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gym creep

IF you have followed the blog at all, then you will notice my absence as of late. To be real, it was a myriad of different reasons.

First, I did have surgery and decided to actually take some downtime.

Second, I was truly questioning why I do what I do and if it matters at all in the grand scheme of things (jury is still out on that one).

Third, I was working to try and fill in the gaps of training, so to speak.

While first and second will be saved for another day, I’m going to share a little of the third with you now.

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I have been truly bogged down by the fact that a lot of people who come for help don’t get very far. Truth is, it felt as though there was a part missing…..let’s say, a spoke from a wheel wasn’t there. So, it made it very difficult for us to get anywhere. So I began to research other areas of expertise and talk with other trainers who have been successful at making their client, well, successful. The answer came again and again: an online training platform.

If you’re like me and you don’t dig technology all that much, then the thought of online training can seem daunting. The fact is, in today’s fast paced environment, you need something that will stay a step or two ahead so you can focus on life and not be overwhelmed by workouts. This online training platform can be held in the palm of your hand and is as easy as checking in on Facebook so everybody knows you’re handling your business ;)


I have teamed up with TRAINERIZE to offer plans to help you reach any goal. Since my specialty is Corrective Exercise, this can be used in conjunction with your current training program. The app itself is extremely user friendly and you can track your progress in-app so you can see exactly where you’re headed, whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger, be quicker, or simply move through life with less pain. You can see it all and track it all here.

It’s also simple to set up and doesn’t keep you bound to JUST seeing your trainer on certain days/times.

Start by checking into Pricing and available Schedules (online only option is available). Then, you will receive a message from your trainer to confirm a time for training that week. You have the option to see your trainer face to face 1-2 times per week, depending on your goal and schedule. For example, Olympic lifters usually see me once per week to focus on mobility and flexibility. Fat loss clients usually opt for twice per week. Once established, you will also get training programs uploaded into your app. These program will be personalized for your goal and lifestyle. This way, you know exactly what to do and can keep track of your workouts in-app. Your trainer can keep track as well and is informed of workout consistency. This creates an accountability that will propel you forward DAILY.

trainerize meal-plan-promo-email

I’ve also added meal planning capabilities to the app (all plans are done by me, not generic) so you can choose to add that option OR simply opt to get your nutrition in line while staying with your current trainer or training program.

Important Notes:

  • ALL face to face sessions are semi-private.
  • Private training sessions ARE offered, but are priced differently and not available for purchase in-app.
  • Meal planning is priced separately and requires a brief Q&A with your trainer.
  • You are totally allowed to switch times during the week, but must let your trainer know.
  • All plans are month to month and must be cancelled NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to next billing cycle.
  • Specialty training, such as MMA and Sports Performance, are also offered in a group setting.

This allows you to finally have the tools you need to reach THAT goal and start setting new ones. So, check out the app today, pick your program, get in a group, and start seeing and feeling results within a week!

What if we were just OK? AND some Instagram inspiration

Oh, my, goodness….2 posts in 1 week?!?!?!? You gotta pinch yourself right?

I digress a bit…..

After you get over the shock of the posts, let’s get down to business. Specifically, let’s get down to the business of being YOU, just as you are and totally rockin it.

Sound good?


We use the above image and saying for a lot of different things ranging from weight lifting to test taking to running, etc. You get the point right? But what if we used it in the sense that right at this moment, we really are OK?

In other words, do you feel like you are enough? Do you feel like you have what it takes, no matter your swimsuit size (those darn swimsuits!), no matter your thigh size and no matter the invisibility of your 6 pack?

I have a truth bomb for you from the ultimate TRUTH:

20 Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, 21 equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. -Hebrews 13:20-21

So, this says nothing about God equipping us with a 6 pack so more people will listen to us……or perky glutes to get the job done. Everything we need, we will find ourselves equipped*.

*Side note as always: I’m not advocating sitting around eating ice cream and Cheetos and not moving, but I really don’t think that’s what most people do. I do think most of us worry about our waistlines in the WRONG way though….

