Lose inches in less than 10!

In ALL honesty (this is professional and personal) there is no special diet no body wrap (all the posts about losing inches while wrapping yourself up like a burrito…..yeah, that’ll stay off) that will permanently get rid of inches. BUT, there are tricks of the trade and this is a BIG one. Muscle control. This routine takes less than 10 minutes (BTW, most body wraps take at least 45) and you’ll walk away looking taller, trimmer, and with a post spa glow. Use the video above to plug in your upper body moves.


Warm up with dynamic stretches for  1 minute.

Perform 20 deep squats, squatting as low as your knee and hip flexibility allow while maintaining good form

Pick 1 of the pushup variations above and perform until failure (until you are unable to maintain good form in your pushups)

Perform 20 alternating front lunges, switching legs with each rep

Do 20 jumping jacks

Pick a different push up variation and perform until failure

Flip over and perform 50 bicycle crunches, keeping trunk steady while rotating shoulder towards knee. TIP: do these slowly to maintain good form and focus on drawing the abs in and up

REPEAT 2-3 more time, with little to no rest.

NOW, go show it off! You’ve managed to cut seeable inches from the body by activating both small and large muscle fibers, plus you’ve raised your metabolic rate and started a little sweat, resulting in increased blood flow and a beautiful glow. NO MONEY REQUIRED :)


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