Healthy Indulgence: Chocolate Truffles

We all know that chocolate gets  bad rep just because it’s so good right? Chocolate doesn’t have to ruin your attempts at health. As a matter of fact, THESE chocolate truffles will propel you to good health, one delicious bite at a time.


You need a big bowl! Take your jewelry off and prepare to get nasty….hey, it’s for chocolate :)

1 cup whole grain minute oats

1 cup PB2 (or Just Good Stuff). You can find it online here.

1 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/4 cup natural peanut butter OR almond butter if you prefer

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

8 squares dove dark chocolate

about 1/4 cup almond or cow’s milk (I use almond)


Um, wash your hands please….

OK, NOW you dive in with 2 hands. Squeeze, squish and tell your family there is no way you can help them right now because you’re covered in chocolate…legitimate excuse.

Once ingredients are combined (but not over worked) form into whatever sized truffles your heart desires. Mine are HUGE, cause that’s how I roll.

Wash your hands again. OR you can sit on the couch and nibble the paste off your hands for a few minutes.

In a small saucepan, melt chocolate over LOW heat (who would want to waste chocolate by burning it?) then add in milk to your desired consistency.

Let the melted chocolate cool a bit, just to where you can stick your finger in without burning yourself.

Roll truffles in chocolate and place on plate with light spritz of non-stick spray.

Now, you may have chocolate sauce left over and you may do what you like…I chose to pour it over the truffles.

Chocolate Truffles

Pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then ENJOY! 3 of these gives you about 200 cals of whole foods energy, craving buster deliciousness without the sugar, AND a FULL SERVING of fruits and vegetables for your day…in a truffle people! Genius :)

Let’s discuss the common excuses (OH…I meant questions) with the shake:

Can I just use any protein powder?

NO. Shakeology is not a protein powder. It is a nutritional power house with protein in it. You cannot cook with it or it will break down all the good stuff you’re trying to get in.

Why does it cost so much?

The ingredients are not cheap to get, nor are they cheap to harvest. We try to keep it super natural as Shakeology was invented to offset the horrible diets we have (don’t deny it, you know you still sneak your kids fries).

What if I don’t like it?

Send it back! Shako comes with a BOTTOM OF THE BAG guarantee, so you’re covered.

How can I make the bag last longer?

Read the recipe above. I made 12 HUGE truffles with only 1 scoop of shako. Money saver right there :)

Until next time,


Chocolate and Red Lipstick

There are few things in life that affect my outward attitude more than chocolate and red lipstick. I actually use chocolate quite a bit in my everyday practice and as a great awareness tool with clients. Chocolate has always been a part of my life, from the first delicious candy bar to the chocolate chip cookies I made with my mom to the chocolate delights I make with my daughter. I realize not everyone is a huge fan of chocolate, so feel free to insert you delicacy of choice here *****. Now, let’s discuss this chocolate thing first :) How many times have you broken up with chocolate? I’m serious. How many times have you deprived yourself of chocolate in order to achieve perfection (do I really need to keep opening that can of worms?) only to “cave in” and end up binging on the Easter candy…from last year? OK, maybe it’s not that extreme for everybody, but you get the point. When you reach the point where certain foods are not allowed with a 20 foot radius of your dwellings, it really does begin to resemble a nasty divorce after a bit. Let me remind you it’s just chocolate! When we start to give the food that nourishes us characteristics and restrictions, we cross a line into a battle that cannot be won. So, let’s have a bit of a perception change shall we?

This is the fun part! You have a job to do. It’s a fun experiment and one I give to clients all the time. You will need 2 pieces of chocolate, one high end piece of your choice (Dove makes an awesome dark chocolate) and a lower convenience type such as a Hershey kiss or mini. Now, during a time when you aren’t too hungry sit back with the chocolate in front of you, no distractions (stop checking your email!). First, eat the higher end chocolate taking in all the flavors and textures. Afterwards, drink a little water to clear your palate and eat the other chocolate. Notice any differences or similarities between the two. Depending on your relationship status with food, a myriad of thoughts may arise. If any of these thoughts are negative or judgemental, let them pass. The thoughts that acknowledge the differences, similarities and experience travel around and resonate. Food should be enjoyed. That’s what this awareness exercise will teach you. Food is not meant to be obsessively counted in grams, nor is it meant to be woofed down with one hand on the steering wheel. Food is meant to be savored. When we take away this experience we start to lose sight of ourselves. We are a culmination of our experiences. By limiting your encounters you limit yourself. Show yourself some love :)

That brings me to the red lipstick . I stopped at the drugstore on the way home from meeting a friend this morning and bought chocolate and a red lipstick. I easily own a dozen different red lipsticks, but it was time for another. Red is a color that promotes power, or so the color wheel says. Red lipstick makes me feel good. It makes me feel sexy, sassy, and bold all at the same time. My mom never wore red lipstick. She never painted her fingernails either. She was very girly, but didn’t want to draw attention to herself for fear people would see all of her self perceived flaws. She lived her life sunken and caged to that extent. Again, it was experience deprivation.

So, I encourage you to wear your red lipstick with pride! Guys, find the equivalent in some nice fitting jeans, unless red lipstick happens to suit you too, then enjoy :) Don’t deny yourself these life experiences that make you who you are in the moment. All too often we think that in order to be “somebody” we have to DO something huge. “I jumped out of an airplane”. “I got my PhD”. “I lost 100 pounds.” All of these are wonderful experiences, but I find more can be lived if we allow the small, daily experiences to build us up.

Find a way to encourage yourself and one other person today! Leave a comment below about what happened and remember, I’m here for you.

XOXO Michelle