I want you to think about that for just a bit….what would life look like if you were OK with where you are? I know this is foreign to most because the American Dream tells us to always strive for more, but what if we could accept where we are especially in terms of our physical state? Better yet, what could we accomplish if we didn’t worry about our body fat?

This past month has been quite the eye opener for me. I noticed post-comp that I struggled with excessive mirror syndrome….as in, I kept looking in the mirror. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting to see, but the lack of a 6 pack (which I NEVER have unless my body fat is super low) was disappointing. It was so disappointing that it began to take up mental space that would have better been used for other things. In fact, I am convinced that we could find the cure for many diseases if we didn’t focus on certain body parts we wanted to change. I ended up getting sick and long story short I got grounded and have been doing ONLY body weight, low impact stuff for about 10 days. It has admittedly been a struggle, but the mind needs more growth than the muscles at this point.

I can say that I am almost “THERE”…the place where I am OK with the cellulite on my thighs and the extra fluff over my proverbially absent 6 pack. I’m OK wearing a swimsuit and things actually moving. The body was designed this way people! Stuff moves. Some body fat is actually GOOD. I garnered the inspiration I needed from some Instagram accounts that are REAL and HONEST….I also deleted accounts that had boobies, excessive 6-packs, and way too shorty shorts :) I suggest you do the same as scientists have actually found those images to strike closer to porn and further from inspiration.

That said, here are my top accounts to follow:

Busy Mom Gets Fit

GORGO Magazine

Sarah Vance

Fit PB Queen

Amber Dodzweit


Slimmer Summer Q&A

Summertime News and all things healthy :)

Good Morning!

I hope this post finds you feeling healthier and if not, drink some water……chances are you are dehydrated :)
So, I get that blog posts have been sporadic and that is due to contest prep. I am now 11 days out from my FIGURE debut at the Musclemania Lone Star in Galveston, TX on May 16th. If you want to read up on contest prep and check out photos, go HERE.


Posts will resume more normalcy once the competition is wrapped and my new goals settle in for the long haul. Since this is the final post pre-contest, I wanted to use it to address a few things and let you in on some of my upcoming news.

GYM RULES (watch out for these things if you want to reach your goals):

I’m going to be overly blunt here, but I’m tired of everybody wandering around totally lost….so here we go.

  1. KNOW YOUR GOALS!!!!! If you do not have specific you-centered goals written down then you are flying blind…..and everybody knows it.
  2. Be careful what “advice” you take. Over the past 6 months I have heard more bad advice escape the mouths of gym goers than I could read off the internet in a lifetime. I hear it on the gym floor, in the locker room and ALWAYS in the sauna. My personal favorite is the group exercise instructor who told a group of older ladies they should ALWAYS do their cardio fasted…..because obviously group X instructors have a PhD in exercise and nutrition science and just teach for the heck of it (I can say that, I was one). Do you realize that training fasted has never been scientifically proven for greater fat loss? More so, do you think a spin instructor knows that if there is a pre-existing condition like high blood pressure (which is rampant) training fasted can actually be a terrible thing? Food for thought… picky about whose advice you take. It doesn’t matter if you think they look fitter than you. Do they have more education then Google University?
  3. Don’t camp out on the machinery. Those fancy machines were designed for a purpose: bodybuilders who could no longer utilize heavier loads without risking injury. The machines stabilize you and make it possible to lift heavier and tear down more muscle fibers to produce muscular gains. Get it right with free weight and body weight FIRST, then move on.
  4. Don’t just sit there. Many people think they are taking an appropriate rest between sets, but 2 minutes is far too long. If you need more than 90 seconds of rest, lighten your load a bit.
  5. Mind your mouth…or at least what you put in it. Post workout nutrition is key to a sleek physique. Your muscles need energy or they can’t recover and perform.

Whew! Those are really my top 5 tips for YOU to get where you want to be. It’s not always about the size, scale or mirror…’s about goals.

Strong Camp 04 Photo by Paul Buceta @Strongcamp

What’s new?

