Nutrition Boot Camp Sign Ups have STARTED!

It’s official, Nutrition Boot camp is back! The Holiday Edition is HERE.

Check out the video for info on the WHY and WHAT of NBC:

This boot camp will cover SO MUCH information, but I always narrow down the focus so YOU Can see results.

Is it possible to NOT gain weight during the holidays? You bet! It’s even possible to lose weight during the holidays if you are given the right guidance.

Check it out:

Januray 13 2014

This pic I was taking in under 1800 calories, about 80 grams of carbs, 160 grams of protein, and only about 20-30 grams of fat. My diet was MOSTLY veggies (not a bad thing really). I was having a hard time getting muscle definition to show and was all-around slowed down by stubborn fat and low energy.


I know the angles isn’t the same, but I don’t take a lot of photos in my bra :)

OK, so this one I am working my was up to roughly 2600 cals per day, 200 grams of carbs, 150 grams of protein and 60 grams of fat.

I’m eating WAY more and losing fat like CRAZY while I gain muscle. It’s a nutrition science miracle.

March 20 2014

As of TODAY, I am sitting at 2600 cals, 254 grams of carbs, 152 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs.

If you think you can just eat the same and see results….I hate to disappoint BUT your nutrition is as unique as your fingerprint.

That’s why YOU need nutrition boot camp!

I figure your macros, yes, BUT I also teach you how to do it on your own so as things change you still see results! I make it easy for you.

PLUS you get recipes, meal plans for the BIG days (and the shopping days when time is scarce), workout plans to burn off major calories….not time, plus more.

Why wait until the New Year when you can start the New Year at your goal?!?!?!?

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Fun Friday: weekend warrior circuit

Happy Friday fit peeps!

I have a treat for you today…..a quick, do anywhere circuit and some awesome travel foods. I know my weekend is jam-packed with activities, so it’s always best to be prepared :)

Weekend Warrior full body circuit

What you need: some space, a timer (I LOVE the TABATA pro app), dumbbells, water and towel

Start by warming up dynamically, putting the body through its full range of motion.

Light jog for 2 minutes to complete warm up.

NOTE: if any muscles seem overly tight, take a minute to stretch and/or foam roll them!

The Circuit: 10 moves, 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 30 seconds to prepare, repeat a total of 3 times

  1. Squat
  2. Pushup
  3. Alternating back lunges
  4. Alternating side lunge, tapping opposite hand to the floor
  5. Imaginary (or real) jump rope
  6. Squat thrust with weights: squat to floor, put weights under shoulders and jump/step back, return back to squat and stand while squeezing glutes
  7. Sumo squat with a narrow bicep curl (elbows in front of rib cage, weights touching)
  8. Plank hold
  9. Stiff legged dead lift with wide (zotman) bicep curl
  10. Squat with overhead press

You’ll notice that we work MULTIPLE body parts in this workout and hit the legs quite a bit. The reason is because you want to BURN serious calories. Work hard during your 40 seconds and attack each move with intensity. The bonus? Awesome, cellulite-free thighs for you :)

100_0374 BOOM!

Travel Friendly Foods:

You’ll find me with any combination of these on the weekend.

  • sliced cucumber
  • low-sodium lunch meats
  • tuna packets (flavored is fine)
  • fruits
  • celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.
  • baby foods in pouches (yes! they come in handy and you get your greens)
  • pre-grilled chicken, fish or steak
  • protein bars (Quest bars and the new MetRX bars are best)
  • Kind bars

Be prepared for hunger and crazy cravings while you’re out! Don’t depend on willpower when the Starbuck’s sweets case is staring you down :)

Hopefully, that helps you with your weekend!

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In health,


Abs on the ball

National Nutrition Month: Super Easy Mexican Chicken

This is a throw and go crock pot recipe. If you don’t have a crock pot GO GET ONE (really, it’s like a $20 investment).


