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Motivation Monday: Biggest Loser Recap

Well, it’s that time again…..time for millions of viewers to slide into our couches and watch a show about weight loss :) Seems a bit odd, right?

Last night marked the beginning of a brand new season for the long running show. Jillian Michaels made a triumphant comeback and was in rare form. Bob Harper is still holding tight to his long-playing role as the top trainer and Dolvett Quince came back to resume his role as well. The BL also added a twist to the show in that they are bringing in 3 kids to be ambassadors for fitness. This means they won’t be at the ranch full-time and they cannot be eliminated. Good move on their part for bringing awareness to the childhood obesity epidemic. Oh, and Alison Sweeney is hosting again and might I say she looked FABULOUS last night!

As I move on through the recap, I need to remind you that the Biggest Loser is first and foremost a REALITY TV SHOW. They cater to ratings. I’m not judging, but I feel that some people watch the show and get caught up in the alternate reality of it all. Take it with a grain of salt people…… First night was exciting for sure. I loved the way each of the trainers handled the kids. Children should be trained differently from adults. Both in training progressions as well as motivation. The adults were a bit of a different story. The first workout was par for the course and each trainer stuck to their respective roles. I have to say, Jillian makes excellent points about the way we treat and speak to ourselves. I love the line she said about “That is abuse. All of this in here is not.” I agree whole heartedly. Now, I may not kick people out of my gym when they get dizzy (I usually offer a G2 and tell them to rest as it’s usually due to poor fueling), but I agree with her tough approach. you have to want it badly enough to challenge what has become your normal.

Aside from people dropping like flies and feeling poorly about the state of their own health (or lack thereof), everything went fairly smooth for the opening evening. As I sat and watched (with the rest of America!) I was bombarded with a lot of thoughts about this entire approach to weight loss. I mean, ALL of the contestants chosen made comments about the fact that they were doing this for their health and/or to live for a certain loved one. So, here’s the thought that keeps banging away at my heart and mind…..Why on Earth do you have to wait to be on a reality show to do it?

Whoa! I know what you’re thinking, “Come on now, at least they’re trying”. I say, no, they haven’t even begun to really try. Here’s the place I’m coming from. I have lost 104 pounds. No trainer, no huge gym, no pre-planned meals, no TV show, no cameras. Some might rebut by saying I already knew how. You would be wrong. I started right where many of these contestants start. There is NO lack of knowledge available, there is a lack of discipline to go get it.

Real fitness is just that, a DISCIPLINE. It’s not about motivation, inspiration or TV ratings. It is developing a discipline within your life to commit to your health and the health of your family. The young man who goes by Bingo (isn’t he precious???) is the same age as my son. It has taken me taking responsibility and telling him “Just a small serving” or “Get up and go do something”. Goodness, most of the time I get up and do things with him! And I’m busy too people, so don’t even try….. Develop a discipline in life and you will succeed. Success is derived from discipline.

So, I promise I’m not hating on the show! I realize that it does get some people inspired and that is worth the watch itself. Here’s the rub though: years ago when I first started teaching aerobics I had a lady who came religiously to my classes, and she was losing weight steadily. Then, one day she stopped coming. A few weeks later, she met me up at the gym. She explained that the Biggest Loser was coming to Houston to hold auditions and since you have to be a certain amount overweight to participate, she stopped working out and was gorging to gain her weight back. Houston, we have a serious problem….

Why do we think that only a TV show can save us? We are enamored with the celebrity of it all. Ask any professional actor and they will tell you the celebrity part is the worst part of the whole thing. Yet, we pine for it. It’s as though we honestly believe that living in an alternate reality is the only way we can succeed. To that I say this: if you believe you can only succeed in an alternate reality, you have already given yourself to failure. There was a man chosen who stated he had waited 3 years for his chance to be on the show. THREE YEARS!!!!! Do you have any idea what he could have accomplished in 3 years?!? And yes, I get the fact that when you do it on your own there are no cash rewards, no accolades, no interviews……but honey, it is so worth it!

