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Because I’m APPY…..A look at some notable apps to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

BTW, you’re welcome that the Happy song will now be on repeat in your head all day long.

This blog was written by request :) What apps do I use to stay on track and what apps do I find notable for reaching health and fitness goals?

Great question! Let’s dig in shall we?

1. My Fitness Pal. Should you track your food? Only if you want to reach goals. I have been tracking food for years (and used several apps) to reach both muscle gain and fat loss goals. Once you do it for a while it does become a habit. MFP is extremely user friendly and even remembers your meals. You can save foods or entire meals if you’re like me and tend to eat the same thing over and over again. The FREE version allows you to set your macros (to a point) and set goals for yourself. Word to the wise: Don’t put your exercise in until the END of the day since MFP will recalculate your macros based on caloric burn. By the way, I don’t trust that it knows how many calories I burned…..  Runner up: My Macros (GREAT for bodybuilders/competitors) and Lose It (though most is NOT free).


2. A-Note. It seems odd for a fitness post, but hang in there. I keep my to-do list on my phone because my phone is always there. A-Note allows you to keep a detailed to-do list all the way up to your goal for the whole year! Want to lose 50 pounds? Your daily to-do better be pointing you towards that goal.

3. Tabata Pro. Not all of my workouts revolve around reps and sets at the gym. I LOVE Tabata Pro (there is a free version, but not quite as good). TP allows you to set your rest, work and preparation times and you can play any playlist through the app. I don’t know about you, but I cannot workout without music….it’s physically impossible. This app is awesome for all the FREE workouts I have on the blog.

4. Inspiration: I’m not going to lie; I use Instagram for inspiration a LOT. Be careful who you follow and make sure that they are making life brighter. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration, but be warned; it can also be a HUGE time sucker.


Notable APPS:

  1. Nike Training Club.    NTC       This is marketed to women, but fellas can enjoy it too! I do use this app during the off season to help with cardio. You have access to loads of different workouts and you can track what you have done. As you complete workouts you receive badges and prizes like smoothie recipes and all-star workouts. You can also play your music through the app and set up daily reminders so you stay on track.
  2. Nike Running.     Nike Running             You don’t have to have the fancy shoes to make this one work. Just wear it with you on your run. You can friend people in your virtual space and even challenge them to running games. It keeps an accurate record of runs that you can go back and check out as well so you can celebrate the small victories along the way. It also has options to join a training program for your first 5K, 1/2 marathon or full marathon. Get trained by the trainers who know running.
  3. The Fitness Games. This one seriously rocks if you’re the type who likes a challenge or needs to be held accountable for workouts. You gather virtual friends (or real friends) and issue and participate in fitness challenges. The large database makes it easy to incorporate challenges that will suite any fitness level. Have some buddies sign up and get motivated to MOVE.
  4. Map My Fitness and Armour 39. This is Under Armors answer to Nike :) These apps can work together with the Armour 39 wearable device. Map My Fitness can also be run without it. It can be a little more costly, BUT you get a more accurate reading of calories burned, heart rate and even your WILL. The device actually measures how hard you work during your workout.


Hopefully, any number of these 8 apps will get you moving towards your next goal. Remember, in the digital age all the information you need is right at your fingertips….


Now I want to hear from you!

Do you use any of these apps and how do you like them?

Are there apps not mentioned that you enjoy?

Put your response in the comments below and let’s talk about it!


As always, have a healthy day :)


IMPORTANT READ: Habits that hold you back from your goals.

Happy Thursday to you Fit peeps!

Today’s post has been burning me up for a while, as I find that MANY of us (self included) set totally attainable goals but struggle with reaching them due to ingrained habits that hold us back.

SOOOOO, today I’m going to point out your faults…… JOKING! I’m going to go over some of the most common habits we don’t even realize we have that are holding us back. Did that make sense? Either way, let’s move on…


I can’t overstate this (though you may think I do); YOU MUST get laser focused about your goals. Phrases like “I want to tone up” are akin to saying “I would like to not jiggle when I walk BUT I’m not in the right frame of mind to sacrifice anything to that end”. In today’s age, we have a lack of true goal setters in our midst. We mostly have those who think it would be awesome… long as they don’t have to get uncomfortable and life doesn’t have to change. Be a GOAL REACHER, by pinpointing your EXACT goal and taking the necessary steps DAILY to reach it.


