Stuck in a rut? Try THIS:

Plateaus can, and often do, happen to the most dedicated of exercisers. Plataeas are a part of life. We must even out at some point and our bodies are no different.

Here are a few ways to deal with plateaus when they arise:

  1. Look into your nutrition. If you don’t keep a daily record of food, including portion sizes, I encourage you to do so for a week. At the end of the week, simply evaluate your choices. Are you falling for “diet” foods, are you eating off your kids plates too much, or have preservatives crept back into your diet? Look over your choices without judgement and simply take in the facts. Make notes of what can and should be changed and move forward.
  2. Consider a break. With high intensity exercise being all the rage and Crossfit covering pages of social media, it can be hard to accept the fact that the human body needs rest too. If we ignore these signs we become more vulnerable to injury and even some life threatening diseases. What are some signs that you need a good 5-10 days away from your program? Chronic headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle soreness that does not dissipate within 2 days, trouble focusing, loss of appetite, loss of taste, a feeling of overall “BLAH” about life, general lethargy when away from your workout, trouble sleeping and just that nagging feeling that something isn’t right. If your normal program has ceased to yield results, consider a short break. You will NOT gain back all the weight you lost, nor will you lose the muscle you put on in 7 days! Give your body permission to heal so you can come back stronger.
  3. Think about changing your program entirely. If you’re a hard-core runner, try Pilates or a circuit style training class to mix it up. Love kickboxing? Consider taking a martial arts discipline or a self-defense class such as Krav Maga. Huge yoga fan? Try a Barre class. The limits to your programs are truly in your mind. Break out of your self-imposed box and try something new to lose the rut.
  4. Take up yoga (if you haven’t already). The benefits of a regular yoga practice FAR outnumber any other program. PLus, yoga has been around for centuries and can be modified to suit anybody’s needs. Don’t get trapped in the style itself or fall into the snob era of branding though. Consider YOUR specific needs (sports performance, depression relief, corrective exercise, anxiety relief, injury prevention, detoxification, etc) and choose accordingly.
  5. Check your stress levels. We cannot live in a world without stress, but we CAN have an active role in how we handle it. The problem is that most of us are so stressed out we cannot breathe long enough to handle it. Accept the responsibility of the things you TRULY have control over (um, BTW, that would just be YOU and your reactions) and commit to letting go of everything else. My favorite way is to write these things down on a piece of paper. Then I mark off the ones I have zero control over and throw the paper away. Here’s the trick: you have to understand YOU cannot control everything in any capacity. Let go type A, let go :)

These are just a few things that can help get you through a plateau and get you started towards a healthier self. This week, look for more posts dealing with nutrition specifics of busting plateaus, dealing with depression and a sure-fire way to speed up weight loss.

I’ll see you soon!




How to Break Plateaus

Simple tips to help you get over plateaus in your journey through health and fitness.

Always remember that we are never in a static state and that the body is always adapting.