WorkIT Wednesday: Hump Day Workout

Hey Mike! Mike, Mike, Mike!!!!!! It’s HUMP DAY!

Oh yeah, baby. Today’s workout is dedicated to your lovely humps. Whether you are building the booty of your dreams or tightening what your momma gave you, incorporate this superset focused workout once a week to see results.

Hump Day Workout:

Warm Up. I usually only hop on the cardio equipment for leg day. Warm up for 5-10 minutes.

First set:

Dumbbell Squats. Run the rack with these. Start with a heavy weight and do 10 reps, then drop weight 3 more times of 10 reps. Do a total of 4 sets.

First Super Set (perform first exercise and immediately follow with the second; rest for 30-60 seconds in between sets):

Barbell Squat. 15 reps

Pop Squat (some people call it a jump squat, but move the feet out and in). 30 seconds.

Repeat 3x

Second Super Set:

Weighted walking lunge. 40 reps (20 on each leg).

Switch lunges. 30 reps (15 on each leg)

Repeat 3x

Third Super Set:

Quad Extensions. 15 reps

Seated Hamstring Curls. 15 reps

Moving lateral squat. 30 reps

Repeat 3x


Bring a band (one that is a circle with no ends and LOTS of resistance) and perform Monster Walks for 2 minutes. Rest and then do it 2 more times.

Monster Walk: With band snug at mid calf (NOT the ankle or knee joint!), separate feet and assume squat position. Without losing your position, take large steps forward and then backward. Try to cover some ground.

If you have any legs left, hop on the stairmill for 20 minutes :)

Here’s to your humps!

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  1. I asked this question today and I appreciate your frank answer. I do believe your readers would benefit from both the question and the answer, so here goes: What percent of the time should I expect to work through pain and injury as a long time weight trainee and is this normal?

    • Michelle Carlson says:

      That was a great question!!! First off, I have to tell ya’ll that I hardly ever take my own advice when it comes to injury :( . Really and truly, rest should be key. Since I sustained a terrible muscle injury years ago, I have injuries that pop up all the time. Honestly, I don’t know what working out in a “well” body would even feel like at this point! That’s also why I avoid certain genres of workouts. I’m working with a broken toe now :) and arthritis is always a factor. Now, long time trainees know that when an injury occurs we can usually work around it. In other words, if I hurt my leg I would focus on upper body training sessions as that particular part is allowed to rest and heal. You’ll see a lot of shoulder injuries on weight lifting and we would focus a little more work on the lower body then. In essence, we can expect little bumps in the road, but don’t allow that r\to derail our progress :)

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