5K a day in May

Here’s your challenge for the month of May (yeah, it has to be since it’s the only month that rhymes!).

In the spirit of getting extra steps in, I am issuing a challenge for everybody to get a 5K in every day. Now you can walk, run, skip, jump, or dance your way through your 5K! The goal is just to do it and get those extra steps in. This simple, no equipment needed, challenge will increase your heart health and can help shed excess body fat. So what are you waiting for? Map your course and get moving!


So, as we move into the weekend, what comes to mind? Is your weekend full of adventure and fun? Or is it the more mundane tasks that await?

If you find yourself in the latter end, no worries! You can take the opportunities given to make sure you get some extra, fun movement into your everyday lifestyle.

  1. Choose to start the day out right! I am well aware that not everybody appreciates the early morning weekend hours like I do :) , but you can choose to get your fit on before breakfast. Check out the fitness page on Hulu.com for FREE workout vids. Most of which are about 10 minutes long. You can pick anything, from Pilates and dance, to kickboxing and weight lifting. It doesn’t have to last an hour to brighten your mood.
  2. Plan your meals/snacks in advance. This time of year a lot of us are headed to the ball park to watch the kids play. Don’t succumb to ball park food! It’s not just the calories, but this type of food is highly processed and the more you ingest throughout your lifetime (how many years have your kids been playing ball?) the slower your metabolism will be.
  3. While at the park, get OFF the bleachers and stop being the bench warmer in life. Yeah, I said it…. You can cheer your little ones even better while standing and moving, keeping your blood flowing, oxygenating your brain for better function, and showing that you really are involved!
  4. I know you need to clean the house (as most of us do!) so split up the chores and make it a game. Got young ones? Make them honorary detectives and send them on a “hunt” for items that need to be put up. Then, end the housecleaning with a walk. If a local ice cream parlor ends up on your walk, well then it was meant to be! :)
  5. Plan a little park time. Take the kids to the park and challenge them to chin ups on the monkey bars. By the way, totally cool if you “let” your kids win! Run around the park with them, or walk through the glorious nature around.
  6. Lounging by the pool? Not if you’re fit! Laying out is detrimental to your skin (SPF ALWAYS!) and your waistline, so get moving. Swimming is good, water volleyball is even better. Challenge others to a game, or see which one of your kids can out do you on laps. Make it fun and make it count!

No matter what the weekend has in store, it’s up to you to become an active participant in your life. So get moving and find the FUN!


P.S. I’ll be trying out paintball for the very first time this weekend. I’ll let you how it goes!

Lose inches in less than 10!

In ALL honesty (this is professional and personal) there is no special diet no body wrap (all the posts about losing inches while wrapping yourself up like a burrito…..yeah, that’ll stay off) that will permanently get rid of inches. BUT, there are tricks of the trade and this is a BIG one. Muscle control. This routine takes less than 10 minutes (BTW, most body wraps take at least 45) and you’ll walk away looking taller, trimmer, and with a post spa glow. Use the video above to plug in your upper body moves.


Warm up with dynamic stretches for  1 minute.

Perform 20 deep squats, squatting as low as your knee and hip flexibility allow while maintaining good form

Pick 1 of the pushup variations above and perform until failure (until you are unable to maintain good form in your pushups)

Perform 20 alternating front lunges, switching legs with each rep

Do 20 jumping jacks

Pick a different push up variation and perform until failure

Flip over and perform 50 bicycle crunches, keeping trunk steady while rotating shoulder towards knee. TIP: do these slowly to maintain good form and focus on drawing the abs in and up

REPEAT 2-3 more time, with little to no rest.

NOW, go show it off! You’ve managed to cut seeable inches from the body by activating both small and large muscle fibers, plus you’ve raised your metabolic rate and started a little sweat, resulting in increased blood flow and a beautiful glow. NO MONEY REQUIRED :)