LOADS of new things are coming and I am experiencing a refresher this Summer. Out with the old and in with the new :) I dig change….in fact, I crave it. Due to that, we are doing a total overhaul. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Weekly real-time training videos. These will be termed Tabata Tuesday and will cover awesome workouts in minimal time with minimal equipment. You can do these workouts ANYWHERE, even on vacation (I’m even shooting some on vacation).
  • Nutrition programs. You requested it and I am hard at work on beginner, intermediate and advanced nutrition programs you will be able to download based on current goals.
  • Goal setting webinars. You know I’m a stickler for goals and I’m setting up FREE webinars so people can get a handle on how to set goals so they can actually reach them.
  • Monthly recipes in the newsletter.
  • Form videos on some of the most popular strength training moves.
  • A whole lot more including hang outs, Q & A’s, guest trainers, success stories, pretty pictures, and maybe even some fit getaways.

So stick with me as I finish this goal and head on to the next!

In health and fitness,



Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Today’s post covers a tiny bit of a topic I get asked about all the time: progress.

Well, I say progress when most ask about results. To me, progress trumps what we view as results every time. Even though progress is admittedly important, how do we attain it?


We undermine that word and treat it like either a nasty thing OR a super human trait. Let’s clear it up shall we?

For our purposes I will pull a very simple definition from

CONSISTENCY:  steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.

Take a look at the first 2 words: STEADFAST ADHERENCE.

Consistency is formed by forming daily habits which lead you towards your personal goals. By the way, if your goals are unclear it will be impossible to become consistent.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change for the betterment of your health, consistent choices towards that end must be maintained. In other words, you cannot hop from one diet to the next or one workout plan to the next or one theory to the next.

I know what your going to say….”But I read where I’m not seeing results because I’m not changing my routine enough.” WRONG. You think you read that when in reality what you read has nothing to do with you. If you are a desk jockey getting advice from sports magazines you CANNOT do what elite athletes do and expect their results…..sorry to burst your bubble.

A solid nutrition and exercise plan is needed to make lasting changes.

How long do you need to be “on” these plans?

Preferably, it should be a plan that can handle the changes you will make in strength as well as any biochemical changes within the body (i.e. muscle gain, fat loss, etc.). In other words: FOR LIFE.

We all want some kind of magical end date because that is what media shoves down our throats on a daily basis. The truth is, to be truly healthy and fit it will take a lifetime because your body and your goals are ever changing.

Start by solidifying your goals and stop chasing other peoples goals. It’s cool to be inspired by others, but if you’re living through them it really doesn’t give you much time to live.

Then put habits into practice by committing to consistency. This means you WILL stick to your plan through rain or shine and no matter what the scale or your jeans say on any given day.

Give your plan a solid 4 weeks to start creating habit. COMMIT to the consistency, not the results. THIS one action will result in progress.

At the end of the day, I prefer a body being built by years of dedication rather than one 6 or 12 week hotshot plan.

Stay committed to YOUR goals,


before1     ABS checkin Disney

How Much Do I Really Need?

I find that as humans we’re always looking for the fast approach, the easy way out, the NOW. And while we’re looking for all of that we really want to find it as quickly and painlessly as possible. It’s self-preservation and it is embedded in all of us and is what keeps us working so we have a roof over our heads. The problem is that when it comes to our health and fitness goals, self-preservation can actually hold us back when what we really need is to propel forward.

Today, I’m going to break down the fundamental basics of creating change. First, we’ll tackle the exercise conundrum. Decades ago (when we first realized that we were headed towards an obesity crisis) the AFAA and ACE put out exercise guidelines. These can still be found online. Basically, the guidelines stated this in regards to exercise and weight loss: in order to lose a considerable amount of weight, one MUST exercise at a moderate to intense pace for 60+ minutes per day. In order to maintain this weight loss, one must continue to exercise at a moderate to intense pace for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. And finally, heart health depends on a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day. Did you get all that? Want to lose weight? You better move it, move it for an hour or more per day. Want to maintain your weight? Move for 30 minutes. Want a healthy heart? Move for 30 minutes. Now, all of these guidelines are still applicable today, but just as the Strep virus has become immune to penicillin, our bodies don’t readily respond to the same old guidelines.

