BIG News for YOU and a FREE E-Book

So, how did you make out through the Thanksgiving Holiday? Even my international friends were wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving this week :)

In light of the holiday spirit, I wanted to share some extremely exciting news with you. I have been working tirelessly on developing a program to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals in 2014. That’s right, it’s a program that will walk you step by step through everything it takes to become fit, energetic and the envy of all your friends and loved ones! Joking, you seek to become the inspiration right? ;)

What’s the deal with this new program? For starters, it is unlike anything else that is available and we’ve done the research to make sure. This program will stay with you for an entire year to ensure you reach those goals and resolutions so by 2015 you are truly healthy, fit and ready to take on even bigger goals. What do you get? Here is just a taste:

  • WEEKLY meal plans, easy recipes and a print and go grocery list
  • WEEKLY motivation and encouragement
  • WEEKLY workouts designed to teach you how to make the most out of your time
  • MONTHLY downloadable e-books that will give you a leg up on reaching your goals for that month
  • Seasonal recipes to help you stay on track and healthy
  • Tips for eating out and parties
  • Tips for skin care to keep skin in top shape during weight loss and body transformations
  • Access to monthly Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive videos on exercise form, meal planning, meal preparation and more

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for those who are sick and tired of falling for fads, standing at the back of the diet line every year and those seeking guidance to LEARN how to live a healthy life. There are no gimmicks, no secret formulas and no deprivation here, just honest work and knowledge to help you get where you want to be. If you’re looking for a magic pill or a silver bullet, this is not the program for you. I’m just trying to be honest about it because there are 3 things that it takes to reach AND maintain your health and fitness goals: Time, Practice and Patience. At the end of 2014, you will have mastered all three :)

How do you get in on it? That’s easy! Email me at with the subject line: SIGN ME UP. Once you do that, you’ll be placed on a FIRST TO KNOW LIST and you’ll receive my new E-book Five Steps to Surviving the Holidays. This book is full of recipes to keep you on track, workouts to burn extra calories and tips to reduce stress. It’s yours totally FREE just for signing up. Then, mark your calendars for December 29th for a  webinar that will answer all of your lingering questions and get YOU started towards a healthier life.

My question for you is this: are you totally happy with your level of health and fitness right now or are you already looking into the fads that are coming up for 2014? If you’re starting to look, I beg you to give this a little thought and a little time. Hey, you get a free book out of the deal anyway! ANYBODY can reach their goal in a year with the right tools. I have the tools ready for your use, you just have to show up :)

Peace, Love and Lunges


Rockstar Training

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