A Few of My Favorite Things: the Birthday Edition

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Since tomorrow is my birthday (I’ll be turning 38), I thought I would give you a peak into what I’m digging right now…..some fitness, some not, so just enjoy :)

EDUCATION I’m digging: ONNIT Academy


Onnit has a main facility located in Austin, Texas, so as a true Texas gal I had to check them out. Article development is on point and I’m all set to receive more trainer training from them this year.

SUPPLEMENTS I’m Digging: Onnit for the win!

Alpha Brain because it takes away the fuzzy feeling in my head and really does help me to focus.

Coconut Oil because I use it for EVERYTHING from skin care to coffee creamer to cooking agent.

Coffee Pack because coffee, duh. Seriously, I love coffee and if I can make my coffee work FOR me and help propel me to my goals, then I’m a happy gal! P.S. would also make a PERFECT birthday present…..just sayin ;)

Onnit coffee

NOTE: I don’t do butter, but I do enjoy the MCT oil. The use of oil in your coffee has been shown to help those on low carb or ketogenic (not a fan) diets lose more fat. So, if you’re not caring how many carbs you eat, stick with regular creamers for best results.


If you haven’t heard, I am in rehab (um, for a torn labrum and some muscular issues people!) and I was afraid I would lose ALL THE GAINS due to the fact that I can’t left heavy. Guess what? I have lost weight (some muscle, some fat), but kettlebells have helped me in therapy and have enabled me to keep that hard earned muscle. WIN.

primal-bells Wanna follow my workouts? Check it out on INSTA as I post some of the bets on there.

RECIPE I’m digging: Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake

It is my birthday and I do love chocolate. I have nothing against flour, but found I really dig the flourless cakes since it’s ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

MOVIE I’m sorta digging but mostly just in the mood to watch: Chicago


I have no shame, I am highly entertained by both the stage and screen version of this masterpiece….classier times ;)

I hope you enjoy your day as much as I will, and remember that finding a sense of enjoyment in all you do makes all the difference.



A Few of My Favorite Things: an updated version :)

Hello Lovelies!

It’s Friday in my world and I thought it would be nice share some of the things that keep me on track and going no matter what life may throw at me. Ready to do some shopping? :)

Let’s GO!

1. When I’m down and out and just can’t hit the gym.

This is a bad case scenario for a competitor BUT we all go through it (or maybe we just hate the gym). Lately, I’ve been enjoying a few different home based workouts that have kept me on track and even helped to even things out a bit.

Turbo_Fire TURBO FIRE: this high intensity training program is helping shed the fat and keep me going strong. You can check it out at www.turbosister.com

PIYO PIYO: this all-in-one powerhouse workout has been incorporated into my weekly schedule due to an influx of inflammation and issues in my lower back and hip. This program has allowed me to continue to see results without killing an already warped body. I HIGHLY recommend it to ALL fitness levels. You can grab yours here as well: www.turbosister.com NOTE: I am no longer a Beach Body Coach, but still love the programs :)

CRN Come Ready Nutrition Bars are great for nutrition on the go and for those needing some extra protein in their diets, but not wanting to pick it out of their teeth later during the day ;) . Come ready Nutrition has affordable bars (you can get them at Costco for less than $1 a bar) and they truly are an excellent nutrition profile. The company is also hard at work to get our youth moving. You can find out more about them AND place your order here: www.comeready.com

Lindi skin Lindi Skin Care. Oh my goodness! This skin care line is beyond fabulous! Lindi Skin is extremely gentle to all skin types and works phenomenally well. I was a little leery about it since I am prone to breakouts, but it has actually helped to clear my skin. Lindi Skin uses the magic of oils and only the highest quality natural ingredients. My favorite product and a MUST for all is the Eye Hydrator. I have always struggled with dark circles and lines around my eyes and with Lindi has all but erased my lines and softened those circles right up. So even if I don’t feel my best, it doesn’t show :) PLEASE check them out here: www.lindiskin.com OR run by your local CVS and see if they have it in stock yet!

SPECIAL ALERT!!!!!! You can use the code BLOG25  for FREE shipping and 25% off all purchases at www.lindiskin.com now through May 31st. AND they will also make a donation to the American Cancer Society Look Good, Feel Better campaign.

What are you waiting for? Go grab your beautiful skin and do a world of good in the process.

That will wrap up my favorites of the moment. I am off to walk my daughter to school then come home and get some PIYO in :)

Take care of yourself and pass it along to others….the caring, not yourself. ;) Be smart, stay active, be alive!