The dedicated discipline you earn from putting in your own work far exceeds anything a reality show can offer! You want to see a change in this world? Start a fire in you first! Be the one that begins to develop a change in your own family. Take personal responsibility for your health and fitness. Stop making excuses and playing the victim! You and I are no different from each other. We both hurt, we bleed, we struggle, and if you’re like me, we have a raging sweet tooth! But you know what? Fitness doesn’t care who you are, how much money you make a year, where you start, or how long it may take. Fitness is available to EVERYBODY. You don’t need a membership, you don’t need a certain color shirt and you sure don’t need to be picked from a crowd. Did you realize that as of right now over 66% of the United States is struggling with obesity? That’s the MAJORITY! You are no longer going to sit idle amongst the majority, waiting hopefully for your name to be called. You will stand from this day on. You will walk tall and know that YOU CAN DO THIS.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you in or are you out? Are you tired of waiting for your “chance”? Be the first to step out and make a real change… script required :)



NEW DVD REVIEW! Biggest Loser Power XTrain

Hi guys!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve reviewed a new workout DVD, so I thought I’d hop into the new year with The Biggest Loser DVD series.

For those wondering, although Jillian is back on the show (which airs this Sunday evening) she’s not in the video.

This DVD follows the same circuit style fashion as the others. Why? Well, circuits are the BEST form of exercise when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s effective because it keeps the heart rate up and provides cardio as well as strength training. We ALL know that is essential to keep the skin pulling back to the muscle. Now, as a disclaimer we all know that we cannot expect Biggest Loser style results unless we’re already on the show…..and have a couple hundred pounds to lose :) These DVDs do appeal to those just jumping back into working out or trying it out for the first time.

The big question: Do they work? Yes they do, in my opinion. The problem with any DVD is that it is up to the individual to push play though. They can only film it for you, not do it for you :)

Power X Train takes your workouts to a different level. This DVD is more like actual training in that there isn’t a lot of pre-choreographed movements and everybody is on their own pace. All trainers featured do give awesome form tips, but ya’ll know Bob is the favorite! He states at one point “I focus on your FORM first, then reps” and I couldn’t agree more. Bob is in true form throughout his part, making sure even the home viewers know exactly what to look for in their form. This is of great importance as form is key to not only preventing injury but also expediting your results.

You need your own body weight and some handheld weights for this DVD and you will also need some space. They take you through your paces, but you are always encouraged to stay at the level that works best for you. As always, modifiers are front and center and you can choose the former Biggest Loser contestant you want to follow. As with anything else, consistency is key. If you’re in love with the Biggest Loser DVD series, this is a great one to add to your rotation.

Until I see you again, remember….LIVE OUT LOUD!


P.S. Who’s planning on watching this season?

Fun Friday! Merry Christmas

What do you do?

I’m not asking for your profession and certainly not for the creative things we put on Facebook. Today I’m talking about what you do when things get tough. Life is full of tough times and not so tough times from the moment we’re born. We learn through the tough times how to deal with the situations we come face to face with and these times also build our character. What I am noticing now is that many people float along feeling as though they’ve been handed a bum deal and just have to get through it. People have turned from being active participants in their own lives to merely watching it float by from the sidelines. Then, they wonder why all the “good things” never happened to them. They just consider themselves to be unlucky. And so, they keep watching….

Did you know that America is home to the most self-made millionaires in the world? I happen to work for a company that houses many of these millionaires and I have been able to listen to them speak. These normal people will tell you that LUCK has nothing to do with success. Your success is defined by your willingness to put forth the effort, do the work every day, and learn from your mistakes. That’s what it takes to be a true success story!

So, in the world of health and fitness, what do you want your story to be? Are you the person that overcame excuses and pushed through obstacles to better yourself and in turn better those around you? It is a proven FACT that regular exercise eases the stress reaction. It doesn’t take the stress out of your life, but it makes your reactions to the stress easier and more palatable. I have moms tell me all the time that they don’t have time to work out and worry about proper nutrition because they are too busy and devoted to their kids. I call BULL! You can work out with your kids (literally, with them. Have you noticed the jump in youth obesity? Just saying) and by taking care of your health you become a better mom. Not only are you calmer and more pulled together, but your kids will look at you in a different light. If you’re not taking care of yourself because it’s inconvenient (let’s face it, no matter what excuse you use today that’s what it boils down to) what does that tell your kids? Health is a convenience. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Healthy people aren’t lucky to be that way, they put in the work.

