Taking Your Fit Life with You

Hello Fit Peeps!

Have you ever wondered how fit people make it happen when they travel?

I have been a homebody as long as I can remember! I come by it honestly :) I do enjoy shutting myself up in-house with my loved ones and I have found that it works in favor of my fitness goals. I mean, I always say that your environment is far more important than your motivation right? I control my environment like a well oiled machine and it has certainly worked in my favor. So, what is a fit girl to do when she takes on a big trip? Here are a few things I have learned….

In preparing for my trip to Moldova (to read more on THAT, check it out HERE) I consulted some fitness competitors who travel a lot as well as just regular people who rack up frequent flier miles. Here’s what is in my own personal travel play book:

  • Water is essential! You cannot take water into security, BUT you can take empty bottles and they are nice enough to have fountains for fill ups just past security. I plan on taking a large, re-usable bottle to use the whole trip.
  • I freak out at the thought of pre-packaged airline food! Seriously, freak out. So, I’m packing what I can for air travel. Kind bars are filling and gentle to the stomach, so they get on the list. I’ll also be taking some pre-chopped veggies, dried fruits and fresh fruits. This helps keep my energy up and deals with the dreaded dehydration from being in the cabin too long (hello? 15+ hours from the US to Munich). I’ll still contemplating the protein I will take. You will be posted…
  • I’m also VERY aware of the fact that my actual energy expenditure will be very low while sitting on my can in the plane. If I feel overwhelmed by hunger, it is most likely the nerves talking (I hate flying). Therefore, I’m taking some books, Bible studies on MP3, plenty of magazines and sleeping pills. Yes, I have trouble sleeping and I plan on forcing it as much as I can while in air.
  • Once I am safe in Moldova and have retrieved the rest of my luggage I’ll be pretty set. I’m making sure to have packets of pink salmon to help keep my protein intake high and my fatty acids on point. I’ll also have packets of Shakeology (which will serve as my vitamins) and Fighter Diet Greens. A mix of these 2 in water will keep all systems go. I’ll have probiotics and EmergenC packets for each meal to insure the immune system stays in good working order.
  • As far as the workouts are concerned, YES I completely intend to get some in. I probably will not take a mat, but can make use of a hotel towel if needed. I am taking 2 resistance bands and my anti-gravity trainer that hooks to the door. Workouts will be short and sweet, maybe 15-20 minutes just to knock the edge off of my nerves. The hotel says they have a gym, but you never know what you will get. I will have my running shoes, HOWEVER in below freezing I can tell you my baby butt will not venture outside unless it is a necessity. I always have the ability (and the JOY!!!) of shadowboxing to bring my heart rate up and warm up my muscles as well.

Well, that’s all I have to far for this trip. My first flight takes off Sunday and I do intend to keep you updated on the happening (both fitness and non-fitness) so stay tuned!

Until I see you tomorrow, LIVE OUT LOUD!!!