2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained (I use organic, but that’s a personal call for you)

3/4 cup low sodium salsa (you can make it fresh, but that would take more than 10 minutes)

onion powder

Ms. Dash seasoning of choice

1 pablano pepper (seeded and chopped)

Handful of cilantro (I chop mine roughly)

6 corn tortillas, sliced or chopped or just torn up

black pepper

1 can low-sodium non-GMO corn kernels (or you can strip them off the cob in like 2 minutes or less)


Cut chicken into chunks…throw EVERYTHING in the crock pot (no water please). Turn on high and go workout for a while :)

If you’re going to be gone ALL DAY, turn to 300 degrees and let it cook SLOW.


That’s it. Easy as can be and the family LOVED it. Leftovers keep great (always a plus for working moms). I serve with side salad just because it makes me feel good about myself :)

mexican chicken


It’s National Nutrition Month!

Welcome to National Nutrition Month (and a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you as well!).

This month I will be highlighting what I love most: FOOD!

I’ll be working to get you back into the kitchen with easy recipes and meal prep, as well as chats about proper nutrition and all the nutrition tricks needed to get the most health out of your body. I’ll focus on education and fun as well. Food shouldn’t be boring, even if you’re trying to lose weight! You’ll get the insider track on eliminating digestive disorders and meal prepping like a pro so dinner can be on the table in less time than it takes hitting a drive through.

Remember, it’s NUTRITION, not exercise, that can make or break your health and wellness goals.

Be on the lookout for more and sign up over to the RIGHT ==========> to make sure you’re in on all the goods (even some freebies and sales THIS MONTH ONLY).

See you tomorrow!




Motivation Monday: How the Pros Do Meal Prep



By now we have all heard how important it is to prep foods ahead of time right? In our fast-paced lives it can be hard to find the time to cook meal by meal and that leaves us with seemingly no alternative to fast foods. Being armed and ready with delicious meals is one of the secrets bikini competitors and fitness models have that keeps them in tip-top shape year round. I know you’re thinking you “don’t have the time”,  but in reality you have the same 24 hours we all have. And if I can run 2 businesses, home school my daughter, do humanitarian work, keep up blogs and writing assignments, then I promise that YOU can prep a few meals :) It’s all in the small details…….




My personal meal prep day is Sunday afternoon around 2-3. In order to make meal prep easy on yourself I recommend a couple of things:

  1. A rice cooker. You can steam veggies and cook brown rice, white rice, quinoa and even oats for the week! It’s a super time saver in that it’s a “throw-and-go” gadget where you set the time and move on to other things.
  2. A crock pot. This is handy for the same reason as above. I can make soup, chili, beans, or just about anything else in a large crock pot.
  3. A Vitamix or other blender. I’m a Vitamix convert, but if you don’t want to drop the cash, simply blend and strain….it takes more time, but it’s your money.



My Sunday meal prep usually follows the same simple guidelines every week. Yesterday, I was making my rice, quinoa and soups and veggies for the week, so it went a little something like this:

  1. Place quinoa in rice cooker on “white rice” setting.
  2. Wash and chop veg for the GGS (for recipe, please see Kimberly Snyder’s blog).
  3. Run the GGS through the Vitamix and store in container. I make about 3 days worth at a time.
  4. While GGS is running through, place deer sausage, chicken and veg in crock pot with chicken stock and turn on high heat.
  5. Place sweet potatoes in oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
  6. Once quinoa is finished, cook jasmine rice.
  7. Steam broccoli and squash once rice is done.
  8. While veg is steaming, cook fish for fish tacos (dinner last night with enough for leftovers).
  9. During cooking time I usually spend any extra moments washing and chopping fruits and veg. I place clean produce at eye level in the fridge.




The entire process of meal prep takes me about an hour to an hour and a half. This includes making dinner for that evening as well. There are times when it may take longer as when I am making breads or muffins for the week. There are a few basic rules to follow about meal prep:

  1. Keep your prep area clean.
  2. Clean up as you go to avoid meal prep sanitation backlash, otherwise known as “I will never do this again because it creates too many dishes!”
  3. Make sure you have good quality, and plentiful, containers.
  4. Cooked chicken can remain in fridge for 3 days max, beyond that please freeze.
  5. Soups and juices freeze well in glass containers.
  6. Have a plan before you get started.
  7. Music makes it so much more fun!



