Competition Update: 3 weeks in to prep

Happy Hump Day!

As promised, I am trying to keep peeps up to date on prepping for my “stage debut” as it is called :) It’s not because I think people are preoccupied with my lifestyle choices, but because there are probably some ladies thinking about competing (or even just taking part in prep) and may find this helpful. So here we go…

OK, so last week I took my official measurements (wowza! but I didn’t cry!) and entered into an online competition that coincides with the date of my upcoming stage comp. My hopes are that this will keep me FOCUSED! Yeah, that’s the plan. So, let me break down what’s been happening since last week:

  • First of all, can I be painfully honest? I wake up every morning thinking this is a HORRIBLE idea! :) True story. I say this because there are many of you reading who think once you have a “fit” lifestyle that it’s easy to maintain. NOT. I am sore every day and always on the verge of chucking it. Hey, I said I would be honest. So, what keeps me going? Well, once I get moving the soreness really isn’t all that bad. I strive to work smarter each day, not harder, and I’m trying more preventative techniques. It really does help to have a specialty in corrective exercise! The main thing that keeps me going is my family though. My husband supports me 110% and has even started joining me on track workouts (along with the new puppy). My kids tell me they believe in my and my daughter even made me an awesome sign to hang up in my home gym to keep me moving forward. Focus on the end goal, not the little things in between.
  • My nutrition has taken a hit as I have shown some oddities when it comes to certain foods. In short, I’m showing signs of intolerance to egg whites and dairy. I said EGG WHITES people! Egg whites and show prep go together like rice and beans. So, I’m adjusting and re-calculating. It’s times like these that I can fall back on protein powders (whey doesn’t seem to bother me) instead of real food. Protein powders are awesome and have their place, but real food needs make up the majority of the diet.
  • The new dog ate my glasses this weekend…doesn’t have much to do with prep except I’m feeling exceptionally old as I cannot see and must remember to make an eye appointment :)
  • My seasonal boot camp has started! I love this time of year as hopeful ladies come together in one room with the goal of improving not only their quality of life, but their outlook as well. Due to boot camp, my schedule if being played with until I find what works best for me. This morning I did yoga instead of cardio. Why? I taught kickboxing from 7-8 last night and though I felt like a true rockstar while teaching, my body felt like an aged rockstar this morning :) Again, the world was coming to an end UNTIL I got moving and worked the kinks out. Upper body and boxing are on deck for this afternoon in between clients.
  • I’m still trying to manage the inflammation my body seems to really dig. I woke up yesterday morning with a full body rash (lovely) and swollen face and limbs. Chalk it up to something ingested and since my diet is bland, I blame something along the lines of supps or environment. At any rate, Benadryl knocks me clean out!

So, as you can see, competition prep certainly has its ups and downs. I am attending a SUPER FUN Fitness Expo at my hometown prep gym Metroflex Houston this weekend. This will help keep my motivation up. Just remember, whether you’re competing on the stage or simply competing with yourself…always keep your eye on the goal because you’ll never know if you CAN until you actually DO.

Peace, love and lunges!



The glasses-eating dog after booty day :)


Track workout! I even let him have my water

So NOW What?

Well, Halloween is over. Are you suffering from a candy coma? Too much sugar ingested in the name of “testing” candy for your kids? It’s going to be OK!

Welcome to Healthy Holidays 2013!

Let’s be honest, for many of us November and December mark the beginning of the end of the year. Parties take over workouts and good nutrition goes right out the window. It doesn’t have to be this way though. YOU, yes you, can become one of those weirdos that keep to their fit lifestyle while enjoying the holidays. All it takes is a little preparation and a lot of knowledge :) and you’ll get all you need, right here:

  • If you fall off the proverbial wagon, don’t run to the nearest gym to punish yourself. While busting a good sweat the night after overindulging is good, adding an extra hour or 2 to your workout is just crazy. You won’t force your body to comply by beating it to death, in fact, your butt knows you made the decision to eat those Reese’s so why should it suffer?
  • Know your pitfalls. Take inventory of what you simply cannot stay way from during the holidays and plan AROUND it, don’t attempt to avoid it altogether. For example, I really enjoy (translation: am totally obsessed with) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It has to be the small, wrapped ones though. Anyways, I have tried keeping them out of the house at all costs, but I will usually try to stuff that craving with something else. So, I simply limit what comes in to root in our pantry. This way I can enjoy what I view as a serious treat, but not feel awful physically or emotionally.
  • Plan ahead. I cannot stress how important this is! Plan your day so that you can avoid common pitfalls. It may mean waking up 30 minutes earlier to work out (it hasn’t killed anybody yet) which would entail putting your computer on shut down 30 minutes earlier the night before. Know that you will more than most likely eat at the party and adjust your intake that day. Don’t let yourself arrive to a party starving from not eating, down a glass of wine and then proceed on the hunt to eat anything slower than you…it just never ends well, trust me.
  • Get some extra accidental movement. Let’s face it, extending your workout time to overcompensate for eating is futile in this environment. You can barely get your normal workouts in during the holidays, so attempting to add more just doesn’t work. Instead, aim for more movement in general. Do 20 jumping jacks every time you go to the bathroom. Stand and stretch every hour. Do glute squeezes or calf raises in line at the store. Park further away. Jog into the mall or store. Power walk from one shop to the next. Keep a band near your work space and alternate 20 bicep curls and 20 squats a few times per day. Plan social events involving movement such as walking to see Christmas light (weather permitting), walking through park decorations, Christmas rounds of golf or put-put, etc. When all else fails…WALKING LUNGES EVERYWHERE. :)

Keep a positive outlook on staying healthy this holiday season and you won’t feel like your “starting over” every January 1st. Remember, I have something really big launching for you just a couple of days after Christmas, so stay tuned for more Healthy Holidays workouts, recipes and meal plans!

Peace, Love and Lunges,


Tight Skin Thursday: The TSD Principles

As many probably know, the questions I get asked the most when it comes to weight loss is about keeping the skin tight. Let me rephrase that: it’s about getting skin tight post-weightloss. So, today I’m focusing on my speciality….keeping it TIGHT!


  1. First and foremost, it’s important to lose weight the right way….like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race and has more skin elasticity (that was left out of your beloved children’s┬átale). Fad diets, quick weight loss promises and surgeries (though I DO believe they have their place) can lead to loose skin and lacklustre complexions. Know that it will take time, but you will also come out the victor. It took me over 6 years….you can put the time in to reap the rewards.
  2. Resistance training is key. Whether you prefer to lift super heavy (me! me!) or lighter with heavier sets and reps, make sure you are getting 4-5 resistance training sessions per week. Yep, you need more the more you have to lose. Resistance training helps to stimulate collagen production as well as testosterone, which keep the skin tight.
  3. WATER! I know I keep beating this dead horse, but water is really important for your skin. Drink upwards of 100 ounces per day, and remember that vegetables, fruits and herbal teas can contribute to that number as well.
  4. Green is good. Up your vegetables, seriously. Add them to smoothies, make a glowing green smoothie and drink it every morning, opt for salads at lunch and dinner….whatever it takes, get them in your body.
  5. Lean protein is important. Choose chicken, turkey, lean game meats, lean beef, LOTS OF FISH (seriously, I can’t stress that enough), protein powders, etc. Lean protein is the building block for the lean muscle you need to burn more calories, drop fat and keep skin tight.
  6. Ditch the breads, but keep some carbs. Carbohydrates are important for healthy, glowing skin. Over processed breads and pastas can pack on pounds and stress out your gut though….so ditch them. Whole grains like oats, rice, quinoa, etc. are better bets.
  7. Limit alcohol and sweets. Both can break down collagen if overused. You don’t have to avoid them like the plague, just utilize them as treats which are earned.
  8. Break a good sweat every day. Learn to dig the sweat people. Sweating helps clear the pores and it helps to tighten the skin through detoxification….so sweat on.
  9. Love the life you live NOW. Happy people reach goals faster because they aren’t always looking back at past failures. Know your goals, make a plan of attack and live each day to the fullest.
  10. Have SEX…a lot of it. Sex increases testosterone which helps build lean muscle AND it’s good for your skin, so there you have it! Headache be darned, do it. And for you husbands seeking validation, simply tell your wife that you are really just contributing to her goals :)


So, there you have the principles that will get and keep you fit and healthy.

Have a healthy day,