FREE back and chest workout

How about a totally FREE workout each week????

Yeah, I thought that would be helpful.

Take a walk through my training journal with me and learn about exercise sequencing, loading techniques and conditioning to get the body you want :)

Workout of the Day: Chest and Back.

I performed this exact workout yesterday and logged it into my BODYSPACE account this morning. You can click the link to BODYSPACE and view my workout.

Here’s the basic breakdown.

I warmed up with a 1000 meter row (took about 6 mins) on the rowing machine, then I did 4 sets of 20 back extensions and 2 sets of assisted pull ups. Trainer Tip: Warm up the body part you are WORKING! Don’t hop on the treadmill if you’re working upper body.


Meaty meaty!!!!! A little #pumpday inspiration from #backandchest today #figure #physique #doit #bodybuilding
The Workout (whole thing, with weight used, is on BODYSPACE)
Underhand barbell row 2x warmup with the bar
4 working sets of 12 reps
Incline DB pec fly 4 sets of 12 reps
Straight arm pull down 4 sets of 12 reps (kind of the theme for the day)
Machine chest press 4 sets of 12 reps
Standing reverse flys 4 sets of 12 reps
Incline DB press 4 sets of 12 reps
High Hammer Lat Pull 4 sets of 12 reps *** if your gym does not have a Hammer strength machine, sub a lat pull down
Trainer Tip: Form is KING when it comes to results of any kind. Pay attention to form THEN add weight. Today’s workout was a bit light for me as I was recovering from a tender rhomboid.
Enjoy the workout and let me know what you think!

BIG NEWS Week #2: Nutrition Boot Camps

Welcome to your big news round 2 for this week.

Nutrition Boot Camp was introduced earlier this year as a way to make nutrition science and education more readily available to everyone, not just the people who can afford a personal nutritionist.

So, with 2015 on the horizon I have spent time putting together 3 different Nutrition Boot Camps to suit just about any nutrition need. ALL camps are on SALE for $100 OFF until December 31, so find the one that works where you are NOW and get signed up to start!

Next Level Nutrition Boot Camp

food log

This camp is for fitness enthusiasts and those who hit the gym regularly but just aren’t getting the results you want. How can NBC change that?

  • You’ll learn the science behind macros and IIFYM and flexible dieting
  • You’ll learn the importance of meal tracking and planning as well as the how-to on getting it done
  • You’ll learn how nutrition plays a large role in recovery
  • We’ll go over the mind/muscle connection, aesthetic vs. strength lifts, vacation and traveling, plus rebuilding a broken metabolism

Sound like just what you need? Sign up today!




Family Health Nutrition Boot Camp

Christmas Muscles 2013

Whether you’re struggling to get your kids to eat healthy OR trying to get your spouse on board, this nutrition boot camp will help you cut through the foggy theories and recognize the science that works with the human body.

This NBC will help families to:

  • Learn how to prevent pre-diabetes, teen onset diabetes, and type 2 diabetes
  • We will learn tips and tricks for family meals
  • You’ll learn family recipes and ways to remake common comfort foods healthier
  • We’ll discuss metabolic syndrome and healthy ways to heal
  • You’ll learn to integrate daily movement and make health accessible and fun for all ages
  • We’ll discuss nutrition and wellness for any budget

Are you and your family struggling to feel your healthiest? Sign up today and get started on the path to real health!



The First Step Nutrition Boot Camp


Are you in need of losing weight? I’m talking real weight loss here: 50, 60, even over 100 pounds? Have you been told that you can’t do it without surgery? STOP AND READ! I promise you that it can be done….just not alone.

The First Step NBC will:

  • Teach you nutrient science
  • Teach you how to set achievable goals
  • Help you make the mind/food connection
  • Pinpoint possible emotional triggers
  • Integrate daily movement habits
  • Teach you to recognize FAD diets and nutrition theory
  • Teach you HOW to grocery shop, list and meal plan your way to LASTING success
  • Teach how to implement a healthy reward system
  • Tips and tricks to continue onward

Don’t fall for people telling you it can’t be done….it has been done! And if others can do it, so can you! Sign up NOW!


ALL camps are 3 months of education, motivation and support.

Motivation Monday: Jillian Michaels Slim for Life Book Review

Hello all you GORGEOUS fit people!

here we are, February 18, 2013. Are your goals for the new year being tackled with the same enthusiasm and vigor as January 18th? What about those weight loss goals? You know, statistically over 60% of goal setting Resolutionists (New Year resolution makers) have already given up on their goals. Not you though…..YOU are not a statistic my friend.

So, in order to help you recommit and stay strong, I have been asked to review the one and only Jillian Michaels brand new book (release below). I know what you’re thinking: “ALL these books are the same.” Just settle in for a bit and bear with me. It’s worth the read and here is your why:


Jillian Michaels

Harmony Books, 2013

Let’s tackle some basics real quick. JM’s new book is 265 pages (give or take if you’re an e-reader). It’s FULL of all her secrets and quick-witted charm. She tackles her writing with a down-to-earth attitude and approach. She never places herself above her readers in any way, which makes this a very comfortable read. From the dedication at the beginning, you know exactly what this book is about: YOU.

