The New Year is HERE!

I know it’s November, but you know it’s coming…

You can hear the footsteps of the New Year as clearly as the Christmas songs in the grocery stores.

The. New. Year.

The New Year can hold hope for some and dread for others. Many of us start the New Year with the exact same resolutions as last year….and possibly the year before.

Fear not, fitness seeker! There are loads of NEW options through MichelleCFitness.


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My YOUTUBE channel is being infused with videos that break down form on popular exercises AND some free workouts as well.

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Online coaching is available NOW and can keep you from gaining weight during the Holidays.

The best part? It’s totally affordable! Initial set up is $99 (what that covers is below) and monthly training cost is $50.

Online coaching covers:

  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Macro calculations
  • Fitness assessment
  • Goal setting
  • First month workouts, rotations, meal plans and/or macro plans
  • Access to your trainer via phone, text, or email
  • Bi-weekly evaluations

1 to 1 training sessions

The Slaughter House Gym is accepting clients on the list for sessions in the New Year. Sessions are sold in packages and range from $600-$1100. Packages include nutrition counseling and macro calculations.

Specialty Diets

Feeling a little lackluster after all the sugar and over indulging? I can hook you up!

  • Yeast free diet help
  • Elimination Diet
  • Allergen assessments
  • Special situations
  • Eating disorders

These are assesses on a case by case basis. Please email

Workout Wednesday! New Challenge to fit your schedule

I’ll make this short and sweet :)

I haven’t run a butt kicking challenge in a while and THIS will probably be the last one this year. So, if you’re looking to reduce your overall bodyfat, increase your energy, and go into the party season looking better than ever (or just better than last year), all while still having a life…have I got the deal for you!

It’s straight forward here. Shaun T has created Focus T25 to fit into any schedule. You work out 25 minutes per day (it’s not how long, it’s how you use it right???), 5 days a week. Follow the meal plan for optimal results and get the added motivation you need from me and your team. Speaking of team, I have an idea that couples would be GREAT for this. You can be married, dating or just best buds (or enemies). Split the cost and souble the rewards. No gimmicks, just working out to be the healthiest version of you, period.

So, grab a friend or loved one, or a room full of strangers and get your sweat on! This time, it’s all about the results.

You can grab the program alone OR the full challenge pack HERE. If you’re already on Shakeology, just get the program alone. If you want maximum results with all this program has to offer, grab the challenge pack.

The challenge begins Monday, August 12th.

I’ll see you in your workout space!


What’s the Difference?

Over the past several months I embarked on a career change and I must say, I will NEVER go back. I became a coach. My official titles are Lifestyle and Fitness Coach as well as Intuitive Eating Coach. The titles aren’t quite as important as what coaching actually means. I was a trainer for years and constantly struggled trying get my clients to do what I wanted them to do. It’s sort of like parenting in the toddler years…forever. The mantra of “Because I said so” was the battle cry of the ages. But it really wasn’t working…

There is a WORLD of difference between a coach and a trainer. First of all coaches are more educated not only in the physical aspects, but also the inner workings of the mental aspects of health and fitness (we have to take lots of psychology!). Trainer tell you what to do based on our own experience and what we’ve read recently. A coach guides into your own path by asking questions that provoke thought so that you can gain a better understanding of what works for you. Check out the dialogue difference below:

Client: “I’ve had a bad week. There were a lot of meetings and then holiday parties. I really blew it.”

Trainer: “Well, we’ll work extra hard today to combat the extra food intake and I’ll tell what I do around holiday season. Make sure you eat before parties so as not to be tempted. If you do slip, try to make ‘better’ bad choices next time, like taking the skin off the chicken. Then just chug water and tighten your diet back up. Let’s get going! We have work to do ;)


Client: “I was really bad this week. With all the meetings and holiday parties I really blew it.”

Coach: “Feelings of good and bad don’t stem from food choices. Indiscretions are normal, especially during the holidays. Now, how were you feeling at these meetings and parties?”

We give time for a response as opposed to giving you the answer :)

Coach: “Remember that no one food or party or meeting can make or break your goals. It’s the cumulative effect of your overall lifestyle. Do you think you can continue on without those feelings of guilt?”

The ironic thing is these are actual client conversations with the same leader (coach/trainer) and that was me! Boy have I learned. I used to think if I was relaxed with my clients they would fall off and find themselves knee deep in deep dish pizza and ice cream! :) The truth is, I tried to control them by giving them meal plans and controlling even the workouts they did away from me. That approach does NOT work.

Now, I’m more relaxed and my clients are too. As a result, they are dropping weight and feeling better than ever! Why? Because they aren’t doing it for me. I’m no longer an authoritative figure bent on running everything, but a confidant with their best interests in mind. It has opened up a new love for my career and the people I am blessed to meet.

If you ever have the opportunity to work with a coach (make sure they are certified!) grab it! You will not regret it and you will have an ally to help you, not push you. Wether you meet face to face, by phone, or email, coaching is a worth while investment in your own health and overall well being.

XOXO Michelle