Bikini Morning Ritual and a Sample Meal Plan for Tight Skin

My rituals, or habits, play the biggest role in how my body looks and performs on a daily basis. There are a couple of things that are engrained in my daily behaviors which help me to get the most out of my nutrition and gym time.


I cannot stress enough how important this is. It brings my body into an alkaline state, making my supplements more efficient and my energy levels skyrocket. It’s best if you have a high-powered blender (Vitamix), but if not, simply run it through several times. I make mine in large batches and drink it over a 3 day period.

IN BLENDER (in this order)

2.5 cups pure water

3 cups fresh, washed spinach

Run blender on low/medium for a couple of minutes


2-3 cups romaine, washed

1 cucumber (washed and chopped)

Run for a minute


1 green apple, washed, cored and chopped

1 pear, washed, cored and chopped

2 kiwi, washed (skin can be removed OR left on for more fiber)

Run for a minute


1 banana

Small handful of parsley (if desired. Parsley is excellent for cleansing the blood)

Juice of 2 lemons

Blitz it good :)

Feel free to add the flesh of 1 ripe avocado if your diet is in need of healthy fats. If your skin is looking dull and lackluster, avocado will help.

Add more water as needed to suit your tastes.

Drink 16 ounces every morning. If you’re still hungry, opt for oatmeal.


Sample Bikini Ready Meal Plan:

Upon waking drink 6 oz hot water with the juice of 1 lemon

Coffee or tea is fine, sans sugar or flavored creamers

Breakfast: 16 oz green smoothie, oatmeal if desired

Snack: Small handful of almonds or walnuts, 1 orange

Lunch: 2-3 cups mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. 1/2 baked sweet potato, 4 oz baked or grilled fish (or canned tuna or salmon)

Snack: 1 scoop whey protein in 8 oz water. If this falls post-workout ADD 1 piece whole grain bread OR 1 banana OR 1 cup grapes

Dinner: 2 cups steamed veggies, 4 oz baked chicken or turkey, 1/2 cup whole grain rice OR quinoa, small side salad if desired (lemon juice over).

Snack before bed, if hungry: 4 oz low-fat (2%) cottage cheese OR 1 scoop casein protein in water

Follow this plan tight (6 days on, 1 rest day with a treat…not the WHOLE day people) for 4 weeks to notice changes.

Omit breads, crackers, pastas and sweets during meal plan days. Save things like this for treats :)


Transformation Tuesday: Bikini Comp Cardio

As previously pointed out, the features on the blog work whether you’re planning to strut your stuff on stage or at the beach. You can be close to your goal, exceeding it,┬áto just starting and these tips and tricks will help you to see results faster without the detrimental inflammation….so, let’s get on with it shall we?


First off, cardio does serve a purpose (I am a self-professed iron addict) in that it helps to strengthen the most important muscle you own: your heart. I’m talking about your actual beating heart here, not the one that goes aflutter at the site of your special somebody. Your heart is a necessity to your very life and should be cared for accordingly. Cardio can also help strengthen the lungs (also pretty important if you enjoy living and breathing on a daily basis) and increase blood and oxygen flow to the skin, therefore increasing your rosy glow. For all of its benefits, cardio can also be quite misunderstood…

Cardio does not help you shed massive amounts of weight, nor does it help keep your skin tight during all the weight loss. It won’t keep you burning ample amounts of calories and does not burn fat for fuel, unless you are running a marathon…once a week. So, in the pursuit of tight glutes, perky pecs and awesome arms, where does cardio fit in, if at all?

When you’re looking to change the SHAPE of your body, you need to pick up some weight in order to drop weight. Lowering all over body fat and building up lean muscle can create a more aesthetically pleasing (and far higher functioning) physique. You do need cardio though (for the whole heart and lungs issue), so how do you go about cardio without tearing up what you have taken weeks to build? It’s not in the length, but rather the style.

If you’re seeking to round out shoulders and glutes whilst simultaneously shrinking your waist (more power to you!), then your cardio need to be a bit different from a simple run on the treadmill. Cardio programs consisting of 30-45 minutes of intense work targeted to your goals can help you reach them faster. Plyometrics are a great way to burn extra fat and sculpt muscle at the same time. If you have knee or back injuries, forgo until your doc has given you the all clear. sprint intervals on the treadmill (some people just refuse to get off of that thing) work great for lifting and toning and ample rear view. For those of us slightly less fortunate, GET OFF THE TREADMILL! And step on to your new best friend: THE STEP MILL. KNowing your body proportions will enable you to prepare a cardio workout that will kick your butt AND leave it looking better at the end of the day.

Treadmill and elipticals should be used in interval fashion for best results. Warm up for 3-5 minutes then follow the simple 1:2 ratio for beginners, 1:1 ratio for intermediate, and 2:1 ratio for those who seek death :)

  • 1:2 Run as fast as you can for 1 minute, rcover at a light jog or walk for 2 minutes and repeat for 20 minutes.
  • 1:1 Run as fast as you can for 1 minute, recover for 1 minute and repeat for 20 minutes.
  • 2:1 Run as fast as you can for 2 minutes, recover for 1 minute and repeat for 20 minutes.

If you’re not up to a minute, translate 30 seconds into thte equation (your mom told you that you would use math one day). Work your way up to longer intervals and longer times if you like. Remember that your effort in the gym will be reflected in how you look and feel everyday.

Step one today if to figure out what you have to work with: are you looking to lean out a little or a lot? What needs to lift up and what needs to tighten up?/ Cardio should challenge your endurance every time you step up to it, so make it something that you know will change you in some way, then attack it!

Here’s to your good health!




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