BIG NEWS Week #2: Nutrition Boot Camps

Welcome to your big news round 2 for this week.

Nutrition Boot Camp was introduced earlier this year as a way to make nutrition science and education more readily available to everyone, not just the people who can afford a personal nutritionist.

So, with 2015 on the horizon I have spent time putting together 3 different Nutrition Boot Camps to suit just about any nutrition need. ALL camps are on SALE for $100 OFF until December 31, so find the one that works where you are NOW and get signed up to start!

Next Level Nutrition Boot Camp

food log

This camp is for fitness enthusiasts and those who hit the gym regularly but just aren’t getting the results you want. How can NBC change that?

  • You’ll learn the science behind macros and IIFYM and flexible dieting
  • You’ll learn the importance of meal tracking and planning as well as the how-to on getting it done
  • You’ll learn how nutrition plays a large role in recovery
  • We’ll go over the mind/muscle connection, aesthetic vs. strength lifts, vacation and traveling, plus rebuilding a broken metabolism

Sound like just what you need? Sign up today!




Family Health Nutrition Boot Camp

Christmas Muscles 2013

Whether you’re struggling to get your kids to eat healthy OR trying to get your spouse on board, this nutrition boot camp will help you cut through the foggy theories and recognize the science that works with the human body.

This NBC will help families to:

  • Learn how to prevent pre-diabetes, teen onset diabetes, and type 2 diabetes
  • We will learn tips and tricks for family meals
  • You’ll learn family recipes and ways to remake common comfort foods healthier
  • We’ll discuss metabolic syndrome and healthy ways to heal
  • You’ll learn to integrate daily movement and make health accessible and fun for all ages
  • We’ll discuss nutrition and wellness for any budget

Are you and your family struggling to feel your healthiest? Sign up today and get started on the path to real health!



The First Step Nutrition Boot Camp


Are you in need of losing weight? I’m talking real weight loss here: 50, 60, even over 100 pounds? Have you been told that you can’t do it without surgery? STOP AND READ! I promise you that it can be done….just not alone.

The First Step NBC will:

  • Teach you nutrient science
  • Teach you how to set achievable goals
  • Help you make the mind/food connection
  • Pinpoint possible emotional triggers
  • Integrate daily movement habits
  • Teach you to recognize FAD diets and nutrition theory
  • Teach you HOW to grocery shop, list and meal plan your way to LASTING success
  • Teach how to implement a healthy reward system
  • Tips and tricks to continue onward

Don’t fall for people telling you it can’t be done….it has been done! And if others can do it, so can you! Sign up NOW!


ALL camps are 3 months of education, motivation and support.

A Great Place to Start

I think I was raised in a typical household. Both of my parents worked hard and there was little emphasis on eating healthy. I dare say we really were unaware of what healthy eating entailed. My mom was a chronic dieter with a terrible body image, so I began to associate certain foods as “diet” foods. In other words, I only ate my veggies when mom was on a diet :) Many of us were brought up this way as it was truly the norm in the 80′s and 90′s. You couldn’t flip through the television without infomercials of the latest fad diets being thrown at you. Well, this altered perception of “nutrition” has lead to an even trickier path. Many who were raised during this time (Gen X gimme a WHAT?!?!?) have developed severe issues with health and many are suffering from disease brought on by non-nutritional intake and obesity. Many have even turned to surgery and most bariatric surgeons are all too willing to accommodate and even go so far as to tell patients that surgery is “Their only hope”. That is a whole other post entirely…..

So, in the wake of the ill-health avalanche we find ourselves in, there are others suffering even worse fates: let’s not forget about the kids. I know I’ve said this before, but this IS the very first generation that is predicted to die BEFORE their parents. Do we grasp that reality? We tend to push it back in the back of our minds and allow Johnny that dessert since we really don’t feel like putting up a fight about it right now. Sad, really. So, how do we know that this generation is in trouble? Well, the CDC gathered up the data: children as young as 2 years old are now being diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure, clinical obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and joint issues associated with poor nutrition and obesity. Now, before we continue I think it is important to address one issue that I see arise all the time: a lot of people think that if their child is “skinny”, or not holding extra weight, that they are in the clear. WRONG. Just because a kid has some weight on their bones doesn’t make them unhealthy, and a seemingly slender child is not always the healthiest. It’s not what you look like from the outside, it’s the lifestyle as a whole.

So, why all this information again? I find that due to a lack of nutritional understanding, many are unable to truly instill a healthy lifestyle into their children. In other words, you let your bad relationship with food seep into the next generation. Before you shake your head and say “not me” read through this:

  • Do your kids have their own “special foods” on hand regularly? Foods that you try to stay away from like candies and cookies?
  • Do you reward your kids with food? Good grades=dinner out
  • Do you bribe your kids with food? Good behavior=candy bar, chips, coke, etc.
  • Do you punish your kids using food? Bad behavior=no dessert
  • Do you allow your tastes affect your kids? Your kids don’t eat certain veggies because you don’t
  • Are family outings/trips enhanced with food?
  • Do you give in to fits for certain foods?
  • Do you label foods as “good” and “bad”?

