Happy Thanksgiving! Your Total Body Slimming Circuit is HERE!

Your Turkey Day Total Trimming Circuit

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Turkey Day workout will torch major calories before the bird. We’ll be igniting the large, fat burning muscles in the body PLUS utilizing peripheral heart action, a method of training which helps raise the metabolic rate and promote greater EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). All this means greater calorie burn for you before, during, and after your celebration. Stay tuned down below for some simple Turkey Tummy Tamers!

Burn the Bird Circuit 1:

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Push Ups

50 Alternating Forward Lunges

10 Burpees

Burn the Bird Circuit 2:

20 Triceps Dips (from chair or counter)

50 Plie’ Squats

10 Inverted (Down Dog) Push Ups

50 High Knees (high knee run for count of 50)

Burn the Bird Circuit 3:

10 Jump Squats

High Plank Hold for Count of 30

20 Alternating Plank Knee to Triceps (from high plank pull knee in to same arm)

50 Bicycle Crunches

50 Bridge Hip Lifts

Complete each circuit with little to no rest to increase caloric expenditure. Always remember to warm up and cool down, plus get plenty of fluids. We all have different schedules, so commit to all 3 circuits at least 1 time through. If you have time this morning you can do the whole workout up to 4 xs for maximum calorie torching. If you’re pressed for time, consider doing a couple more rounds this evening. Remember to go at a pace that challenges you the WHOLE time. Your rate of perceived exertion should hang around a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being couch potato and 10, nearly needing an ambulance!). Hit it hard and the results will come! Post in the comments below when you’re done!



BONUS! Turkey Tummy Tamers

We have ALL been there! You did your workout, had your meals, set your goals and vowed NOT to overdo at Thanksgiving dinner…only to overdo anyways and be left feeling bloated and overdone yourself. No worries! I’ve got some of my own tips that really help me on those not-so-stellar eating days :)

  1. Shake it off. What’s done is done and there is no amount of regret, guilt or fat burners that will erase it. You enjoyed your time, so let it go.
  2. Do the math. For you to REALLY gain just 1 pound of fat, you would have to physically ingest 3500 calories MORE than what you use to live. That’s 3500 more than your basal metabolic rate and 3500 more than that awesome workout you accomplished this morning. My guess if for a 140 pound woman, you would have to have taken in 8000+ to gain 1 pound…..I know the pies were good, but really? Chances are that bloated feeling is from water retention. You can breathe now…..and get off the scale for a few days!
  3. Peppermint tea helps with digestion. The human body can only fully digest about 400-700 calories at a time. This is due to the amount of macronutrients the body can physically break down and send where it needs them. On Turkey day we can overdo. After the bustle, fix yourself a cup of peppermint tea to stimulate the digestive system and ease some of the puffy feeling.
  4. Drink water like you’re being paid to do it! Over the next 3 days you’re #1 Goal is to down a gallon (yes, GALLON) of water per day. Flush the system and get the processed goodies (candied yams, green bean casserole, buttery mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, pies, cakes, cookies anyone?) out ASAP.
  5. Yoga is now your friend. Yoga utilizes twisting to relieve tension in the spine, but twisting can also relieve the bloat in the belly as well as that heavy feeling in the legs. Most yoga studios offer a FREE YOGA CLASS the day after Thanksgiving. Grab a buddy and spend an hour finding your ahhhhhh.
  6. Get back on track. Make sure you are ready tomorrow to jump back on clean eating. If you went to family, forgo the to-go bags. If you host, give the food away! If your family doesn’t want it, check the local shelter. Many shelters will take leftovers to feed those less fortunate. Call ahead to make sure. Also, think about making plates for those who are working during the Holiday, or those you see on the street day by day. Part of this season is a spirit of giving. You don’t need the food, so let it go!
  7. Get moving. Don’t sit on the couch moaning about a protruding belly, get up and move. A brief walk can stimulate the digestive system and help ease the achiness of too much indulging.


There you have it! Tried, true, and super easy ways to get you back on track to reaching your goals. Come back for some Fun Friday tomorrow and hear answers to your weight loss specific questions.



Have a Healthy Turkey Day!


Tough LOVE Tuesday

Time for some tough love! The reason I know those excuses most people depend on is because I lived with those excuses weighing me down and keeping me from my goals. I don’t want you to have to do that! Take a deep breath and plunge in; the water feels great over here :)

P90X2: Two Days in Review

Hey guys!

So, after reviewing tough love, I decided it may be a little too tough today, but you will see it at some point! For now, let me tell you what’s going on in the Carlson house…

For the past 2 mornings I have started waking up at 4:15 (as opposed to 4:30) and setting up our living room for the battle! My hubs and I are doing P90X2 at 5 a.m. every morning and I, for one, am LOVING IT! I needed a new challenge thrown at me because even though I am a sicko that enjoys a good sweat session, I can become complacent in my workout habits and stop seeing results. Yeah, I’m always striving to improve. Think of it progress, not perfection. I noticed a few weeks ago that I wasn’t seeing what I wanted for the amount of time and energy I was putting into my workouts. That meant it was time for a change! I talked with my love and we decided P90X2 was one we could do together. So, I wake up and clear the living room floor and get everything ready, then get him up to have a light snack and get started.

Day one was CoreX and it was great (I’m getting the feeling I won’t find any not great though). The moves are really complex which left me feeling like I’ll do 200% better the next time since I’ll know what’s coming. Note to reader: this is why exercise programs always say to watch before you do! So, yesterday morning we huffed and puffed and groaned through it and by about 2 p.m. my abs were already sore. Then I taught kickboxing last night :) . This morning was Plyocide, or Death by Plyometrics, as Tony Horton calls it. I felt more in my element here as it’s cardiovascular endurance training. think of how athletes train….yep, that was me! I was jumping and laughing at the “rabbit” so hard. My glutes were killing me this morning, but plyo worked them out, then worked them over. My endurance level is above average because I’ve trained for it to be (hello! I have to kickbox AND talk at the same time for an hour!) and this workout still challenged me through the variety of movements. During water breaks I was usually still hopping around and I have been pumped up ALL DAY.

Tomorrow is the Recovery and Mobility and I do love playing with foam rollers:) Each workout so far has been an hour long, but we have found it doable before the workday starts. After the workout, Alan goes to get ready and I whip up some Shakeology (today he made mine though, that sweet man!). It all works with some effort. P90 isn’t a beginner program in my professional opinion, but there are others beginners can try and I WILL make sure to get a review of those up in this next week.

Keep on moving and have a HEALTHY day!