Healthy Holidays #3

Today’s advice centers around that which we are most grateful for this time of year: FOOD. Yay, good eats! That’s right, this time of year offers an overabundance of good foods and flavors that seem to only tickle your taste buds once a year (though green bean casserole will make appearances in our household more than once). So, as the holidays approach I have some tried and true advice to help you keep your mind in tact while enjoying your festivities as well.

In the hustle and bustle leading up to Thanksgiving, most of us are so concerned with the BIG meal that we tend to forget all the meals that must precede it. At the end of our busy days, we’re left ordering takeout or running through the drive through. There are alternatives to fried chicken pieces and cold pizza ( I admit, I love cold pizza!). First, I always try to stock up on pre washed salads at the grocery store. If I know cooking chicken breasts won’t happen, I throw on some low sodium deli meats and some canned (always rinse) kidney beans to up the protein factor. Salad dressings can harbor lots of unnecessary fat, sugar, and chemicals so I always to olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar. Way cheaper that way too. beans and rice as well as veggie soup and cornbread are regularly on the menu leading up to Thanksgiving. these are super easy to prepare and digest meals that are cheap to make and easy to season however you like.

If stocking up at the grocery or spending ANY more time in the kitchen seems like torture (hey, I totally get it!) then there are healthier versions of common favorites that won’t break your goals. Thin crust pizza saves you nearly 200 calories per serving AND if you opt for veggie and ask them to go light on the cheese, you have an incredibly healthy and satisfying meal brought right to your door. When out and about, subway is an awesome option and one of my favorites. You can get the veggie to help make yourself feel better about hitting those pesky vegetable requirements, so you can even get an oven roasted chicken breast with a small amount of shredded cheese, toasted and loaded with veg. I always get a foot long and either share with my daughter or save the other have for lunch the next day. Most fast food chains now offer the option of grilled chicken sandwiches and even salads. You can have a grilled chicken sandwich and small cup of broth based soup (if the cheesy broccoli is calling your name, get a small and pair it with a salad) for around 400 cals. This will give you enough energy to get through your day with ease.

Remember, this time of year is not about deprivation, nor should it be! Relax and make sure you nourish your bodies nutritional needs. You’ll find that everything seems a little more jolly when you feel better from the inside out!

Tune in next week for a Thanksgiving day warm up workout, a pre-meal breakfast, and some portion control tips to help you stay awake :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle XOXO


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