Fun Friday is BACK!


Fun Friday: Happy National Yoga Month!

Happy Friday and Happy National Yoga Month to you! In all honesty, we have a month for EVERYthing :) September is for yoga, so we should do it some justice.


I have been a registered yoga teacher for a decade now and it was truly my first introduction into the fitness world and the reason why I continue on with what I do. The interesting thing is that although now my skills span the gamut between boxing and MMA to weight training, core strength and barre…yoga still tends to be the most misunderstood. Yoga comes with a variety of preconceived notions as to what it actually is and what one may be able to do with it….assuming one figures it all out. In my personal opinion, we simply over think things. So, let’s clear a little clutter by stating what yoga isn’t shall we?

  • Yoga is not a religion. I get a lot of flack about teaching yoga for religious communities, but yoga in and of itself is not a religion. Is it a practice? Yes, and we’ll get to that. Many people feel as though yoga is a cultish religion requiring sheer devotion and relinquishing of all formal beliefs. The fact is that I have often felt more accepted in yoga classes than anywhere else. When yoga practitioners say they don’t judge…they mean it.
  • Yoga is not meditation. Yoga incorporates meditation in a variety of forms, sometimes formal and sometimes not, but it is not simply meditation. The style you choose will depend on what you want to accomplish and the teacher who resonates with your personality.
  • Yoga is not just stretching. Many clients come to me thinking yoga will be one big ball of stretchy goodness…..and it takes about 3 minutes to find the truth. Various styles of yoga can be more restorative, but all styles work upon basic physics principles to ensure greater results.
  • Yoga is not just for flexible people (or skinny people, or young people, etc.). In my opinion, yoga can be done by everybody. As a matter of fact, ALL of my clients do yoga in some form and may not even realize it. If you’re seeking the right form for you, KEEP LOOKING! It may take time, but you’ll find your match :)

yoga funny

So, that’s the short list of what yoga is NOT. I’d like to put a positive spin on things and list what it IS now.

  • Yoga is a practice. This means that you never really master it, and that is what makes it so great. Think about a gym class you take on a regular basis. I’m going to offer step as an example. If you took the same step class from the same instructor 3x per week every single week would you master it? Yes, because the variables never change. Yoga offers a path really. You can choose how far you want to go in any given class.
  • Yoga is a workout. Especially in the West, yoga can be deemed as a great way to get in shape. Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga (and hot yoga), Ashtanga yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa…all of these are styles that promote more muscular engagement, a larger calorie burn, body sculpting and the metabolism boosting benefits of yoga in one well-rounded class. And if you’re looking for a sleek midsection, it just rocks.
  • Yoga is essential for cross training. Athletes and weekend warriors alike need to make sure they are engaging the entire body from the inside out. Yoga makes us all more aware of each step we take and the way we move. It also helps to alleviate pressure on the joints and stiff muscles due to training.
  • Yoga can benefit anybody, any age. Children can find calm and focus with proper yoga instruction and elderly folks can find more mobility and greater range of motion. Yoga truly does span the generations and is complimentary to any fitness regime.
  • Yoga is a great tool for behaviour management. What do I mean by that? I use yoga in re-training the mind to think clearly. Often times our minds can be warped when it comes to how we see our bodies. Yoga enables us to look at what a miracle the human body actually is and be grateful for what we can do in any given moment.
  • Yoga can lessen the stress response. While yoga does not take away your stress, it does teach your physical body how to respond, thus eliminating the freak out response. The most challenging poses in yoga help to ground us in our center and help us let go of what we cannot control. A huge cause of stress is thinking we have control over everything when quite the opposite is true.

tara styles

So, whether you view yoga as your fountain of youth, your stress buster, or a great way to lose the junk in the trunk, try it out for yourself. Find a style, personality and even music that melds with you and let go of everything else….you’re not in control anyways ;)


Fun Friday Motivation

Courtesy of Nike :)

The question to YOU is this: how far would you go?

DETOX: The Simple Facts

We’ve discussed it before, but detox tends to keep popping up in questions. So, here we go with the basics :)


Don’t get scared by the celery! It’s going to be ok.

For starters, there is a marked difference between what nutritionists think of as detox and what they think of as cleanses.

A detox is restructuring eating habits and weeding out the processed food and drink that can tax your system over time. A true detox should be based on whole foods (think of the whole30 movement and you’re just about there) and loads of water. A detox should not leave you starved nor should it have you running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. In other words, done right a detox is totally doable.