Your goal should be PERSONAL to you.


It is my honest opinion that there is far too much opinion out there (see what I did there????). So, I’m going to try to cut through the opinion cycle with a little science.

“Treat” meals are actually supposed to be well-planned re-feeds for those who are possible losing weight too quickly, placing their precious muscle in danger. Today however, anybody who sets foot on a treadmill will use the term “treat meal’ to justify ANY call to succumb to their wavering taste buds. Now, I’m not saying you need to live a life of deprivation in any way at all….you need a life of moderation. Too many treat meals will take you further from your goal, not propel you to it. Allow yourself small treats (which you track) and you will see results without the deprivation effect….or the backlash binge eating and weight gain effect.

cheat meal cats


Imagine this….you’re driving down the road headed to the most fabulous weekend getaway you can think of when your car stalls out in the middle of the highway. You cannot remember the last time you put fuel in your gas tank OR what grade fuel you even used….You took the useless gauge out of the dash because it had a tendency to remind you of something you had to do, and you are just SO over that. So now, you have no ride, no way of getting to your destination and when a stranger pulls over to help you tell them of your wisest idea NOT to track when you put gas in your car and they leave you on the side of the road just to protect the gene pool. You see what I’m saying here? Don’t tell me you don’t have time or just don’t want to track your food. If you WANT results, you will suck it up and get it done.


This is a biggie. Alcohol is filtered through your liver. Did you know that your liver is one of the largest organs involved in losing fat? True story. Your liver is where fat cells go to be processed and transported through the burning process, but your liver is now to overwhelmed to think about your fat because it will be trying to burn through your “I had such a rough week at work I NEED a little mini-vacay!” binge. It can take your liver up to 3 full days to work through 2 glasses of wine. Beer and hard liquor take even longer. That’s DAYS where your body is all but unable to burn fat. Want results? Give up the alcohol for 6 weeks and see what happens. If you can’t fathom that…..perhaps now is the time to reach out for help :)


Your results lie in your movement all around…and so does your health. It’s easy to get caught up in simply working out for an hour or so, then spending the rest of the day sitting. Even if you have a desk job, fit in regular bouts of movement. Stand and stretch every 30-45 minutes, WALK to talk to a coworker instead of emailing, walk to the printer, take a walk at lunch or take a work time lunch class, park farther away, think outside the box and get the body moving.


Why do other people deserve to reach their goals, but you don’t think you do? YOU CAN DO THIS! It takes time, it takes effort, it takes energy, and you will get uncomfortable…..BUT you are worth the time, energy and effort so dig your heels in and make things happen. One last piece of advice…don’t rely on Dr. Google. Stick with real professionals and get the help you need.

Now, go be awesome!


Gym Time

Gym Talk: Making the MOST of Your 2015 Goals

Good Monday Morning!

This morning as I entered the gym (around 6 a.m.) I noticed an electricity that had been dull the past couple of weeks. There were a few new faces there this morning and a little more body heat, for which I was grateful because it is COLD here. Seeing these fresh faces mixed with the old-faithful ones brought to mind some simple ways we can all help each other reach our gym-time goals and answer the question, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

new year res

There seems to be some underlying animosity between those who frequent the gym all year long and those who re-up their commitment (or begin anew) in the New Year. My hope for 2015 is that we can all truly get along and live happily in the iron and cardio den together.

In that light, I offer some tips for gym newbies AND those of us old hands….because we must never forget we were once newbies too ;)

For Our New/Returning Gym Goers:

Here are a few tips to help you reach your goals and not feel so left out at the rack.