Now, I love using The Biggest Loser as a an example because I believe there are more people GAINING weight while sitting on their butts watching other people work out, yet they say they are “getting inspired”. Anyways…. About 4 years ago Jillian Michaels stated in an interview that people needed to be careful when striving for the Biggest Loser style results. You see, the TV phenomenon has made people believe that they could work out (ahem, for the length of the show, maybe) and drop 50 pounds in one week. When that didn’t happen they simply gave up, believing if they were meant to lose weight they would be picked for the show. Jillian stated that on the ranch they have access to a full medical staff and ALL contestants were kept on a highly monitored diet (TV magic makes it look like they are actually choosing their food) and did CARDIO 8 hours a day. Now, if I gave you a 1200 calorie diet to follow and had you walking the treadmill 8 hours a day PLUS a 2 hour grueling workout, I bet you’d lose 50 pounds. We live in reality though, so pay attention. Weight loss occurs between 1-10 pounds in a week depending on the amount of water weight you are holding on to. That’s why the Loser is notorious for week 2 let downs; the body can only let go of so much at a time. So how do you let go of the last ten, or even the first 50?

Time is of the essence. It would be a perfect world if we all had an hour a day or more work out right? My biggest pet peeve is when people say to me “Well, I don’t have 3 hours a day to work out like you.” At the time I lost the majority of my weight I was working 3 different jobs, raising 2 very small children and had a husband who traveled all the time. Now, I have 5 different businesses (meaning I do EVERYTHING, including book-keeping, scheduling and marketing), I work 7 days a week now (trying to change that), average about 50 hours of work per week, still have to 2 kids except now that they are older THEY have social calendars full, and I keep dates with my hubs. Yet, somehow I find the way to workout 7 days a week, mostly an hour right now. I must live in an alternate universe with more than 24 hours right? Sort of… I don’t waste time on TV, I haven’t known who gets kicked off the ranch or the island for years, and my social media sites I set up by third-party so I don’t get trapped in the black hole of witty saying and pictures. It’s not about managing your time so much as it is about managing your PRIORITIES.

[callout font_size="18px" style="royalblue"]“It’s not about managing your time so much as it is about managing your PRIORITIES.”[/callout]

So, say you work 2 jobs and raise kids and you really cannot find an hour to work out. THAT’S OK! Find 30 minutes but make it the hardest 30 minutes you can by upping the ante a little bit. Get a double whammy by lifting your weights circuit style and adding a short and hard interval cardio in between sets. Don’t know where to start? I have given you free workout videos right here on this site! There are no excuses for successful people and that’s where you want to be. One last thing about your workout: be positive about it! Stop complaining about how hard it is or how intricate the choreography is (if you do a class or video), or blah blah blah. Suck it up, get it done.

Food. If it really were as easy as calories in, calories out, then I could give anybody a 6 pack. WHAT you eat is far more important. SAY NO TO DIETS!!!!! I am begging the entire U.S. population to put the fad diet industry out of business. Diets don’t work and they wear down your metabolism after every attempt which is WHY it keeps getting HARDER to lose weight! You’re doing it to yourself. Eat a well-balanced plan, rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, etc. and watch your portions. Slow down when you eat and make sure you are paying attention to your level of fullness. You will succeed if you set your mind to make healthy choices. Don’t eliminate any macronutrients from your diet (carbs, proteins, fats) as your body needs those to function. Also, watching calories is fine, but do not obsess over them and do not go too low.

Lastly for today, I advise you to be real and honest with yourself. I say this because I do it too, even at this level in my fitness. There are times when I could do another pushup, but I just don’t want to, so I tell myself my form will suffer. There are times when I overindulge in a sweet just because I allowed a situation (or in most cases a person) to increase my stress. I eat way large portions if I am not careful! And even if it is “healthy” food, you can still take in too much. I have to have honesty talks with myself just to keep myself on the right track all the time. Find an accountability partner to help you do this as well. Make sure they keep you accountable though, not enable you.

These are the BEST ways to get started on your health and fitness goals. Yes, it takes time. Slapping a band-aid on a clogged artery doesn’t fix it. Grow your knowledge (that’s what I’m here for), do the work, and YOU will be the next BIG success story!

In health,


What’s the Difference?