A cleanse is more about deprivation and will often cut out food in and of itself. Cleanses often include drinking nasty concoctions and having ample amounts of time to visit the toilet. These types of diets are also associated with fatigue due to low amounts of nutrition. Most cleanses last only for a few days to a week at most. Cleanses can be beneficial if done under the watchful eye of a trained nutritionist or dietician.

So, which is better? In my opinion, we can all benefit from a detox from time to time (I usually do one about 3 times per year of after a heavy travel period). Daily life can tend to accumulate nutrients that will cause our system to work more than it should. Let’s think about this from our livers point of view. You have nothing better to do so do it!

Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body. It takes the trash out from all other systems, so to speak. So, imagine your little liver, trucking along and doing its job as you proceed to pack in some junk food (don’t judge, we all have those days). Well, the liver has to crank up the work load to weed out the toxins in your Cheetos, Twizzlers and (shiver) Diet Coke. Pile on top of this the copious amounts of pasta you woofed down, followed by a bottle of wine (2 glasses is for wimps!). While you’re trying to sleep, your liver is now in overdrive and yelling “I’m giving her all she’s got captain!”. You wake early after a late night and your liver has to punch the overtime clock as you start to down the coffee to combat said wine from the night before. Do you get a little of the picture here? I haven’t even mentioned the stress the liver takes trying to process sugar, environmental grossness in the air and STRESS. Poor thing needs a break now and again.

Why should we care about one organ so much? Well, your liver is your biggest player in fat burning, or rather, utilizing fat for fuel. The liver has more to do with your body than you might think at first glance. Imagine if all the trash men in the world just quit and left the pickup to one guy. He would get overworked and our streets would start to get more clogged with trash. The more trash, the slower everything would move and the more stressed out we would all get. Same thing happens in the body, we just can’t see it. If you pay attention you can feel it though.


Detox shouldn’t mean you have to take a week off of work or retreat from friends and family (unless you just want to, then by all means). All that is needed is a few simple changes to start.

  1. Start the day with warm lemon water. Why warm? It gets into the liver faster that way, or so goes the theory.
  2. Drink a gallon of water per day and squeeze the juice of 2 lemons into it throughout the day as well to boost the cleansing effect.
  3. If it’s comes in a box, DO NOT CONSUME IT.
  4. Try a salad for lunch, no creamy dressings.
  5. Stay meat free…until dinner.
  6. Ditch dairy.
  7. Steer clear of processed foods like bread and pasta as much as you can.
  8. Try starting your day with a green smoothie or juice.
  9. This one might sting: no alcohol! I know, it sounds crazy, but your liver will thank you :)
  10. Get your zzzz’s. Shut off the computer, TV, FB, whatever, a little earlier and aim for a minimum of 8 hours per night (I struggle with this one!)

Most of my clients look at this and say “But what will I eat?!?!?!” Um, take a gander at the produce department and then have your way with it! Fruits and veggies are all good, as are proteins, whole grains (no cereals you! I know you were wondering) and all that jazz. Hit the perimeter of the store and expand your mind. I’ve got plenty of detox friendly recipes on the blog for you as well and I try NEVER to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Take it in stride and expect results. Feel free to ditch your caffeine unless it turns you into the Hulk at a moments notice should you feel deprived, which is precisely why I still indulge in my coffee….

Stay clean, stay healthy,




Fun Friday DVD Review: Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

Happy Friday people! It’s time to get excited :)

Today, I opted for a change of pace in blogs and decided to throw out a review I’ve been holding onto for a few weeks.

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

Below, I’ll tag on a little Q & A from Tracy’s website, but for now you’ll get to read my opinion. I know you’re excited so let’s get to it….


Ms. Anderson (ok, I totally giggled as I wrote that since it reminds me of the Matrix…nerd) is probably best known as the buddy of svelte and sleek Gwyneth Paltrow. She also had a short stint as the exercise ADD poster child Madonna’s trainer as well. The former has stuck with Anderson for years and seems to only get better with age.

