HOW TO bounce back from an overindulgence

So, I’ve noticed something at the gym this week: PEOPLE.

People everywhere……

The gym has expanded in number for 2x what it was when I left Saturday morning, AKA: Halloween.

Gyms and fitness centers see a spike in attendance between Halloween and Thanksgiving, only to be followed by a severe drop until the New Year.

It’s an interesting turn of events usually brought on by one common thread: overindulgence. :)

Guilt by food is fascinating to me because I can now look at from a different vantage point. I too was riddled with guilt following every Reese’s peanut butter cup and loaded cheeseburger, but things have changed as I see things for how they are. Want to join me? Read on for some tips on how to bounce back from any overindulgence.

  1. Realize that 1 meal, or 1 day, or even 1 weekend will not completely derail ALL progress. If you are CONSISTENT with your workouts, you’ll be OK. Treats can even help the fat burning process along if you are in a fat loss stage that requires lower calories (I try to stay away from those personally…).
  2. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. We rarely give the mind credit for how powerful it really is. If all we focus on is a “misstep” in the nutrition game of life, then our body will remain focused on that instead of the all-consuming task of building muscle or burning fat. So, take a deep breath and, like a favorite Disney character….let it go.
  3. Use your overindulgence to your advantage. You have some extra energy stored up now, so use it. Take this opportunity to ramp up your strength training, try out that new class, or test out your endurance. Food is fuel and even treats can be useful when you’re working on your fitness.
  4. If you are like me and follow carefully calculated macros (cause nerds like us dig that), you can usually factor your treats into your macros and move on with life.
  5. Be prepared. Don’t be a statistic of the holidays due to being ill-prepared. Keep foods on hand that give you energy and either limit yourself to a certain number of treats per week OR sprinkle them into your macros throughout the week.

The way I want you to see it is this: health and fitness is a large scale project and any slip up is just a blip on the radar. Dust yourself on and move forward, no tedious cardio sessions required.

If you find that you do have some serious issues with food and feel as though you LOSE CONTROL, consider signing up for the Fall Challenge and learn to live and eat in balance.



Welcome to Healthy Holidays!

We’re diving in by tackling one of the main causes of Holiday weight gain: emotional eating! Don’t let it claim you as a victim, just take a few steps to be prepared :)



What’s Your Relationship Status?

No, I’m not trying to pry into your personal life! The status I wonder about is your relationship with food. For some, this relationship is more sensitive than any other. Just as children learn how to treat members of the opposite sex from their parents, studies show that childrens’ relationship to food is also derived from parents. What does all this mean? Well, how you perceive food is more than likely a product of how you were raised. If you are raising children, you’re passing that relationship on as well. I hear a lot of people complain about the fact that they can’t get their food under control because their mom, dad, grandma, aunt, etc. always used food as a crutch. In their household food was used as a reward and at times also a punishment: “No desert if you don’t clean your room!” Getting the picture? Well, although this is very common in most families (especially those of the past 2 generations); it’s still just another excuse. And as you have heard me say time and time again, where excuses end progress begins.
You may be sitting there thinking, “Wait a minute. You have no idea how I was raised and what a toll that had on me”, and you’re right: I don’t. I do however know how I was raised. Food was the center of our house. It was used to celebrate everything, but it was also used as a punishment and as a cure all for everything from night terrors to skinned knees to broken hearts. Food was always there in a very emotional way. I learned to become attached to it. I learned to need it. I had to have it. I was a bonafide, emotional, closet eater. GASP!
So, maybe I know more than you thought. What happened then? Well, it’s simple really. I’m an adult now. I am in charge of my decisions. I decided a few years ago to dig deeper into the nutrition aspect of my life. Here’s what I found out:
It’s not the food you eat, it’s your relationship to that food!
Food is nothing but calories. Calories are units of energy. Units of energy are what keep you alive. Plain and simple. The truth of the matter is that food has no feelings. Food doesn’t love you, nor does it feel your love (hello, chocolate, sigh…). It has NO feelings for you, about you, blah, blah, blah; it could care less basically.
So how do you break those bonds? First off, stop blaming mom and dad! They did the best they could and you know what? You’re alive now, so they didn’t screw up that bad! Everything you do is all on you now. You have the ability to be awesome lurking deep down, but you have to let go of every single excuse, take responsibility for you, accept your own mistakes and take that first step forward. You are in control now. Suck it up and stop handing me the old, “Well, my mom always….” Seriously? How old are you now? Does mom still have to remind you to wipe and wash your hands? Ok then. Make a commitment to yourself, for yourself and your family to be a healthy, fit person. A cycle is only a cycle if it’s repeated.