Jillian has taken her years and experience in the field of training, as well as the field of “celebrity training”, and given you all you need to start making sustainable changes. She doesn’t sugar coat anything or promise and easy fix. Jillian keeps it real and helps you cut through all the opinions and jargon we have all been sold for far too long. On a personal note: I hate diet books. I mean, I literally despise their very existence. I believe “diet” books have gotten us into this mess. The good news? Jillian didn’t write a diet book…she wrote a lifestyle manual.

The User’s Guide is most helpful, as it explains the various ways one can choose to use this book. Among the many new and exciting things I saw here, the rating system was my absolute favorite. Basically, Jillian has rated each tip with a 1, 2, or 3. Three is the MOST important and one is more of the icing on the proverbial cake. This allows the reader to be picky about HOW much they change at any given time. If it feels a bit overwhelming, you simply focus on the 3′s then come back to the others as you gain more control. Truly genius, in my opinion.

All of the chapter colorfully and thoroughly cover subjects from eating and exercise, all the way down to a clean home, motivation and even some extras (like shopping and fashion!). The Eating and Exercise chapters are the longest on purpose…they get the most results. Jillian gives realistic expectations on what you will be able to change and what you can expect from each chapter. Fun add-ons are the EZ CALORIE CUTS, which help you make better food choices to save yourself a few calories. She also offers SLIM MYTHS throughout the book, which dispel those nasty diet myths we have come to believe.

Slim for Life has a chapter on home living, which includes how to shop your grocery store. Jillian gives you some fun and easy to remember pointers on shopping for a slimmer and healthier you. She also serves up her list of fit living secrets for partying, dining, office issues, traveling and even flying. I have dog-eared those pages as I found ALL of these tips most helpful.

For those who are always asking how I stay motivated, Jillian must have caught wind because there is an entire chapter on MOTIVATION! Yes, your prayers have been answered. Even better, she includes a delicious Ice Cream SLIMwich recipe I can’t wait to try. Throughout the final chapters, Jillian gives carefully thought out tips for pitfalls such as hunger, stress, budget, kids and everything in between. In order to not leave you hanging, she even includes a chapter on how to get the MOST out of the secrets in this book. This chapter is also full of all the secrets slim people don’t tell you, like how important fish is in your diet ;)

Overall, Slim for Life is one of my favorite health and fitness books on the market right now (or for a while). It offers straight forward advice, not lame promises. Slim for Life hit the shelves February 12th, so check it out and share this advice with your friends. I would even recommend it for a book club! It has some conversational topics as well as recipes everyone could try. Get with the program and get Slim for Life.

slim for life

OK, so that sounded cheesy, but I would NEVER recommend something unless I truly believed in it!

Live a little louder today!



Stop battling your weight and slim down for life with this no-nonsense insider’s plan from America’s premier weight-loss coach who has helped millions!


My insider secrets to simple, fast and lasting weight loss.

Every week, health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels energizes and motivates her millions of fans and followers —- via television, her New York Times bestselling books, and her website podcasts==== with her invaluable straight talk and tell-it-like-it-is guidance on losing weight and getting fit. Now she’s back with the book they have been begging for, SLIM FOR LIFE: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast and Lasting Weight Loss (Harmony Books, on sale February 12).

In Slim for Life, Jillian cuts through all the conflicting and complicated information about losing weight. Taking everything she’s learned, she has crafted an easier approach to helping you win your battle with weight so you can slim down for life. She shares her hard-earned secrets made simple- no gimmicks- all strategies and tips on eating, moving, shopping, and living that will transform your body.

Jillian has cracked the weight loss code, giving you everything you need to personalize the plan and achieve dramatic results. There are calorie-crunching movements that get your burn on, ideas to avoid self-sabotage and methods to supercharge your slim. Plus, she offers hundreds of simple ideas and answers to those challenges that might have thrown you off your game in the past. In SLim for Life, Jillian reveals her secrets on:

  • Optimizing your fat burning potential.
  • Handling hunger and cravings, as well as avoiding diet trends that damage your metabolism, making it harder for you to lose.
  • Cracking the exercise code, because the quality of your workout—more than the quantity—- holds the key to success.
  • Inspiration to change course, build support and cultivate lasting motivation.
  • Surefire ways to navigate pitfalls presented by those situations you come up against— from “it’s not in my budget” and time constraints to fitting in workouts with the kids.
  • Facts about fasting, and why it is never a good idea.
  • How to eat, move, work (yes, work) and live in manageable and enjoyable ways to facilitate a slim physique.
  • How to supplement strategically with easy and tasty slimming foods and substitutions.
  • Managing stress to help ignite your metabolism.
  • How to “green your routine” and remove toxins from your food and home to help you get and stay slim.
  • Plus, dressing to accentuate your slim, and the beauty products that support your health, not derail it.

With savvy tips and actionable advice, Jillian Michaels helps you build a personalized plan that will bring out your inner slim, forever. Her advice is doable, sustainable, fast and affordable. In SLIM FOR LIFE, Jillian is the advocate you’ve always wanted and the weight loss coach who helps you taste success by doing what’s manageable for your life, while giving you better results than you ever imagined possible.


Jillian Michaels is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country, helping to shape and inspire the lives of millions. She is the author of four New York Times bestseller, with more than 1.4 million copies of her books sold in the U.S., who can be seen weekly on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Her website, has had 31 million total views and 1.47 billion paid ad impressions since the beginning of 2012. Learn more by following Jillian on Facebook and Twitter.


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