So, it really is that simple. As a matter of fact, I usually tackle laundry in between main courses. The deal is that if you have food ready to go then you will be less likely to eat food that does not have the same healthy benefits. If you’re going to tell me you don’t like leftovers, I will simply retaliate with the observation that you must love your spare tire then…..meal prep is one of the key components to a rockin body that looks as though you invest time and effort into your health. Suck it up and do it.

I say that in love, ;)

It’s the Little Things

There is one common theme that I am noticing amongst my clients and fitness fans alike: We ALL LOVE FOOD!!!!

Am I right?

Well, you know what? You SHOULD love food. As a matter of fact, God gave us food so that we can be nourished and enjoy life. Just on a side note though, I’m not so sure God gave us Twizzlers…but I sure do enjoy them :)

I think there is a lot of food confusion going on in the more affluent parts of the world. You read that right, but I’ll explain: if you have enough food to actually cause worry over what you should and shouldn’t eat, you my friend are affluent. We worry over carbs and fats, count calories like devoted mathletes, and even wear devices that tell us how much we move because we honestly don’t know! OK, I have been guilty of ALL.

There is hope for each of us though. It’s a little something called Intuitive Eating. I counsel with this theory and have had raging results for myself and lots of clients. And guess what? We all need it so I’m going to be focusing on this for several blogs. Why? I think we need to bring the enjoyment back to our nourishment. It is the way God intended. think of the people trudging around the desert. God sent manna and I’m sure it was the best tasting, we’re not totally sure what it was, stuff on Earth! Enjoying our nourishment (should we be the ones that are not having to worry over it) is a gift, and it is my intent to bring it back.

Mindless Eating is one of my most flipped through nutrition books. the funny thing is this is not a book of calorie counting or anal retentive meal plans (there is such a thing). it is a book that brings the reality of the situation into light. We are such a get-it-done-yesterday society that we are often just stuffing food in so we can stay awake. We use it to fuel more than it actually does and we often use food for comfort as well. The sadness of this reality is that to an orphan in Ethiopia comfort food is ANY scrap that will reach his belly….

In our culture, we have recently begun to deal with the effects of too-much. Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities (all different) are beginning to run rampant. Why? Scientists speculate it is because we have never before had such a wide variety of foods available at any time, to anybody day or night. Think about it: you can now get any food delivered straight to your doorstep, no matter the time. Most of us make use of this convenience due to our busy lives, but according to scientists we have “convenienced” ourselves into a serious lack of real health.

I know what your thinking: “I can’t feed a village with MY food and my life won’t slow down anytime soon“. This may be true, but you and I are not meant to leave in an eternal food fight on Earth. We shouldn’t need a third-party to tell us what to eat. So what are we to do? Information is power and I intend to provide you with that. Each week we will discuss a small change that can be made to the diet to help bring about health. The 10 Pound Challenge will cover food in just a bit more detail, but strict meal plans are off-limits. It’s time to take back our right to enjoy our sustenance as it was intended.

So, are you up for the challenge?


Hump DAY! Nutrition Project

Goal Setting for 2012 PT 2

Welcome to day 2 of setting your SMART goals! If you haven’t yet identified your Smallest, then go back to yesterday and finish that. Remember, the foundation of your house is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t finish out the attic without first building the first floor right? OK, on to day 2:


In order to reach your goal, it must have a specific measure to it. It can be a number mixed with a time frame. You simply need to make sure that your goal os not too broad. Here are some examples of broad goals:

  • I want to have more energy
  • I want to have more money
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to work out more
  • I want to eat healthier

OK, so you get the point right? Wanting more energy and more money is great, but how much more? How will you know when your goal has been met if there is no criteria for the goal itself? Let’s take that health and fitness goal and make it more measurable:

  • I will lose 20 pounds in 3 months
  • I will cut my body fat by 50% by Summer break
  • I will add 1 serving of vegetables to my daily intake
  • I will drink 3 liters of water every day
  • I will work out 5 days per week and add 3 days of strength training

All of these are very measurable, which in turn makes them doable. And did you notice that the phrase “I want” was eliminated? That makes it seem like more of a wish and in reality there is no genie that will help you get the rock star bod you want.