Now let’s talk about justification.

We ALL do it…….
Well, I can have this piece of cake because I work out so hard.
I deserve an extra helping.
It was bad, but I only ate a tiny portion.

All justifications. Bottom line, if you have to justify your food to yourself, it’s something you really shouldn’t be eating. That’s the part of your brain that’s trying to facilitate change. It’s really trying to help you.
If you feel stuck in a rut, get real! Just because you tell yourself you’re watching it doesn’t mean you’re not justifying several slip ups a week. And several slip ups equals a habit: one that must be changed.
Without a change in behavior there can be no permanent change of body. You have to be fully present in each moment that you fuel. If you start to throw out a justification (“I’ll work it off in class”), then pass it by, it’s not worth your time.

With the Holidays moving to a halt and the new year picking up steam, make a conscious decision to MOVE MORE! All it takes is a few 10 minute sessions 3 times per day top reap major results and benefits. These benefits start with your energy. Fuel all this movement with the pumpkin French toast recipe below and get ready for a new, energetic you by the time January 1st rolls around!

I’m listening,




Pumpkin French toast
calories: 360
fat: 6
sugar: 1 (without any sweetener)
serving size: 2 slices

3 whole eggs
1/4 cup egg whites
1 scoop cinnamon protein powder
3 TBLS pumpkin pie puree (no sugar)
Pumpkin pie spice (or just cinnamon will do)
whole grain bread

Mix ingredients together with whisk until smooth
dip bread in until saturated and cook in non stick skillet (a little Pam goes a long way!)
Sprinkle with very little pumpkin pie spice
if you need something on it opt for a light drizzle of agave nectar and enjoy every fall tasting bite

It’s the Little Things

There is one common theme that I am noticing amongst my clients and fitness fans alike: We ALL LOVE FOOD!!!!

Am I right?

Well, you know what? You SHOULD love food. As a matter of fact, God gave us food so that we can be nourished and enjoy life. Just on a side note though, I’m not so sure God gave us Twizzlers…but I sure do enjoy them :)

I think there is a lot of food confusion going on in the more affluent parts of the world. You read that right, but I’ll explain: if you have enough food to actually cause worry over what you should and shouldn’t eat, you my friend are affluent. We worry over carbs and fats, count calories like devoted mathletes, and even wear devices that tell us how much we move because we honestly don’t know! OK, I have been guilty of ALL.

There is hope for each of us though. It’s a little something called Intuitive Eating. I counsel with this theory and have had raging results for myself and lots of clients. And guess what? We all need it so I’m going to be focusing on this for several blogs. Why? I think we need to bring the enjoyment back to our nourishment. It is the way God intended. think of the people trudging around the desert. God sent manna and I’m sure it was the best tasting, we’re not totally sure what it was, stuff on Earth! Enjoying our nourishment (should we be the ones that are not having to worry over it) is a gift, and it is my intent to bring it back.

Mindless Eating is one of my most flipped through nutrition books. the funny thing is this is not a book of calorie counting or anal retentive meal plans (there is such a thing). it is a book that brings the reality of the situation into light. We are such a get-it-done-yesterday society that we are often just stuffing food in so we can stay awake. We use it to fuel more than it actually does and we often use food for comfort as well. The sadness of this reality is that to an orphan in Ethiopia comfort food is ANY scrap that will reach his belly….

In our culture, we have recently begun to deal with the effects of too-much. Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities (all different) are beginning to run rampant. Why? Scientists speculate it is because we have never before had such a wide variety of foods available at any time, to anybody day or night. Think about it: you can now get any food delivered straight to your doorstep, no matter the time. Most of us make use of this convenience due to our busy lives, but according to scientists we have “convenienced” ourselves into a serious lack of real health.

I know what your thinking: “I can’t feed a village with MY food and my life won’t slow down anytime soon“. This may be true, but you and I are not meant to leave in an eternal food fight on Earth. We shouldn’t need a third-party to tell us what to eat. So what are we to do? Information is power and I intend to provide you with that. Each week we will discuss a small change that can be made to the diet to help bring about health. The 10 Pound Challenge will cover food in just a bit more detail, but strict meal plans are off-limits. It’s time to take back our right to enjoy our sustenance as it was intended.

So, are you up for the challenge?