  1. HAVE A PLAN. Don’t go in to the gym with a blank slate on your brain. The seasoned can see this and it can make you look vulnerable. Need a plan? Try the cheap route and check out for plans (you can follow my workouts there too). Write it down or download the app…whatever floats your boat.
  2. Learn your terminology. Don’t worry, I’m not talking sets and reps here…I’m talking basic gym etiquette. If you want to use a piece of equipment, but somebody is being a hog with it, simply ask “Are you still using this?”. If so, it is acceptable to ask if you can work in, especially if you’re doing circuits and will only need the equipment for 1 set.
  3. Be mindful of interruptions. You’ll find that most true blue body builders are SUPER nice….so long as you don’t interrupt their set :) . If you need to ask a question (like “Can you please get your nasty towel off that machine if you’re not using it?”), wait until the weights are down and they come up for air. We usually feel accomplished and are far more eager to help people then.
  4. Hold your head high. Repeat after me: “I belong here.” Don’t get intimidated by muscle or prowess. You belong in the gym just as much as anybody else. Don’t get discouraged, just remember that we really do all start somewhere.
  5. Swallow your pride. If you’re just embarking on the weight game, don’t get cocky. Ask for help (just not during a set) and don’t feel like you must have it perfect. Nobody is really watching you….but the awesome people will be more than happy to help you.

For the Seasoned:

Cut the newbies some slack and share the love.

Thos of us who have found our “happy place” in the gym are always going on and on about how everybody should do it….until they do. Then we get aggravated because not only are they on the equipment we need, but they’re using it totally wrong (I’m SOOOOOO guilty of this feeling, sorry). Here’s a few tips to keep you going strong and NOT being a deterrent to the progress of anybody else, including yourself.

  1. Have a backup plan. Any seasoned lifter SHOULD be able to find a way around somebody using “their” equipment. Ham curl machine backed up for half an hour? Try stiff-legged deads or a ham curl on the exercise ball. YOU have been at this for a while and should be more apt to make adjustments as needed.
  2. Download new tunes. Music makes you happy. Grab some new tunes to set your mood a little lighter while dealing with the increased traffic.
  3. Be willing to be bothered. You want others to feel as great as you do right? So be willing to answer questions or help out if needed. Offer a spot on the bench, help somebody unrack the bar if needed, and if you see somebody about to sustain a major injury…..step up.
  4. Switch up your routine and/or your time. There are certain pieces of equipment that are a draw to gym newbies. If you’re a slave to the smith machine try the squat rack. If you’re always doing pec flys on the pec deck, try free weights. Your muscles will respond favorably to the change and you’ll see better results… you won’t be super stressed.
  5. Give the newbies some space. Don’t bring 5 towels to the gym to mark your territory people. True lifters will find a way to get their workout in, no matter what…and they won’t do it at the expense of others.
  6. Lastly, take your workout outdoors. If the gym is just too crowded for you or there are no treadmills left, take it outside! Your muscles will thank you and you’ll enjoy the fresh air.

My final piece of advise to all: don’t do bicep curls in the squat rack…….seriously

Now, go out and get it! Happy 2015 and may THIS be the year you reach your goals!


Discipline: The Missing Link to Your Goals

Happy Monday!

Today is going to involve a little experiment. You may need to search the house or your phone to complete this though…so let’s get to goal hunting.

First, I need you to take out those spiral notebooks where you write ideas, goals and the occasional grocery list. If you’re anything like me, these notebooks litter your house to the point where you feel like you should probably be planting a few trees a year…

Now, go through them and take a look at the GOALS you wrote down over the past year or two. The BIG question is:


I realize a lot of people on this blog are here because you accidentally stumbled upon it while Googling (thanks adwords!) ;) and you thought you would check it out for health and fitness advice right? Goals can pertain to a lot of other areas though. The most interesting thing is that people who are truly DISCIPLINED (pay attention to the word) are more successful overall. Thank you Brian Tracy. So read on to figure out how you can reap the benefits and be a goal-getter.


DISCIPLINE is a word that has developed a negative connotation. People don’t want to discipline their children….so we swim in a culture of young adults who believe they don’t have to actually work for anything, but that’s a totally different blog post.

The discipline I am referring to is self-discipline. Let’s put this in the context of weight loss, as many people do have that goal. The question is why to some succeed where others continuously fail? DISCIPLINE.

Here is an eye-opening fact: willpower is futile and worthless. There really is no such thing. You cannot depend on the elusive willpower to help you lose weight. Willpower will free like a frightened weenie dog at the first upset of a schedule, and yet we blame lack of willpower for an inability to lose weight. Or worse, we claim others have the willpower gene…which is also non-existent, so feel free to pop that excuse bubble and move on now.

