A Few of My Favorite Things: the Birthday Edition

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Since tomorrow is my birthday (I’ll be turning 38), I thought I would give you a peak into what I’m digging right now…..some fitness, some not, so just enjoy :)

EDUCATION I’m digging: ONNIT Academy


Onnit has a main facility located in Austin, Texas, so as a true Texas gal I had to check them out. Article development is on point and I’m all set to receive more trainer training from them this year.

SUPPLEMENTS I’m Digging: Onnit for the win!

Alpha Brain because it takes away the fuzzy feeling in my head and really does help me to focus.

Coconut Oil because I use it for EVERYTHING from skin care to coffee creamer to cooking agent.

Coffee Pack because coffee, duh. Seriously, I love coffee and if I can make my coffee work FOR me and help propel me to my goals, then I’m a happy gal! P.S. would also make a PERFECT birthday present…..just sayin ;)

Onnit coffee

NOTE: I don’t do butter, but I do enjoy the MCT oil. The use of oil in your coffee has been shown to help those on low carb or ketogenic (not a fan) diets lose more fat. So, if you’re not caring how many carbs you eat, stick with regular creamers for best results.


If you haven’t heard, I am in rehab (um, for a torn labrum and some muscular issues people!) and I was afraid I would lose ALL THE GAINS due to the fact that I can’t left heavy. Guess what? I have lost weight (some muscle, some fat), but kettlebells have helped me in therapy and have enabled me to keep that hard earned muscle. WIN.

primal-bells Wanna follow my workouts? Check it out on INSTA as I post some of the bets on there.

RECIPE I’m digging: Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake

It is my birthday and I do love chocolate. I have nothing against flour, but found I really dig the flourless cakes since it’s ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

MOVIE I’m sorta digging but mostly just in the mood to watch: Chicago


I have no shame, I am highly entertained by both the stage and screen version of this masterpiece….classier times ;)

I hope you enjoy your day as much as I will, and remember that finding a sense of enjoyment in all you do makes all the difference.



Education, Prevention and Mobilization

Hello ALL!

I hope this post finds you enjoying Spring, no matter what that looks like to you :)

Today’s post is one that hits extremely close to my heart and will hopefully touch yours as well. So grab another cup of coffee (or tea), kick back and try to look like you’re working…..

Moldova Training 2

I am feeling beyond blessed as I stand here today. My journey to this stage in life has been unique and full of God interventions to keep me on my path. I have met many fascinating people and my entire world has begun to open up by leaps and bounds. The road I chose to travel was not easy by any means, but it has brought me to a place of daily inspiration and creativity. I spend my days being able to talk with people just like you (or maybe it IS you!). I educate people on healthier lifestyle choices, proper nutrition and healthy body image. I spread the word on prevention of disease as well as violence. And I hope that I am mobilizing a force to be reckoned with…a force that no longer accepts the status quo and refuses to become a statistic. THIS is my life.

Along with all of the above I am also striving to set an example for my children. A few years ago I simply wanted to teach them that you didn’t give up when circumstances got tough. I want them to be strong souls that persevere through adversity. Now, I strive to teach them more on top of that. I want my son and daughter to learn to be bold. I want them to believe that they can make a difference in a life, in a town, in a country and even in the world. I want them to know they have a voice and they can use it to BUILD or tear down. Each moment of every day affords us the opportunity to stand for something, change something and build something. I hope and pray they learn the quality of conviction and the action of perseverance. I am also loved by a man who acknowledges my flaws and believes in my dreams. He believed in me when I wanted a small studio in a small town and he believes in me when I seek to change the very fabric of a nation.

I don’t tell you all of this so you can think “Wow, she has it good.” Quite the contrary. I want to take you on a journey with me. Through this journey you will be able to visit lands you never knew existed. You’ll meet people and focus on faces who have heart warming and heart breaking stories to tell. You’ll find your “why” to this life. Why am I here? Why do I walk the path I walk? You’ll also discover your what….

I encourage you to join me on this journey with an open mind and an open heart. The best part? You can stay in your jammies on the couch! Well, I fully support moving, but you get what I mean. :)

Join me as we start a movement that will shape the world the same exact way I have been striving to shape lives for over a decade now:

EDUCATION: Just as you enjoy the little tidbits of information I give on nutrition, fitness and general health, there are others around the world who not only enjoy it, but NEED this information. Throughout my stay in Chisinau, Moldova I was able to educate young ladies who had been victims of sexual violence and human trafficking in the art of self-defense. The mere fact that I told them they were worth defending was a totally new concept…. As I go forth to help plan and fund a Self Defense Training Center for these girls and the surrounding community at risk for trafficking, I hope to educate on healthy body image and proper nutrition as well. ALL the same things you enjoy learning about, these girls enjoy as well. My heart breaks for them and I wish I could show you faces and names of those you may meet, but I am not allowed since even showing pictures of them on the web would contribute to further exploitation. Why should you consider being a part of changing someone’s life? You are here for a reason, just as they are. This very site may be where your paths collide and both of you are made a little more whole…

In Ethiopia I will be joined by my son. We will be educating again on self-defense and better body image. I’ll also be sharing any other form of fitness, nutrition or just plain fun and games they need. We will have a whirlwind week of visiting care points and meeting those whose needs exceed my own wishful thinking. They will learn how to nurture their physical bodies and grow in strength. Programs will be discussed for the ongoing help at these care points and the vital education and growth of these young people who have been left without homes and parents. Care to join me? I know, I know…Africa is quite hot in the Summer :) Their stories will be shown and people just like you can integrate them into your own story. The story of ONE who made a difference….

PREVENTION: Disease prevention is huge to me. My mother died when I was 17 and it is my full belief that it could have been prevented. It is also my belief that everything happens for a reason though. With proper nutritional guidance, you have come to know that you can prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. Did you know that with proper nutritional guidance you can even SLOW the progression of some of these diseases (such as cancer, AIDS, HIV) that run rampant in other parts of the world? It’s true. With proper education, we can be equipped to truly care for the bodies we have and that is what I will be sharing in both Moldova and Ethiopia. Along with the prevention of disease, I’ll be sharing something that will be of far more value in the short-term: prevention of further violence, especially against women. It is my heart’s desire to empower these women to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. Please don’t misunderstand…I’m not teaching them to “fight”. I am teaching them to SURVIVE.

MOBILIZATION: Just as I have people in my own circle who have grown from little belief in their own abilities to actually teaching others, I plan to do the same the whole world over! No worries about me leaving you though, I plan to take you right along with me so you too can grow from their stories. I envision a world where women can wake up excited about what the day may hold, not fearful. I see jobs that girls have a natural affinity for (teaching, anybody?) that open up where they have never been. I see doors opening, much like the ones you may have seen as you began to take care of your body and treat yourself with a little more respect. I see a world mobilized to change.

Just like lacing up your tennis shoes or laying out your yoga mat is the first step towards many, I too have many steps ahead of me. For years it has been me giving you information. Now, I want to take you on a ride. Why? In the short-term, being involved in a purpose has been shown to help us reach our goals FASTER. Why? We’re focused on something other than ourselves, which gives us permission to change from what has become our normal. In the long run, perhaps YOU will begin to tell people what you are a part of and upon hearing YOUR story they will be inspired. Inspiration can spread like wild-fire and I am calling you to start yours today!

Live LOUD, Live LARGE, Live OFTEN,


Don’t stay in the cage :)

Moldova 4

Get involved NOW: Chisinau, Moldova Self Defense Center