Over the past several months I embarked on a career change and I must say, I will NEVER go back. I became a coach. My official titles are Lifestyle and Fitness Coach as well as Intuitive Eating Coach. The titles aren’t quite as important as what coaching actually means. I was a trainer for years and constantly struggled trying get my clients to do what I wanted them to do. It’s sort of like parenting in the toddler years…forever. The mantra of “Because I said so” was the battle cry of the ages. But it really wasn’t working…

There is a WORLD of difference between a coach and a trainer. First of all coaches are more educated not only in the physical aspects, but also the inner workings of the mental aspects of health and fitness (we have to take lots of psychology!). Trainer tell you what to do based on our own experience and what we’ve read recently. A coach guides into your own path by asking questions that provoke thought so that you can gain a better understanding of what works for you. Check out the dialogue difference below:

Client: “I’ve had a bad week. There were a lot of meetings and then holiday parties. I really blew it.”

Trainer: “Well, we’ll work extra hard today to combat the extra food intake and I’ll tell what I do around holiday season. Make sure you eat before parties so as not to be tempted. If you do slip, try to make ‘better’ bad choices next time, like taking the skin off the chicken. Then just chug water and tighten your diet back up. Let’s get going! We have work to do ;)


Client: “I was really bad this week. With all the meetings and holiday parties I really blew it.”

Coach: “Feelings of good and bad don’t stem from food choices. Indiscretions are normal, especially during the holidays. Now, how were you feeling at these meetings and parties?”

We give time for a response as opposed to giving you the answer :)

Coach: “Remember that no one food or party or meeting can make or break your goals. It’s the cumulative effect of your overall lifestyle. Do you think you can continue on without those feelings of guilt?”

The ironic thing is these are actual client conversations with the same leader (coach/trainer) and that was me! Boy have I learned. I used to think if I was relaxed with my clients they would fall off and find themselves knee deep in deep dish pizza and ice cream! :) The truth is, I tried to control them by giving them meal plans and controlling even the workouts they did away from me. That approach does NOT work.

Now, I’m more relaxed and my clients are too. As a result, they are dropping weight and feeling better than ever! Why? Because they aren’t doing it for me. I’m no longer an authoritative figure bent on running everything, but a confidant with their best interests in mind. It has opened up a new love for my career and the people I am blessed to meet.

If you ever have the opportunity to work with a coach (make sure they are certified!) grab it! You will not regret it and you will have an ally to help you, not push you. Wether you meet face to face, by phone, or email, coaching is a worth while investment in your own health and overall well being.

XOXO Michelle


What a Night!

Exciting things have happened on this end and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Last night my book went live on the internet and is now available for purchase!

Pretty exciting right? It’s an easy to read e-book that will help you sort through the fads and the facts about weight loss. You’ll be able to lose the rigid rules and get more in tune with what works for you. Use the comments section to let me know what you think of it and what you want more of!

XOXO Michelle


That Figures!

A few days ago I posted about knowing your size. Knowing your shape goes hand in hand with that. Why is knowing your shape so important? If you know your shape, then you know what you’re working with when it comes time to work it! It’s all a part of the great body image cycle! Your shape is your shape, even though your size may change. you can add muscle to your frame and lose fat from your frame, but your shape is well…yours. Unfortunately when we are inundated with the images of thin framed, tall victoria’s secret models and huge, veiny, and defined muscle and fitness men, we start to think our shape just isn’t good enough.

This is where the cycle of food deprivation and over exercising come into play. We sign up for the local boot camp and quite literally get our butts kicked and walk with a limp for 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks are up we promtly “fall off the wagon” and go through the slump all over again. Aren’t you tired yet?

In order to get a new perspective I’m borrowing from the animal kingdom. If you know me, I’m a dog person. We have 3 now, 2 of which are puppies and most all of our dogs are big breeds (Pyres and Saint Bernards). So, get in your mind a beautiful Saint Bernard. All big and fluffy, built for shear strength. Saints have a job, though now they are used as pets. Saints original breeding purpose was as worker dogs. They pulled things and carried things and as we all know: they rescue people! They couldn’t do that without their specific shape. Now, think of a greyhound. Greys are long and lean and fast right? Their shape allows them to run at speeds and the lightness in their bodies allows them to stop on a dime and make tight turns. They can get from point A to point B much quicker than a St, but don’t have the musculature to trudge up the steep mountain and dig hikers out of an avalanche. Man, am I glad that Saints didn’t decide that they had to be thinner!