Motivation does little more than get you off the couch. I LOVE motivational videos and speakers. I can get all fired up to workout after a really good Nike commercial :)

You may even find me running after one of those…..but motivation won’t carry you that far.

See, we also like to BLAME motivation. I wake up at 3:50 a.m. 6 days a week to workout and I’m always told, “Wow, that takes some motivation.”. NO. It takes discipline. If it were motivation, those NOT willing to put in the time could simply blame a lack of motivation. How on earth do you fix a lack of motivation? Have you ever thought about that? Motivation is a positive reaction to something…..sometimes, we just don’t feel positive. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wake up and think what I do is STUPID…it’s not motivation.

So, what about inspiration? I view inspiration as what we give to others. It’s the light in each of us that we allow to shine into others lives so they feel like they really are worth something. That’s why I love speaking engagements and getting to meet people. Inspiration is a 2-way street, but it isn’t what helps you reach your goals.

So, are you doomed to continue filling spiral notebooks and watching fitness commercials until the end of your days with NOTHING to show for it?

Step 1: Ditch the excuses.

Got that?

Step 2: Develop self-discipline.

This is why we don’t like self-discipline:

  • It’s hard.
  • It’s not something that ANYBODY is born with.
  • It requires change in our habits.
  • It might make us uncomfortable.
  • It might make others uncomfortable (hint: it does if you’re doing it right)
  • We cannot blame ANYBODY else.
  • It requires us to take ownership.
  • It requires work and effort….and lots of it.

Successful people are disciplined people. If you have not found success, check your discipline! Do you want more, or are you content lying low in the background? Successful people have more to give and more is expected. Success is not the drive….discipline is the drive. Develop the discipline needed to reach ANY goal and you cannot fail! Fail to develop discipline and you are left with nothing other than wish lists in spiral notebooks….

Motivation vs. Discipline. It is determined in your attitude.


Need help disciplining your dedication to a healthy lifestyle?

I have a Holiday Boot Camp coming soon! All interactive and goal based so you LEARN how to reach your goals. Available worldwide :)

Sign up to be the first to hear when spots are open below.

Benefits of Proper Training: Knowing HOW TO Reach Your Goals

“Why do you train?”

It’s a common, yet confusing question. Each of us have slightly different goals when it comes to training. This is why we must approach training (and choosing a trainer) with a glass slipper approach: one size most definitely does NOT fit all….


What’s more important, cardio or weights? Honestly, there is a scientific theory based on how the body works and then there is one’s own knowledge of how their own body works. The muscles of the body are particularly designed to move the skeleton of the body. If the muscles atrophy and are no longer used, we can no longer move, period. While some of us may think the muscles are designed to help us look good in bikinis or fill out our jeans….they actually serve a more functional purpose. In order to gain strength (I’m not talking size at this point) we must place a certain amount of pressure upon the muscles in order to force them to adapt. The absolute GREATEST thing about being human is that we have been created to adapt. In order to create the needed pressure for the aforementioned adaptation we need some resistance training. Here is where it can go haywire for some: resistance training and body building are NOT the same thing. Training for muscle growth is vastly different (in both training and nutrition) from training for fitness, overall health and better strength. What would I consider resistance training for our purposes?

  • Weight training (obviously)
  • Resistance Bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Body weight exercise
  • TRX/suspension training
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Dance
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Martial Arts

Honestly, I’m sure there is more but these examples will suffice for our purposes. These activities all help to build lean muscle and therefore allow the body to burn at a more efficient rate, meaning you’ll have a higher metabolism. Various workouts, such as kickboxing, dancing, body weight, etc. can actually help with cardiovascular health as well as maintaining and building lean muscle and are favored among those strapped for time and seeking more efficient workouts. So, where does all the confusion come in? In my opinion, it’s due to far too many opinions being thrown out there…..

