Benefits of Proper Training: Knowing HOW TO Reach Your Goals

“Why do you train?”

It’s a common, yet confusing question. Each of us have slightly different goals when it comes to training. This is why we must approach training (and choosing a trainer) with a glass slipper approach: one size most definitely does NOT fit all….


What’s more important, cardio or weights? Honestly, there is a scientific theory based on how the body works and then there is one’s own knowledge of how their own body works. The muscles of the body are particularly designed to move the skeleton of the body. If the muscles atrophy and are no longer used, we can no longer move, period. While some of us may think the muscles are designed to help us look good in bikinis or fill out our jeans….they actually serve a more functional purpose. In order to gain strength (I’m not talking size at this point) we must place a certain amount of pressure upon the muscles in order to force them to adapt. The absolute GREATEST thing about being human is that we have been created to adapt. In order to create the needed pressure for the aforementioned adaptation we need some resistance training. Here is where it can go haywire for some: resistance training and body building are NOT the same thing. Training for muscle growth is vastly different (in both training and nutrition) from training for fitness, overall health and better strength. What would I consider resistance training for our purposes?

  • Weight training (obviously)
  • Resistance Bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Body weight exercise
  • TRX/suspension training
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Dance
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Martial Arts

Honestly, I’m sure there is more but these examples will suffice for our purposes. These activities all help to build lean muscle and therefore allow the body to burn at a more efficient rate, meaning you’ll have a higher metabolism. Various workouts, such as kickboxing, dancing, body weight, etc. can actually help with cardiovascular health as well as maintaining and building lean muscle and are favored among those strapped for time and seeking more efficient workouts. So, where does all the confusion come in? In my opinion, it’s due to far too many opinions being thrown out there…..

One thing that is always remarked upon is weight training and women. I hope at some point we will get over this, but alas, we have not. Weight training will not make you BULKY. Women lack the needed testosterone to get super big. As a matter of fact, the women who compete in body building (the huge muscles) have to work far harder at gaining and maintaining muscle growth of that capacity. Nutrition and supplementation have to be spot on 24/7 and these athletes devote their lives to growth. Which is why people like me tend to lean towards bikini comps :) Case in point:

flat abs before                      weight training abs

So, the pic on top was taken at the tail end of a cardio rush, where I was simply doing cardio (running, kbox, etc) with no weights. The pics on bottom were 4 weeks later(2 weeks and 2 more weeks) after I picked up heavy weights again. See the point? Now, here’s the rub: weight work brilliant FOR ME. They happen to be my go-to and when I’m prepping for pictures, a show or even just the water park, I stick to weights and have minimal cardio. This is my gig nad by challenging and listening to my body I have found what truly works. It’s backed by the exercise science and my routines are pretty old school. I don’t throw in all this super crazy stuff….I lift things up and put them down LOL!


What I always try to remind my clients is that our goals are not the same. My goal at times is to put on muscle and drastically cut fat. Theirs can be that the doctor told them they have to lose 50 pounds stat! These are 2 very different goals and should be approached differently. When you are just beginning a weight loss journey consider this: just move it. I really don’t care the type of cardio weight loss clients choose, it just has to be done consistently. I know Fitness Magazine had an article about how HIIT training can cut body fat faster, but I also know from experience that jumping repeatedly with over 200 pounds on your frame is not an activity you will keep up with! So, when you’re at the very beginning, JUST MOVE! Now, once you start to get your footing and you’re very focused on nutrition (water and greens will get you anywhere you want to go), start adding resistance training in order to bump up the metabolism and keep the skin tight.


Here’s the deal with the M word…it is short-lived, but necessary. Where do I find motivation? EVERYWHERE! I can find it in past pictures (I mean, if my body did it once it can do it again!), old pics (AH!, I don’t want to go back THERE!), YouTube videos, magazine articles, movies, etc. I also keep plenty of fit friends in my circle and all up on my social media. When I decided competing would be in my future, I started gaining friends who were already doing what I wanted to do. That’s a key component to constant motivation right there. So think of your life a little different. I may not get paid big bucks to keep my booty in shape for a movie, BUT I train like I do… I’m ready when the call comes ;) Change your perception and make good choices on who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Now we’re moving forward, but I warn you not to get distracted and lose momentum! Think like a freight train, not a kitty cat….

Much fit love,


It’s NEVER too late

Welcome to my 35th year!

Yes indeed, yesterday marked 35 years since I came into the world and I am quite proud of that age. It’s nowhere NEAR old (people may only call you old IF you act like it, by the way…) and I must admit, I have lived my life more fully in my 30′s than in the entirety of the other years. This year I finally nailed down my passion and have been able to use it for the greater good of mankind. Not too shabby at all..

Today, I want to talk for a moment on the idea that we have to get things right the first time, or even within the first 30 years, to actually make an impact. I’m talking about ALL things in life, but specifically I’ll be bringing up those health goals. Over the next few weeks I’ll be wrapping up a boot camp here in town. Week 4 of every boot camp is NOTORIOUS for drops. Not the kind of drops that tone your body, the kind that cause you to feel ill-equipped and unable to reach your goals. It got me to thinking about this phenomenon of goal setting one day and giving up a few weeks later. Why do we feel unable to reach our goals? Here’s just a few of my thoughts:

  1. We don’t feel worthy of reaching our goal. This is a treacherous path to travel and if you find yourself on it PLEASE take the nearest exit! There are many who believe that good things (such as crushing a goal) are not available to them because they don’t deserve it. WRONG! Taking on a goal has nothing to do with your perceived self-worth. Read that again… It is your discipline and dedication that will win out, not who you think you are or what you think you deserve. In order to reach a goal, your mindset must stay focused on that goal…no matter what. As you start to check off goals, your sense of self-worth and a higher self-esteem will naturally grow. BONUS!
  2. We label ourselves. Listen carefully: LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHING. Labels are not intended as use for people, so drop them. People can change their minds, their attitudes, jobs, state of happiness, etc. Anything can change for those who are willing to put in the effort it takes to facilitate change.
  3. We grow tired. I’m not going to lie, weight loss and fitness goals are seriously hard work. It’s not easy, BUT the payoff is awesome. Energy is through the roof and you feel more like YOU than any other time in your life. It is during these frustrating times of tiresome “feelings” that we must buckle down and commit to our decision. Stay the course and conjure up a FIERCE dedication and determination for what YOU want to accomplish.
  4. We rely too heavily on others. Your friend fell off the proverbial wagon and you feel like you should take the tumble as well JUST to ensure they don’t feel bad. Head’s up: their feelings are not your fault, nor are they your responsibility! Let go of them and focus on what lies ahead. If anything, strengthen your resolve and prove it can be done.
  5. We think we’ll just try again…later. In every boot camp I teach people are asking when the next one is by week 2! WEEK 2 PEOPLE! I would love to believe that it is because I’m such an awesome motivator that they want to be around me more…but I’m human myself and know that we are all just looking for our escape. Fixing our minds on the far future enables us to free up the NOW OR NEVER mindset that keeps us committed. WRONG ANSWER! Every workout, every meal, every step should have a purpose. This is about more than weight loss. When was the last time someone described you as ONE WHO LIVED LIFE WITH A CLEAR PURPOSE? Purposeful living requires a sacrifice of excuses, period.

these are just a few things that can hold us down. My encouragement to you is to pick it back up. Wherever you are and whatever you feel like you’ve “dropped” along the way, it is never too late to pick it up and start back on the path! the awesome news is you don’t even have to go back to the back of the line! You can do this, one step at a time. All it takes is a deep breath and a committed purpose. So what’s it going to be? Are you in, or are you staying down?