Tracy Anderson’s Method is similar to the Lotte Berk Method of the 80′s, with a cool new take and some very challenging moves. Her Metamorphosis program is divided by body type and the website even gives you a quiz to find which one suits you best. There’s Abcentric for those who carry more weight in the middle and upper body, or apple-shaped. Hipcentric is for those pear-shaped beauties who carry more weight in the hips and thighs. Glutecentric is for those blessed with junk in the trunk.  And there is also Omnicentric for those who tend to just carry weight period. I purchased the Omnicentric as I wanted to give it all a go :)

The Metamorphosis Program comes with the following:

  • A signature dance cardio workout. Tracy was made famous by these cardio workouts and swears by their effectiveness to whittle the body and keep it tight.
  • 9 customized muscular structure workouts
  • Fitness guide and tracker
  • Nutrition Guide (a little low cal, but I must say it is delicious and focuses on nutrients).
  • A tape measure as this will track your progress
  • Access to an online community (I’ll admit I’m anti-social and did not take advantage of this)

Each tracking segment is split into 10 days with a 6 day on, 1 day off approach. You do cardio and your muscle work every day for 6 days, rest 1 day and then start back. You will only be on each muscle work for 10 days total and then progress to the next. This makes this particular workout standout for me since it eliminates boredom (the cardio stays the same BUT she does have other DVD’s available) and you get the most bang for your buck in 1 hour. The equipment needed is only light handweights and a mat, plus a little space to move.

Now, when you first embark on the program you will be confused! Embrace it, that’s part of the process :) . Tracy gives pretty clear instruction, but her workouts are different and it can take a few tries to really feel like you “get it”. She has sequenced them beautifully though and your confidence, coordination and balance will build as your waistline shrinks. She uses techno in the videos and y’all know I’m a HUGE techno fan! If that’s not your taste, you can turn the music off and play your own soundtrack. This gives the viewer a bit more creative freedom.

Now, let’s talk about what we really want to know: does it work?

Tracy’s claim is that her Method works the smaller muscle groups and cross fibers to help promote a lean, tight and toned appearance to the body. While many are wondering about the validity of these claims, I just put it to the test. Here’s the big thing for me: I have an athlete’s build and I’m an easy gainer. What does that mean? It means I have NO waist (I’m pretty straight from shoulders to hips, even when my body fat is low) and I can put on muscle or fat very easily, so my legs tent to stay large which makes jean shopping less than stellar. With regular work in Ms. Anderson’s :) Method, I have noticed a couple of key changes. First, I am the proud owner of a slightly smaller waist (by measurement 4 inches smaller than my hips as of today) AND my legs have slimmed down while maintaining their strength and muscle definition. In conclusion, I’m taking on a slightly more girlish figure :)

There are a few drawbacks: the price tag can seem hefty, but I’ve paid more for less effective programs. Also, it moves fast and it can be intimidating to those who fear choreography. Chill! Run through a few times and thank goodness you’re just in your home.

Personally, Metamorphosis is worth the cost for your home library and can be used after your 90 days to refresh some of those groups and mix into your lifestyle.  It’s a timeless workout with little equipment and the results to back up the claims. Have patience with yourself and get ready for slim!



Why Metamorphosis?

What is the Tracy Anderson Method?
Based on over a decade of research on different muscular structure groups, Tracy Anderson has created a fitness method that can transform any problem area or body type.  Tracy has created and patented over 3,000 fitness movements and her varying moves target every muscle in your body. The sequences strategically exhaust the muscles in a way that does not create bulk, and that strengthens the connection to the body. This program is designed for anyone to achieve a perfect body naturally
How do I tell what body type I am?
There are 4 different DVDs depending on your problem areas and fitness goals.  If you would like to target a specific area or if you would like to maintain and tone your total body, there is a DVD for you.  You need to identify your body zone and then you will receive a package for your body type that will exercise your entire body but will target a specific area. 