One thing that is always remarked upon is weight training and women. I hope at some point we will get over this, but alas, we have not. Weight training will not make you BULKY. Women lack the needed testosterone to get super big. As a matter of fact, the women who compete in body building (the huge muscles) have to work far harder at gaining and maintaining muscle growth of that capacity. Nutrition and supplementation have to be spot on 24/7 and these athletes devote their lives to growth. Which is why people like me tend to lean towards bikini comps :) Case in point:

flat abs before                      weight training abs

So, the pic on top was taken at the tail end of a cardio rush, where I was simply doing cardio (running, kbox, etc) with no weights. The pics on bottom were 4 weeks later(2 weeks and 2 more weeks) after I picked up heavy weights again. See the point? Now, here’s the rub: weight work brilliant FOR ME. They happen to be my go-to and when I’m prepping for pictures, a show or even just the water park, I stick to weights and have minimal cardio. This is my gig nad by challenging and listening to my body I have found what truly works. It’s backed by the exercise science and my routines are pretty old school. I don’t throw in all this super crazy stuff….I lift things up and put them down LOL!


What I always try to remind my clients is that our goals are not the same. My goal at times is to put on muscle and drastically cut fat. Theirs can be that the doctor told them they have to lose 50 pounds stat! These are 2 very different goals and should be approached differently. When you are just beginning a weight loss journey consider this: just move it. I really don’t care the type of cardio weight loss clients choose, it just has to be done consistently. I know Fitness Magazine had an article about how HIIT training can cut body fat faster, but I also know from experience that jumping repeatedly with over 200 pounds on your frame is not an activity you will keep up with! So, when you’re at the very beginning, JUST MOVE! Now, once you start to get your footing and you’re very focused on nutrition (water and greens will get you anywhere you want to go), start adding resistance training in order to bump up the metabolism and keep the skin tight.


Here’s the deal with the M word…it is short-lived, but necessary. Where do I find motivation? EVERYWHERE! I can find it in past pictures (I mean, if my body did it once it can do it again!), old pics (AH!, I don’t want to go back THERE!), YouTube videos, magazine articles, movies, etc. I also keep plenty of fit friends in my circle and all up on my social media. When I decided competing would be in my future, I started gaining friends who were already doing what I wanted to do. That’s a key component to constant motivation right there. So think of your life a little different. I may not get paid big bucks to keep my booty in shape for a movie, BUT I train like I do… I’m ready when the call comes ;) Change your perception and make good choices on who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Now we’re moving forward, but I warn you not to get distracted and lose momentum! Think like a freight train, not a kitty cat….

Much fit love,


Goals: How to Set Achievable Ones :-)

You’ve heard time and time again that you need a goal in order to succeed. I mean, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there right? Goals are important, but all too often we set the wrong ones for ourselves, shoot too far ahead, or give up before we even get started. The key to success is setting goals with a clearly defined purpose so you can track progress and notice your milestones all along the way. So, if you’re eager for success in life, read on.


Here’s the first thing about goals; you have to write them down! Saying your goal to a friend over a glass of wine is not going to make it a goal…it’s simply a wish at that point. You can choose what works best for you as far as goal writing. Some people simply put pen to paper, but if you’re like me life gets busy and you lose the paper therefore the goal gets lost in the shuffle. Posting your goals on a blog or social media site is a great way to stay on track as it will hold you more accountable since the whole of the internet universe now knows you want to drop 20 pounds. Vision boards ROCK for goal setting and there are several ways you can accomplish these. Some people focus on a word (I have a dear friend whose vision boards are works of art!) and they hang as reminders of what they want to accomplish and how they want to feel. My own personal vision boards are usually bullet lists of what I want to do that year and include physical, business, relationship, humanitarian and travel goals all on one big board. Check out different boards online to get inspired (you can find one of mine on Pinterest).

Once your goal/goals are written, take a long, hard look at them and enlist the help of a trusted friend (one that will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth) to make sure they are realistic. For example, if you are 5’8″, it would be unhealthy for you to drop down to 100 pounds just because your 5’1″ friend is 100 pounds. Speaking of pounds, it’s best not to set your goals on those unless that is your currency of choice and you want MORE of it…weight is a fickle goal, shoot for inches or possibly size. If you do have weight that needs to be lost (like, your doctor says it’s important) then focus on dropping sizes and inches while increasing strength. Most of my clients realize losses in weight/inches once they set goals adherent to gaining strength…it’s just like magic that way.

Realize that your goal needs a proper timeline to occur and you MUST be willing to admit what you are willing to sacrifice in order to reach your goals. Are you willing to work longer hours to make more money? Are you willing to tackle your freelance career while still working full-time? Are you willing to pry your sore butt out of bed each morning to workout while others are still asleep? Those who are truly successful give up something in order to gain what they want…there is no easy way around it.