These are some of the basics of poor nutrition leading to more serious eating and health problems. I have seen this situation so many times: a mom decides to take control of her own health and fitness. So, she begins a plan, and it can be a healthy eating plan, but continues to buy the “kids food” that does their growing bodies no favors. People tend to think that since children are “growing” we can allow for more diet “mistakes” since they have time to figure it out later. Let me ask you this: if you have struggled with food and weight issues your whole life, would it not seem better to equip your child for success rather than continue to shovel bad habits into their psyche so that they end up in the same boat as you IF not worse? THINK BEFORE YOU DO! If you wouldn’t eat it, why do you give it to your kids? Right now, we are being faced with the fact that children are not as resilient as we once thought. So, what can we do?

First, don’t panic! We can change the face of the future one small step at a time :) Pick 1 or 2 of the following to start doing each week and look for the changes:

  • Let your kids help plan the menu
  • If your kids can (usually 18 months and older) allow them to help prepare food. Even small children can wash veggies with some supervision. Yes, it means a little more work for you, but mounds of experience for them
  • Incorporate a new food once a week
  • Try a new way to prepare veggies once a week
  • Teach your children about nutrition! This will require you to learn a little about it too :)
  • Allow your kids to ask question. If you don’t know the answer, be honest and then find it through a trusted source
  • Never refer to foods as “good” or “bad”, it’s food and it’s all fuel
  • If you have dessert/sweets around the house regularly, let the kids help you find healthy alternatives
  • Instead of rewarding behavior with food, reward with activity
  • Let your kids pick a new recipe to try (children as young as 3 can do this)
  • Talk about how you feel about your new foods and realize that it takes time to evoke change

Prepare yourself for some bumps along the road. Everybody’s palate is different and it changes about every 7 years, plus preparing foods in different ways will change the taste as well. Also, experiment with different spices. Just remember that most little ones don’t care for really spicy foods (although my son has been enjoying jalapenos since he was 2!).

Here’s the honest truth….we can stand up and take a little extra time to help our children overcome the cycle that many of us have been sucked into or we can turn a blind eye and simply hope for the best. I for one have not been called to hope, I have been called to initiate change and give our youth a fighting chance. That chance starts with those that have the power: the power to buy the groceries!

Here’s to living the FIT life, with your Whole family,



One of the MOST important tools in your nutrition tool box is food prep. It’s taking a little time to accomplish a lot for your health and fitness goals. So, I took some pics during my food prep the other day and thought I’d give you a quick rundown on what goes down :) in my kitchen.

After grocery trips, I usually try to lay the produce on the counter. If I can’t get to it that day, then I make sure I have time within 24 hours. The deal is, we used to waste money on produce that would go bad. After I started setting aside time to prep my food, viola’! Money saved. Simple steps for your produce:

  • Wash everything (except strawberries). I wash fruits and veg separate, but I dump them ALL in and give them a good wash.
  • Portion what needs be portioned. Grapes should be 1/2 cup and fit well into snack bags. I chop my veggies (you can have 2 cups at a time of those) and place them in plastic containers.




During the veg prep, I cook whatever meals I can cook. Be a little careful with this step as I have been known to cook way too many meals at once and then we can’t eat them all! General rule of thumb: a family of 4 can go through 3 meals per week, plus snacks and lunches.



Portion out what needs to be portioned, especially if you’re taking it on the go. There is nothing that will kill your nutritional endeavors faster than unpreparedness! Baggies and small, reusable containers are your best friends when it comes to grab and go nutrition. Buy things in bulk, such as nuts and rice cakes, whole grain crackers, etc. and make sure you portion them out once you get home. Eating directly from the bag is always a bad idea.

Keep in mind that you will have to give up some time as you first start food prep. It’s like any skill though, it can be learned. Get the whole family involved! Mom, that means you’ll have to give up your pursuit of perfectly chopped and sliced veggies and let the kids help. It’s better for all of you in the end :) Once I got the hang of food prep, it takes me less than 1 hour to get things ready for the ENTIRE WEEK! Hello? That’s the excuse everybody gives, so I’m calling you out. The easiest way to start is to plan a minimum of 3 days worth of meals and snacks. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can bump it up to 5, then all the way to 6 or 7 without any fuss at all. You’ll find that this will help you stay on track and promote overall better eating habits in your family. Be prepared, and there’s no way you can fail :)

Here’s to living the FIT life!