  • Abcentric (Stomach):  If a flat stomach is your primary goal, go with the Abcentric.  This program concentrates on the lower stomach and back area.
  • Hipcentric (Thighs): This workout is designed specifically for those who are pear-shaped and hoping to tone up those thighs.
  • Glutecentric (Butt):  If your butt is your main area of concern, this is the workout for you.  Whether it’s too flat or you need a lift, Glutecentric is catered to lifting and toning your butt.
  • Omnicentric (General):  If you are seeking overall weight loss or a toned look, have a substantial amount of weight to lose or not one problem area in particular, chose Omnicentric.
Why are these DVDs different than any other series?
Fitness workouts and exercise equipment are generally one-size-fits all, regardless of what are your designated fitness needs. The Metamorphosis by Tracy Program will give you access to Tracy teaching and provide you a customized step-by-step workout by home. Since this is a targeted approach, your problem areas will be eliminated faster than with other workouts. This is not just a DVD series, this is a lifestyle program and will require dedication.
How long is each workout?
It’s important to devote 1 hour a day to working out and my fitness program will be ½ an hour devoted to cardio and ½ an hour devoted to the muscular structure work. This is a manageable amount of time and will help you achieve the maximum results for your body type.
How often do I need to do the DVDs to see the results?
I recommend doing the Tracy Anderson Method 6 days a week for 1 hour each day.  Dedication is really important and adding a workout into your daily routine will help your health and wellness.  Taking the entire weekend off or getting into a schedule of taking too many days off will not help your muscles achieve long-term results. However, you definitely should not workout seven days a week.
Do I need to supplement these DVDs with additional workouts?
No, that is the beauty of this fitness system that I have created, I have spent my years of research to give you a concentrated hour workout that will  help you see results more effectively than any other workout program on the market.  If you follow the training and fitness guidelines, you will not need to supplement with any additional workouts and will fulfill both your cardio and muscular structure requirement for each day.
Do I have to have experience with the Tracy Anderson Method to start these DVDs?
You do not need to have prior experience with the Tracy Anderson Method to successfully complete these workouts and achieve your desired fitness results.  There are all levels of expertise within this program, and the targeted approach will help you combat your problems areas while still giving you a total body workout.
I’m over age 50, are the DVDs appropriate for all ages and athletic abilities?
There is no age restriction on these DVDs, however, it is recommend that you take the time to review the breakdown steps and various exercises and do not push your body when you are first starting the method.  If you are of an older age or if you have a physical impairment, you should be very careful with your body when first beginning all of exercises.
Why is there changing content and what is the reason the content changes?
As with any workout, repetition can make your large muscles bulk and can neglect your smaller muscle groups. The changing content will be sure to give you a total body workout and you won’t neglect any of your muscle groups.
Why do you believe in a dance-based cardio as opposed to other traditional cardio exercises?
I don’t believe in bulking muscles or overworking your large muscle groups. With dance cardio you are constantly working different muscles and using your entire body. Additionally there is a mind/body connection that you don’t get with most traditional cardio routines.  Anticipating what the next move will be and how you will move your body to achieve that move is a large part of the cardio connection.
When will I first start to see results?
Within your first week of following my method you will start to feel your body changing.  It may be the case that certain muscles will start aching that have never ached before and your body may feel exhausted.  This is all part of the process and nothing is ever achieved with out some hard work and determination and my method is no difference.

Fun Friday: Fanny Lifters!

Laugh all you want, but (or should I say BUTT?), the fanny you sit on as you read has more to do with your health than you may realize.

Your Glutes (butt, hide, junk in the trunk, money maker, whatever you wish to call them) play a LARGE role in the health of your lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

A lazy butt, which can be a misfiring muscle or one that refuses to fire altogether, is quickly becoming the cause of many physiological disorders AND the reason work days are missed.


Well, your butt is designed for a purpose and it’s not just to keep your pants from falling down. Side note: your pants really are supposed to stay up. Nobody cares to see your underwear….

You have 3 muscles that make up your rear view: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius. Now, we know the MAX right? It is pretty much the size of your butt and resides beneath the other 2. The MAX “ties in” to the top of the hamstrings (there is no anatomical chart for glute-ham tie in by the way. It’s just a way to point out that your glute should not sag over your hamstring). The MINIMUS lies at the very top and ties into the smaller lower back muscles. The MEDIUS creeps around the side and is responsible for the shape (insert shameless booty pic here):

booty pic

So, now that we know the basic anatomy, it’s important to realize what can go wrong. The main culprit in our hurry-up-and-sit society is the MEDIUS. Your medius is not just a pretty muscle, it is responsible for the power in your steps as well as the functionality in your hips. Your medius has been proven to be the cause of many below-the-hip issues such as plantar fasciatis, runners knee, IT Band syndrome, plus a variety of other joint problems. There’s even a medical diagnosis for an underactive medius: Lazy Butt Syndrome. I kid you not….

The issue lies in the fact that we sit so much our butt has literally forgotten how to work properly. Take a simple movement for example: the squat. Do me a favor and stand up…..suck it up and do it, it will serve a purpose. Now, sit back down and stand back up 15-20 times. Who cares who’s watching???! You can help them fix their lazy butts later, right now I’m more concerned with yours. Now, after your reps sit and relax. Where do you feel it most? Chances are the quads (front of the thighs) and possibly low back just got a workout right? BINGO! You have a lazy butt. Don’t feel bad, you’re in excellent company. Doctors are finding that those from truck drivers to marathon runners are popping up with lazy butts. Lazy Butt Syndrome isn’t selective and it certainly does not always mean you are a lazy person….just your butt.