Last, don’t rely on fickle motivation to reach your goals. Motivation will fail and wain throughout the day depending on stress levels and overall health. The 2 things you need to reach a goal are discipline and determination, simple as that. Keep these things in check and you will be a success story, whatever your goal may be.

Good luck and keep me posted on YOUR goals!




NUTRITION: It can MAKE or BREAK your goals


Let’s be honest here, weight loss is NOT easy. As a matter of fact, it may feel like it’s actually getting harder. Or is that just crazy? Let’s think about it.

  • Do you find that you will lose weight one day just to gain the next?
  • Do you struggle with gastrointestinal issues even your doctor can’t diagnose?
  • Have you worked out to the bone ONLY to GAIN weight?
  • Do you feel bloated by the end of your day?
  • Do you have LESS energy following certain meals?
  • Do you struggle with never really feeling full?
  • Are you rarely hungry?
  • Have you resorted to weight loss surgery because you were told it was your ONLY option?
  • Do you experience fatigue on a daily basis?
  • Have you had issues with emotional eating?
  • Do you crave certain foods, like high sugar, high fat or salty combinations?
  • Do you suffer from reflux, GI tract issues or inflammatory issues like arthritis?
  • Is your regularity NOT all that regular?

The list can go on and on, but did you know that proper nutrition can help with ALL of this? It’s not about weight loss anymore. Proper nutrition can change the entire spectrum of your life! AND now it can be done in the comfort of your home with the same results as seeing a counselor. With personalized nutrition counseling you’ll gain access to the following:

  1. Nutrition education based on your personal goals and eating profile.
  2. Recommendations for blood work to determine certain metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions.
  3. Weekly check ins with your counselor.
  4. UNLIMITED email to ask all those questions that pester you.
  5. Help in determining if you may have a food intolerance.
  6. Guidance to help you learn to love food in a healthy way.
  7. Even more based on YOUR needs.

It’s not a blanket meal plan or a quick fix….BUT proper nutrition counseling can help you to determine HOW to eat for optimum health. You will be able to ditch diets and heresy for good. Imagine that: NEVER HAVING TO DIET AGAIN! Sounds too good to be true right? It’s not…it’s available to you and you can get started RIGHT NOW.

Cost: $100/MO

Email to get started:



Question: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I’ve been there! Let me share a life altering fact with you: nutrition can make or break your energy, physical health and even goals. Nutrition is one of the most underutilized medicines we have access to…but we are not using it. Now is your chance to get started!

  • Do you experience fatigue and bloating daily?
  • Have you lost the desire to care about what you eat because it’s all too confusing?
  • Do you have foods you label “good” and/or “bad”?
  • Do you struggle with binge eating?
  • Have you had issues with emotional eating?
  • Are you still stuck on the last 10 pounds?
  • Do you struggle to recover from workouts?
  • Are you confused by diets?
  • Do you find yourself falling for one diet fad after another?
  • Do you just wish you felt GOOD on a daily basis?

If ANY of these sound like you, then NUTRITION BOOTCAMP is exactly what you need.

It is 6 weeks of once weekly conference calls designed to take you through small changes towards big results. You’ll learn the nutrition basics as well as why meal plans DON’T WORK. You’ll discover how to make nutrition work for you so you don’t always feel like you’re working off you food! You’ll also see how we are all made different and why we shouldn’t be eating the same as everybody else. So, what else can you expect?

  1. A group environment. This helps to create accountability.
  2. Weight loss secrets direct from a nutritionist and weight loss success.
  3. Cheap rates.
  4. Education you can keep with you.
  5. Inspiration to keep going.
  6. The ability to break down what has kept you from your goals in the past.

How do you get in?

NUTRITION BOOTCAMP runs every 2 months for 6 total weeks. We will start the first Monday of the month. ALL you have to do is sign up and get some note taking materials :)

COST: $99

LIMIT: 10 people






GOALS Part 2

Get your pen and paper ready! Today we start to break down your goals so YOU can learn how to tackle and crush any goal you set.

GOALS!!! Effective Goal Setting to Reach ANY Goal