Accepting Impermanence

Permanence, much like perfection, is a fleeting thought. We strive for permanence just as hard, if not harder. I was reminded of this during the latest season of Biggest Loser. Though I’m not a huge fan as it depicts the ONLY way is their way, but I digress…. A bootcamper was talking about the finale and how Ally looked like she had put on some weight since her win a few years ago. I saw the show and thought she looked great. Ally looked healthy and fit and still quite trim; she just wasn’t as small as she was at her win. Weight loss is hard enough without having it portrayed to the entire world and then being judged harshly because 3 years after you won you put on 3 pounds. GASP! The horror!!!! Permanence is like a pot of gold: we search for it our whole lives only to realize it never truly existed.

The question then remains, how do you handle impermanence? Can you accept it? Can you accept that your body may remain different after giving birth? Can you accept that you are no longer the football hero? How do you handle change?

Along my incredible weight loss road trip, things changed. My relationships changed, both good and bad. My body certainly changed, though not always for the better. My flexibility has decreased and I now have severe arthritis which is attributed to years of deprivation and abuse just to get into a bikini. Change is inevitable and you can learn to ride the wave of change with grace and poise. Learn your limits. It is better to exercise at a moderate pace everyday than to try to keep up with the muscle heads at the gym. By the way, they’re all jacked up on supps. Trust me, if been one….. Focus on the ebb and flow of your life. Think about this: What would you do with your free time if you weren’t trying to capture and tame something that does not exist?

Your health is your truth. How you handle the ups and downs of life depends on your health. How do you handle family crisis? How are your nerves when things at work go wrong? These are things that can be under your control, but only if you make room for them by accepting impermanence. The art of letting go is truly healing.

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