Biggest Loser Boot Camp

The popular television show The Biggest Loser has claimed many rears to the couch on a weekly basis. We watch with anticipation and vocally call out for our favorite players on a game of weight verses will. Over the years the trainers have changed, methods have changed and the game itself has changed, but one thing remains: people watch it. Some people draw hope from it, claiming that by watching others go through the process they can feel their own fire ignite. Others, simply like the entertainment value of backstabbing and game playing. Whatever the reason, The Biggest Loser has certainly opened doors for weight loss, fitness, nutrition and overall health. Any time we can get those doors a little bigger, then I’m a happy girl :)

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So, how can you take the inspiration offered by a TV show and use it to your advantage? Well, start by looking at yourself in real light. What I mean is, you’re not a contestant on a show, but rather a marathoner in the journey of life. The goals you set need to be healthy and realistic. I’m not wanting you to aim low here. I just don’t want you to copy what somebody else is doing.

Second, stay with me here, is to NEVER GIVE UP. I’m dead serious here. This goal is going to take a while and you cannot unrealistically expect that the body you have allowed to slack off will suddenly LOVE 5 a.m. workouts or planking all the time. It will take time to set up habits and it will take time for these habits to sink in. So, suck it up and keep going forward.


Third: get prepared. Prepare yourself to be a winner. This is going to take some time, effort and probably a little bit of money. Make sure you stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Invest in good footwear for your chosen workouts. Keep a water jug full to keep your hydration on track. Write down your food intake and exercise regimen. Purchase an easy to do home based fitness program for days when you can’t get to the gym or your favorite class. SIGN UP for a FREE membership where you can track any workout and get a coach to help you along the way. Consider investing in a device to read your calorie burn (Bodymedia, Jawbone, FitBit, etc.) but remember that writing your daily food intake and being really honest is almost as good.

Don’t discount the inspiration you glean from a show like The Biggest Loser. USE IT to your advantage. Don’t sit on the couch and wait for it to “happen to you”, get out and make it happen. Gain control, make changes and see your healthier self. You’ll be glad you did :)

Hopefully I’ll see some of you in boot camp tonight,


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