As we have sat on it for so long, our medius has simply become accustomed to not firing. When we squat and stand it simply goes along for the ride. Our already over active quads and low back (both of which are overactive due to sitting and keeping them in a contracted state) just take over. That way the medius can go on being a freeloader. The problem is that if the medius does not fire properly, we are overusing and misusing muscles and their surrounding tendons and ligaments. Over time, this creates a strain on the kinetic chain and the body’s efforts to align start to create movement patterns that can be quite harmful. If the medius isn’t firing when we run, for example, the IT Band (outside of the thigh) will tighten in order to hold the femur in place and power the leg. As the ITB gets tighter, it begins to pull the knee out of alignment. If you’re like me and ignore this thinking exercise should be painful, then one day while running sprints your ITB will pull your knee out, you’ll hit the ground and shred your hamstring which hasn’t been properly utilized in the kinetic chain. True story, happened years ago, and is why I know first hand that your butt is important.

How do we strengthen and fire up the medius then? It’s a mind/body connection issue. When you squat or lunge, make sure your form is on point and you are literally squeezing your glutes inward. This action calls on the medius to fire and support the femur in the hip socket. Great exercises for medius activation are:

  • Floor Bridge
  • Sumo Squat
  • Side lying bent leg abduction (old school leg lift)
  • Bowlers or Curtsy Lunge
  • Single leg step up with glute squeeze at the top

Now, your MINIMUS can cause problems as well, but is seemingly not as rebellious as the medius. The minimus can actually cause more problems due to inactivation of the medius. The minimus will tighten and place pressure on the low back and sciatic nerve pathway if the medius is not firing OR (and a highly likely cause) if the abs are not supporting the movement. The minimus can be a quite pretty muscle if developed properly. It plays a large role in spinal stability and core strength.

As its name suggests, the minimus is the smallest of your 3 glute muscles. It really doesn’t need to be overworked, as that can cause more strain. The key to a beautiful and functional minimus is ensuring core activation prior to glute training. Moves that will help to build strength and functionality in the minimus are:

  • Stiff leg dead lift
  • Bird Dog (opposite arm/leg reach on all 4′s)
  • Supermans (either alternating opposite arm/leg or lifting all 4 limbs off the ground from prone position, neck stays neutral)
  • Leg lift to the rear from standing

Your glutes can become the biggest stability partners in your quest for health. By learning how to properly activate your glutes and then integrate them into functional movements, you can ensure power in your workouts and joint health for years to come.

Until next time, keep squeezing and have a healthy day!



Fun Friday! Weight Gain?

I was inspired to shoot this informative video about weight gain during a new program. Thanks to my dear friend who is open enough to share her journey! You know who you are ;)


FUN FRIDAY!!!! International Women’s Day!

Wow, am I excited about today! Why? Well, to start, I happen to BE a woman :) Also, I happen to know a LOT of inspiring women!

Today is also the start of some brand new things that I wanted to share.

Fun Fridays will consist of challenges for your weekend. I’m filming some now (well, right now I’m writing) and all you have to do is commit to it and follow along…THEN post that you completed it and share it on Facebook and Twitter so your friends get all jealous, I mean inspired.


back and bis

That’s from this morning’s workout…which I KILLED! LOL

When you work your back and chest, you’re working MAJOR fat burning muscles PLUS getting the added benefit of nice arms. It’s a win/win.

So, the challenge is SUPER simple and requires ZERO equipment.

Are you ready for it?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is 100 walk out push ups this weekend!

You read that correctly ;)

You can split these up as you see fit, doing 10 walk out push ups every few hours or so. Remember the golden rules though:

  1. Always warm up.
  2. Always stretch.
  3. Don’t eat your work away just because it’s a hard move! Focus people!

So there you have it. Once you have completed your challenge, post in the comments and SHARE it with your friends. This makes you the influencer and may help ignite a fit fire in somebody you care about.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to honor a great inspirer in my life, Mrs. Tosca Reno! Though she and I have not officially met, yet, she has been a source of knowledge and inspiration to me for years. Her ease and approach to nutrition and life are a great guide to follow and she exudes grace and strength in one awesome package.

Who is your woman of inspiration? Give them a shout out today!

Empower others,