig like sweat pant waists OK. It’s not that the waist is extremely high, it’s just my own personal issues.
After looking in the mirror, I forgave said higher waist though! Now, many who truly know me can attest to the fact that I probably don’t need a ton of slimming in my hips (don’t roll your eyes at me!) and that I have hardly any butt to speak of…so here’s what was so great: I had a butt! Glorious day, they are MAGIC pants! So, aside from a butt, what else?
These pants have panels to help create a streamlined effect to the hips/thighs/booty. Are you buying them yet? Cause you should just for that reason.
The fabric is cool (literally, it helps to keep you cool) and nice enough to wear in public. Meaning…you can’t see through it like some other pants (just make sure you get the right size people! Spandex can only stretch so far…). So, you can throw on a cute little top and take to the grocery store without looking like you didn’t even try to look nice. You look stylishly athletic….even if you don’t workout.
To top it all off, performance is great. I wore them for yoga, weight training and just walking about and they DID NOT MOVE. If you’re an avid “pants adjuster” you totally get why this is so important. No picking or adjusting needed, just straight up performance pants.
Marika has a WIDE variety of pants and other stylish goodies available HERE, so go check it out ;)
Happy Shopping!
Don’t forget to take advantage of your 30% off code! MM30 Good through August 31,2014

#WORKIT Wednesday! Free Workout for you: Tank Top Arms

Arm B&W

Ah, the arms…..the most naked part of the human body. Our arms carry groceries, babies, bags and purses. They push strollers, shopping carts and even buttons.

Arms are involved in just about every aspect of life, yet most women leave them untrained and complain about things such as Bat Wings, Chicken Wings (which are tiny BTW) and flappy things.

Have no fear! I have an arm toning workout that can be done in MINUTES and have you ripping the sleeves off your shirt in no time….OK, maybe not THAT, but you get the point.

What do you need?

Dumbbells that CHALLENGE you. That means your last rep better be a struggle. I usually use 15-25 pound DB’s, but I’ve been working on these things for a few years now.

A padded surface (you know what that means right?).

Some really great music. Never underestimate the power of the playlist.

A great attitude…..that WILL determine your results.

Got it? Let’s get it then!


This workout will be done in a circuit fashion, using a timer (I use a tabata timer on my phone, you feel free to use any timer. A lot of tabata timers are FREE online).

You will be WORKING for 40 seconds, then RESTING for 10 seconds. You will repeat the exercises 3x through (more if you have time to kill or just really don’t want to move tomorrow).

  1. THE PUSHUP! Oh yeah baby, get down and get dirty with them. Range of motion is critical, so if you can’t come all the way down (or 90 degrees at the elbows) drop to your knees and modify as you build strength.
  2. Alternating Biceps Curl. Weights will be in each hand and you will perform slow and controlled bicep curls, one arm, then the other.
  3. Alternating Shoulder Press. Weights up, elbows alongside the shoulders, press one DB to the ceiling, return to start and press the other….remember, slow and steady, no momentum.
  4. Long Arm Plank. Get in a pushup position, but resist the urge to do a pushup. HOLD IT! Contract the core, thighs and shoulders.
  5. Triceps Dip. You can use ANY surface really. Hands face forward, drop your butt directly down (not away, as that is shoulders) then squeeze your arms in and press up. Keep your neck neutral and perform as many as you can before you feel like you might drop yourself, then rest and do some more until your time is up. These can be tough, so aim to do more each time.

These 5 BASIC moves will start to make a BIG difference in your upper body physique. Aim to complete this workout 3 times per week, never on consecutive days. Next week, come back for a body weight leg workout that will have you strutting in shorty shorts (keep it appropriate people!) in no time!

Peace, Love and Lunges (and pushups)


date night


NOW it’s YOUR turn!

Got a workout you want to see featured in #WORKIT Wednesdays?

Respond BELOW or shout it out on Twitter.