So, today’s homework is to put a specific measure to your goal. By the way, it’s best to break them into smaller goals as we talked about yesterday. Saying “In a year I want…” goes back to a wish. You are no longer wishing on a star! You are taking control of your life and goals, one step at a time. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the next step.


The Talk

We all knew it would inevitably come time for this subject: FIBER. When most of us hear that word we cringe and think of gritty, thick drinks that grandma has to down every day. Fiber has a preconcieved yuck factor that needs to be set aside for good.

The majority of us do not get enough fiber in our daily diets. The recommended dietary fiber intake is a minimum of 30-35 grams per day. The average American gets about 10-15 grams. That translates into less than half. If you are relying on fast foods to get you through your day then you are doing more harm than good to your digestive tract.

So, what can fiber do for you? Fiber helps to increase that full feeling so you can stay within your portions easier. Fiber also helps to clean out the old gunk in your digestive tract and keeps your elimination system running smooth. This helps you to avoid small problems like upset stomach and constipation and has also been proven to help in the prevention of certain digestive and eliminative cancers. Those are good reasons to get started, but fiber also helps you attain the coveted “flat stomach” we all want so bad. This is due to fibers calming effect on the digestive system and it’s ability to rid the body of junk. Any time I have a client that is at a stuck point with the scale, we add fiber. It really is that effective.

So, how do you get fiber in you diet? Leafy greens are full of fiber. Make sure your grains are all whole and consider adding a fiber supplement. Fiber supplements have come a long way and most are tasteless, odorless and can be mixed into coffee. So, gradually up your intake and drink plenty of water to see and FEEL the difference.

XOXO Michelle

Incredible, Edible Eggs

Eggs have gotten a pretty bad reputation for a while, but recent research is bringing these super foods into a more positive light. For years bodybuilders, fat loss enthusiasts and cholesterol wary folks have left the yolk of the egg to it’s lonesome self. No more will we ignore this important nutrient! The egg as a whole is incredibly beneficial for the entire body. By the way, if you do have high cholesterol, the most recent research states clearly that those poor little egg yolks were not responsible. I would imagine it was the bacon and sausage that accompanied them into your gut, but that’s beside the point os today’s blog…

So, what can eggs do you you? The are full of awesome nutrients that help to build lean muscle, regulate blood sugar, keep your hair and skin healthy and shiny, and regulate your hormones. These are just a very few of the benefits. One of the major benefits is that eggs help your body release extra fat! I kid you not, eat eggs (the whole egg) to burn fat. If you missed the post about “fat burning” back up a few days :) Egg yolks contain lecithin. Lecithin is essential to hormone regulation related to fat loss. Lecithin allows for the body to let go of excess abdominal fat in particular. Think about it: why do so many fitness enthusiasts lament about belly fat? Chances are, they stick to egg whites and forgo the healthy fats they need.

As great as eggs are, you must still use portion control. 2 eggs per day is optimum for fat loss and health, whereas 1 egg per day works for those with high cholesterol. An independant study actually showed that 1 egg per day HELPED lower cholesterol. Eggs are also important for muscle repair and recovery The best protein powders imitate the properties of eggs in their design. I say ALWAYS reach for whole foods, but that’s just due to my personal experience.

Eggs can be added to salads, eaten with any meal and even used to help with common skin ailments. If your skin feels as though it has lost is elasticity, whip up an egg yolk, spread it on your face and relax for 10 minutes or so. Rinse with warm water and moisturize. Do this twice per week and after a few weeks you’ll notice a difference. Acne prone skin can benefit from the same mask, but use the egg white instead of the yolk. Rinse with tepid water and apply an oil free moisturizer to finish.

Eggs are a super cheap super food to add into your week. So, take a chance