BIG NEWS Week #1: Baytown Boot Camp

Disclaimer: if you don’t live in or near Baytown, keep coming back this week as I do have news for YOU as well! I’m also working hard on filming new videos for my YouTube channel :)


Hey Baytownians! Boot Camp is coming back to your backyard this January! Read below for all the deets:

Basic Training Boot Camp

Start Date: Monday, January 5th, 2015

End Date: Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Days: Monday through Thursday evenings

Time: 7:30-8:30 (I’m going to aim to close out class by 8:15 most nights, but leave extra time for questions/concerns)

Space: Bayway Cross Fit 7210 Bayway Drive, Baytown 77520

Contact: In order to sign up for this session you will need to email Asa at

Cost: $250

What do you get?

Six weeks of back-to-basics training built around science. You will learn how to move your own body and get the results you want for life. You will also be lead by an industry expert, weight loss success story, figure competitor and sponsored athlete…AKA: me :)

Nutritional Support: You will have the option (free of charge) to receive a 6 week meal plan, complete snack list, food substitutions as well as grocery lists and recipes. All of this will help to expedite your results and keep your body on track.

What should you expect?

The first night will be measurements and biomechanics. We’ll go over proper form in some of the most highly utilized, yet wrongly executed, movements during boot camp. Your safety is of the utmost concern.

How do you snag a spot (they are LIMITED)? Email Asa to get on the list, but it is first paid, first in the line.


Is this a Cross Fit Boot Camp?

No. This boot camp is designed primarily for body fat loss and lean muscle gain. I am not certified in Cross Fit and will not be taking you through any Cross Fit style workouts. IF you are interested in Cross Fit, the guys there will be happy to answer questions :)

Do I have to already be exercising?

Not really, but I will be honest and tell you that walking at the least will help to start your engines and get you ready.

Is it open to all levels of fitness?

Yep. I don’t discriminate on fitness levels OR on how much or little weight you want to lose. ALL movements can be modified to your current fitness level and I assure you that your safety, not your pants size, is my number one concern.

What about soreness?

We’ve all heard of people who go to a boot camp and can’t walk the next day. It is never my intention to render you fully useless! Different bodies hold soreness different ways and this will be addressed in 2 ways this camp. 1) There is a built in recovery workout each week. 2) We will discuss nutrition, supplementation and movement to aid in recovery of muscle tissue.

What will I need to bring?

Water, a towel, some aminos (we’ll discuss that the first week), etc. On Thursdays (recovery workout) you will need a yoga mat and you’ll thank yourself for bringing a yoga block as well.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move in works best. Make sure it breathes well! If you’re new to working out, please don’t wear sweats. You can overheat even on cold days. Ladies, make sure you have a bra that supports you during movement. I could care LESS how it looks, just make sure that you can move to the maximum amount of your ability and not be hindered by poor wardrobe choice… can look cute later.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact me through this site.

Want in?

Basic Training Boot Camp was already open to a private list and is about 1/3 full, so you’d better contact ASA now!



Nutrition Boot Camp Sign Ups have STARTED!

It’s official, Nutrition Boot camp is back! The Holiday Edition is HERE.

Check out the video for info on the WHY and WHAT of NBC:

This boot camp will cover SO MUCH information, but I always narrow down the focus so YOU Can see results.

Is it possible to NOT gain weight during the holidays? You bet! It’s even possible to lose weight during the holidays if you are given the right guidance.

Check it out:

Januray 13 2014

This pic I was taking in under 1800 calories, about 80 grams of carbs, 160 grams of protein, and only about 20-30 grams of fat. My diet was MOSTLY veggies (not a bad thing really). I was having a hard time getting muscle definition to show and was all-around slowed down by stubborn fat and low energy.


I know the angles isn’t the same, but I don’t take a lot of photos in my bra :)

OK, so this one I am working my was up to roughly 2600 cals per day, 200 grams of carbs, 150 grams of protein and 60 grams of fat.

I’m eating WAY more and losing fat like CRAZY while I gain muscle. It’s a nutrition science miracle.

March 20 2014

As of TODAY, I am sitting at 2600 cals, 254 grams of carbs, 152 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs.

If you think you can just eat the same and see results….I hate to disappoint BUT your nutrition is as unique as your fingerprint.

That’s why YOU need nutrition boot camp!

I figure your macros, yes, BUT I also teach you how to do it on your own so as things change you still see results! I make it easy for you.

PLUS you get recipes, meal plans for the BIG days (and the shopping days when time is scarce), workout plans to burn off major calories….not time, plus more.

Why wait until the New Year when you can start the New Year at your goal?!?!?!?

Sign up today!

Biggest Loser Boot Camp

The popular television show The Biggest Loser has claimed many rears to the couch on a weekly basis. We watch with anticipation and vocally call out for our favorite players on a game of weight verses will. Over the years the trainers have changed, methods have changed and the game itself has changed, but one thing remains: people watch it. Some people draw hope from it, claiming that by watching others go through the process they can feel their own fire ignite. Others, simply like the entertainment value of backstabbing and game playing. Whatever the reason, The Biggest Loser has certainly opened doors for weight loss, fitness, nutrition and overall health. Any time we can get those doors a little bigger, then I’m a happy girl :)

lose weight

So, how can you take the inspiration offered by a TV show and use it to your advantage? Well, start by looking at yourself in real light. What I mean is, you’re not a contestant on a show, but rather a marathoner in the journey of life. The goals you set need to be healthy and realistic. I’m not wanting you to aim low here. I just don’t want you to copy what somebody else is doing.

Second, stay with me here, is to NEVER GIVE UP. I’m dead serious here. This goal is going to take a while and you cannot unrealistically expect that the body you have allowed to slack off will suddenly LOVE 5 a.m. workouts or planking all the time. It will take time to set up habits and it will take time for these habits to sink in. So, suck it up and keep going forward.


Third: get prepared. Prepare yourself to be a winner. This is going to take some time, effort and probably a little bit of money. Make sure you stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Invest in good footwear for your chosen workouts. Keep a water jug full to keep your hydration on track. Write down your food intake and exercise regimen. Purchase an easy to do home based fitness program for days when you can’t get to the gym or your favorite class. SIGN UP for a FREE membership where you can track any workout and get a coach to help you along the way. Consider investing in a device to read your calorie burn (Bodymedia, Jawbone, FitBit, etc.) but remember that writing your daily food intake and being really honest is almost as good.

Don’t discount the inspiration you glean from a show like The Biggest Loser. USE IT to your advantage. Don’t sit on the couch and wait for it to “happen to you”, get out and make it happen. Gain control, make changes and see your healthier self. You’ll be glad you did :)

Hopefully I’ll see some of you in boot camp tonight,