The Truth about the ABS

This picture went up to blogs and my social media sites about a month ago. A huge thanks to my technically savvy husband for making that happen =)

There were a few reasons why I wanted this picture. I’m not super human and I don’t have a will of iron against temptation (I quite literally JUST ate 5 dark chocolate Hershey Kisses and they were fabulous). I am a mother of 2 that has struggled with weight loss my whole life and this part is no different. It serves as visual proof that it can be done for anybody. Trust me, I messed it up royally a lot, but somehow managed to get here. So, after the picture went up, I received 1 common question from social sites and blogs: “Did you have surgery for the extra skin?” The answer: NO. I could just leave it at that, but it doesn’t serve you if I do, so let’s dive deeper…

It took me about 6 years to lose 100 pounds. That’s mostly because it did not all come off at once since I lacked both commitment and consistency. My abdominal skin (plus pretty much everything else) stayed stretched for YEARS due to my constant weight battle and self destructive behaviors. By the way, if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see I earned my stripes (otherwise known as stretch marks). Self tanner (NOT a tanning bed) works wonders! Here’s the nitty gritty on how to tighten the abdominal muscles AND the skin that surrounds them so you too can suck, smile, and take a stunning picture!

Commitment and consistency are the 2 things I cannot stress enough! That’s why I sell my meal plan in 6 weeks plans. It takes a minimum of 6 full weeks to start really seeing results of any kind. Your nutrition is about 90% of your abs. I stick to an anti inflammatory diet with little to NO alcohol when I need my abs to pop. So, if you know you’re wanting to bare a bikini body, plan at least 6 weeks ahead in your nutrition intake. Don’t overwork your abs in workouts and make sure you keep them lengthened. I love incorporating tons of yoga (since I’m a yoga teacher!) and some Pilates into my daily regime. These are magic workers in that they can give you the illusion of a longer torso. There are really no magic pills or special creams, though I do love what self tanner can do if applied to exfoliated skin. Also, get plenty of fiber in your diet (that would be those leafy green things in the super market) and drink at least 3 liters of water per day. Most important is to be consistent! My abs do not look like that ALL the time. I stay close to that and then plan out 6 weeks ahead to make adjustments to my nutrition and exercise plan. Figure out what works best for you and go for IT! If I can do it, I have no doubt you can too. Just apply some butt kicking motivation to your program and go get it!

XOXO-MichelleThe ABS in question

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