How to deal with setbacks

I’m blogging today from my phone for a couple of reasons.
1. My computer has taken a few rest days :-/
2. I seem to have contracted the flu.

Double whammy right?
It’s been years since I’ve been really sick enough to take a personal sick day. Normally, it’s my kids :-)
Anyways, when you get all gung-ho about your training program and then become derailed by sickness, injury, or life, it can seem hard to get back into it. Here are a few tips I use to keep myself training for the future….even if I’m stuck in my bed.

1. Know your limits. When you’re dealing with sickness, the basic rule is a fever equals NO working out. Sometimes, if we force the body to workout when it is fighting off a virus, we’ll actually make things worse on ourselves. You won’t undo all your efforts with a few days of rest! But you will if you force workouts.

2. Hydrate. Whether you’re sidelined with an illness or injury, make sure you are still getting your water in. This can be difficult as we are usually not thirsty. Set the timer on your phone for every hour and get 16 ounces in each one. This will actually help expedite recovery.

3. Stay motivated. Right now I am keeping training books and magazines around me and planning some awesome comeback workouts. Even if I can’t get to the gym for the next couple of days, I can stay focused and motivated.

4. Catch some sun when you can. A short walk or simply going to get the mail can brighten your outlook. It’s not called the sunshine vitamin for nothing! Vitamin D is essential to building the immune system and fighting disease.

5. Remember hygiene. Ok, I know this sounds basic, but we can get sick to the point where a simple shower wears us out. Really, for yourself and your loved ones….. Take care of yourself! Your body will respond favorably, as will your loved ones :-) .

6. Think good nutrition. When we’re sick nutrition and meal plans can fly out the window. Nothing tastes right and cravings can take over. Have a plan and try not to let the junk food linger in the house. These cravings stem from the body needing to be taken care of. Consider having a large pot of veggie soup on hand as cooked vegetables settle easier on the stomach. You don’t need nearly as many calories if you’re stuck in bed (like me!) but don’t starve all together. Keep portions small and light and strive for high nutrition.

Hopefully, you’re feeling better already!

Remember to care for your body on a day to day basis and it will return the favor.

Until next time, have a healthy day!