As silly as it seems, we humans treat ourselves worse than dogs. We think that we have to fit a mold and that’s just not true. You have a specific shape. Once you start eating to fuel your body for health (intuitive eating) and moving in ways that feel good, you’ll find your natural weight that highlights your very own unique shape. Fight against that, and your body just might rebel even more.

So, whether you’re a Saint Bernard or a Greyhound, or anywhere in between, know what you have and be grateful. Show the world your confidence and proclaim “I will not lose my mind in order to follow the herd!” Now, put a big smile on your face and show the world what you’ve got :)

XOXO Michelle

Fighting the Waterfall

Have you ever watched the nature shows where the salmon are swimming upstream? Fascinating stuff. Millions of salmon fight their way upstream just to be able to keep themselves from going extinct. You’ll see thousands jumping over each other and rebounding off one another just to get there. There’s no prize for first….it’s survival. It’s in their nature.

I find that many of us fight againt our nature. We either succumb to the stresses of life and forgo our health or we attempt to pound our bodies into submission….and into the “perfect” mold somebody else has told us we should be. When you look at career/business catagories Health and Fitness are always lumped together. For years I bought into the lie that I was healthy in the fitness industry. Forget the supplements it took to ease the pain and keep my fatigued body awake midday. I wanted it and this was fitness! But was it healthy?

I fought for years to look like certain body types, even when they were nowhere near my type. I told clients to do as I do and look for people of similar height. I told them you can carve anything by working hard enough. I bought the lies and then sadly, I passed them on without questioning. I have seen fellow “fitness buffs” catch a cold that nearly killed them due to the slack state of their immune system because of physical fatigue and too many supps. I have seen well meaning trainers starve themselves for physical “gains” and take their carb deprived anger out on their clients. I was one of those. And my clients loved it! I had somehow set myself apart as a will of iron and something to aspire to. WRONG! I was not healthy. My weight would have drastic drops which resulted in spiraling blood sugar issues and mood swings that would send the strongest man running for the hills. My body could barely move without the aide of a hot shower and some supps. I felt like the Tin Man all the time and usually cried at night. I told my husband several times I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. My body developed an inflammatory disorder along with severe arthritis. During bad flare ups I would have to call in sick and even miss my kids functions and family holidays. But, I was fit so I was healthy right? I could put on a smile and tell you it was all worth it and I greatly apologize if I did that to you: it was a lie. Anyone in the industry who tells you that you have to want it badly enough to forgo common comfort is lying to you.

I have since seperated myself and now proudly work in the Health industry. I began taking care of my body and though I cannot erase the damage that was done out of pride and vanity, I have more healthy days now than ever before. I’ve developed a “Better Way” training program that will be available to all very soon. I believe I had to go through the nasty stuff to be able to help others avoid it.

You see, a salmon swimming upstream is natural. If that salmon gets lost, it can find itself in a losing battle. I felt as though I was fighting a waterfall for over a decade. I was contantly on to the next diet and chipping away at my body in the gym in order to chisel into something better. The truth is my body is fine, flaws and all! It has supported me and my focus should be on caring for it with good foods, fun experiences, and movement that suits it. The “everybody should be chiseled” mentality is very 80′s and highly outdated. Despite the growing fitness industry, obesity is still on the rise. Why? We set unattainable standards. The chain must be broken in order to get to the finish line.

So, here’s your challenge today: come up with some goals that have to do with your health, not your body. We are not all designed to have the same body type! Unless you’re a Victorias Secret model…. Think about increasing your cardiovascular strength, cutting your heart disease risk, or improving your balance. Those are great starters. Take small steps towards big health rewards. The extra weight you may be carrying? Studies show it will come off easier if you don’t walk around hating yourself. That trainer that makes you feel like you never work hard enough? Kick them to the curb. We are entering into the era of true health. Strap in and get ready for a perception change!

XOXO Michelle