Healthy Holidays 2011 #2: Turkey Trots and such

As we near Thanksgiving ( you realize it’s almost time to thaw the turkey right?) there is a tradition that I enjoy most every year. On Thanksgiving morning I get up and run before the rest of the household is a bustle with sugared excitement. I usually run for about an hour and this run serves a dual purpose. 1) I burn calories before the feast of the day even starts. 2) I am able to┬áde-stress and clear my head of any left over junk that may be hanging on from the time of year.

The same kind of thing was born when Turkey Trots started taking off. Turkey trots are offered all around and chances are you can find one very close to your home. They mostly 5K runs, but they are also widely non competitive and fun for the whole family. Even the kids get involved and love it! If you are wanting to run in a Turkey Trot (or if you are like me and prefer to relish your run as your quiet time) I suggest starting an easy training program. Couch to 5K is one of the absolute best and allows you to train at a steady pace. You can always enlist the help of a running couch to perfect your gait and help you choose the right shoes, especially if your harbor a lot of pain in the legs and joints post run.

Any way you choose to go about it, I suggest getting out of the kitchen even if it’s just for a brief stroll around the block. This is a healthy habit you will want to stick with year after year. :)


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