OK, ladies….blaming your husband for your lack of working out and being fit is like blaming the stock boy at Macy’s because those jeans don’t fit. It’s pointless and irrational. Just like it’s best for you not to harp on your honey for his eating and workout habits (I admit what I do is INVITE my husband to workout WITH me….and last night I politely asked him not to eat his chips and dip in front of me as I am watching my food!) it is not his JOB to make sure you get fit. It’s nice to think that’s his job because then we have an easy out for being lazy, but it’s not. He is to love you and cherish you till death do you part. It is not his responsibility to make you move and eat nutritionally sound foods to prevent diabetes and heart disease. he didn’t sign up for that. Gentleman, it works both ways. If you are struggling to lose the weight and blame your wife’s cooking (or lack of) it’s YOUR responsibility to make the changes.

So why all the ranting? People have different reactions before, during, and after workouts. Most get stuck at the before point where they don’t want to or they don’t “feel” like it. Anger, love, calm, rage, jealousy=all feelings. Lazy is not a feeling, it’s a choice. During workouts is when some listen to the side of the brain that is trying to be rational in telling you to stop. In bootcamp, we learn to retrain the brain so we can keep going. You control your thought. The Bible even says that, so put positive thoughts into motion. When my workouts get grueling (and they do) I think of my husband, my kids, and my dad. I push harder, run faster, and FINISH because I don’t do it for the sheer satisfaction of “me”. My kids push past limits and finish things because they have an example of how it’s done. I want to be there for my husband when we get old. And I want my dad to feel peace that his daughter is taking her health into her hands and doing everything possible to live a long, healthy life.

I train for LIFE. There are things I want to accomplish and places I want to go and I refuse to leave it up to luck. We were born with the human ability to choose. God gave us free will, yet it seems most of us are content to follow the rest. What will you do from here? What will you do today? For those that actually finished the post, will you push farther? I know life has stresses! Everybody has stresses and what you’re going through is not the worst thing that is happening right now. Harsh, but so true. Most people will simply click off this page and go on reinforcing the habits that got them exactly where they are now. But a select few, who are the willing, will push farther. Reach out today and connect with somebody who will help lift you up. I have a circle that I count on to do that. Some people don’t even know they’re in that circle! It’s the push I need from a text, an email, or a post that gives me the strength to keep pressing on. I live life intentionally because as long as I have a breath in me I have a purpose. Do you?

MAKE today a healthy day,


Review: Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred

Hey Fit Lifers!

Today I am reviewing another Jillian Michaels workout DVD. Why so many JM DVD’s? Well, people eat them up like candy after a rough week since she’s a “celebrity trainer”. That term is a whole different post. Anyways, I feel it is best if we are educated about what we are getting into :)

So, on average I like the DVD. The one downside is that if you already own a lot of JM DVD’s (30 day Shred, No more trouble zones, Killer buns and thighs, etc) you aren’t getting totally new workouts here. JM has her brand of fitness and it’s short and sweet. These DVD’s fit into just about any schedule and she truly has found her workout niche. There are two thirty minute workouts on this DVD each with beginning modifications. I like the way she talks about breathing since many of us choose not to do that during our workout. Overall, Extreme Shed and Shred is great for those who are still more drawn to their couch than the gym, and that’s JM’s specialty! You can get in and out fast, however you will not be burning enough to return to your couch for the rest of the day. If you’re more of an avid exerciser, then you’ll want to opt for something more challenging.

Beginners enjoy! More advanced athletes, run over to the next :)

Remember, you get a home DVD workout review EVERY Monday, so come back next Monday and I’ll be tackling the original P90X PLUS giving you some information on the differences in P90X2.

Don’t miss it!

Have a healthy day,