The Real Deal: Workout Review of Les Mill’s Combat

Happy Monday fit people!

Today is exciting (and COLD!) as I get to review one of my very favorite workouts of all time: Les Mill’s Combat. I’ll try to do it justice :)


So, let’s start by setting a little foundation. Les Mills originated in Auckland, New Zealand, where Les Mills himself was one of the country’s greatest track and field athletes. He and his wife Colleen opened the very first health club in Auckland in 1968. Their son went to UCLA on a track and field scholarship and took over the business in the 80′s. Les Mills programs have changed the way people work out for the better with program like Body Pump, Body Step, Shabam, RPM, Body Attack, Body Vibe and, of course, Body Combat. ALL of these programs take the VERY best of exercise programming (which is what gets you results) and blends them with a party atmosphere (which increases compliance). Les Mills leads in the pack in programming and design all over the world.

Now, Beachbody (those people who brought you P90X and Insanity) have teamed up with Les Mills to make compliance even simpler…you can have the workout of your life right in your living room. Beachbody acquired the Body Pump program (complete with weights and steps) and rolled it into a doable package to help shape your body and earn strength. While in New Zealand, the founder of Beachbody noticed a large line forming for the next class…that huge line formed everyday for Body Combat. So, naturally Beachbody wanted to make such a great program available to everybody.

So, what can you expect from Body Combat?

The workouts are efficient. What I mean by that is that the workouts are designed to work FOR you, not against you. The secret behind such efficient workouts is fast twitch integration training. Body Combat is a beautiful mixed martial arts blended and inspired workout to help you feel more powerful AND get the results you want. These different forms of martial arts training (Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu) are sequenced according to how the body if forced to adapt to each move. The means that safety and fluidity of motion are insured throughout your workout. The sequences are escalating with varying speeds. This way you play on the differing heart rates to really blast fat AND shape lean muscle.

The best part is that these trainers really know what they’re doing.


Dan Cohen has competed in just about every discipline and has a black belt in Kickboxing and Karate. His form is killer and his humor will keep you going when you’re tired.


Rachael Newsham has trained in many of the forms and is proficient in Muay Thai, boxing and Kickboxing. If her abs don’t keep you motivated then her tough-love-trainer style is bound to keep you on your toes.

Though Combat is created for maximum results and serious athletes, there are PLENTY of modifications to make it safe for ANY and ALL fitness levels. If you’re like me and suffer from knee issues and arthritis, then follow the modifier so you can crank out the needed intensity without the added impact. Combat is a program that doesn’t exacerbate my injuries any further :)

In the Combat Challenge Pack, you get the DVD’s (7 workouts total), a nutrition guide with recipes like Mediterranean eggs, roast beef sandwich and grilled steak, plus a guide to building your workouts with 3 different options depending on your fitness level and goals. And don’t forget, you also get Shakeology in the challenge pack, which helps to regulate the digestive system and blood sugar while promoting weight loss. BONUS? Yep, this particular challenge pack is on sale this month: YOU save $70 of the whole kit, so it’s a little more than just buying the Shakeology and you get an entire program to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Bottom line, Les Mill’s Combat will help you shed excess weight, gain self-confidence and lose the junk that’s holding you back. All you have to do is push play :)

Keep moving,


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DVD REVIEW: Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Sculpted Body

It’s that time!

A little review for Bob is due right people? Today’s review is BOB HARPER’S KETTLEBELL SCULPTED BODY

This is obviously the strength component of kettlebells and Bob, as usually, delivers a kick butt workout. Like many of his workouts, this one is an hour, with a shorter variation for the time crunched. Keep in mind that these are not beginner workouts. The JM version of kettlebell training can actually help to get you started, especially if you’re nervous!

The workout itself rocks out as expected and you will be swimming in sweat even if you’re not a “sweater”. The strength component comes mostly from the KB but there are also pushups and floor work in there as well to keep your body guessing :) You will need just a small amount of space so this workout is great for in home fitness. Don’t own a KB? No problem. You can do most KB exercises with a weight, but make it heavy. If you find yourself in the market for a KB, Bob has his own line of them (convenient!) and it come with the DVD, so BANG!

Now, honest engine, as much as I love Bob and the way he runs the classes I prefer this here; and I WILL have a review for you next week!

Come back tomorrow for FUN FRIDAY: The Fitness Truths Edition :)

To the Fit Life!



Around here it is ALMOST spring break! So the Carlson clan is super excited. I celebrated today with a BOOTY workout certain to knock your socks off :) or at least get you out of breath. I’m going to post the ENTIRE workout and I normally never do this, so pay attention please. This is a more advanced workout and I lift really HEAVY. I suggest starting with no weight to make sure you’re doing the movements correctly and not injuring your knees. The 2 best sites to look up moves are and

Also, I will be taking the WHOLE weekend away from the computer to be with my kids :) BUT I’ll be back next week with tons of nutrition tips, videos, supplement news and views, as well as news on the upcoming programs that will change your life!



These exercises are super sets. You take 2 moves, 10 repetitions, 3 sets, then move onto the next super set. If you are doing a move that is one-legged that would be 10 reps each leg.


Stiff Legged Dead Lift                                                      Set 1: 30 pounds                   Set 2: 60 pounds               Set 3: 70 pounds

Bench step ups                                                                  Set 1: 30 pounds                   Set 2: 40 pounds                Set 3: 60 pounds


Duck walks (10 total, no weight)

1 legged glutes bridge on step (10 each, no weight)


Bench Side Step up with Knee Raise                           Set1: 20 pounds                     Set 2: 50 pounds                  Set 3: 60 pounds

Lateral Leaps (10 total. I wore a 20 pound vest, not recommended unless you’re advanced)


Good Mornings                                                              Set1: 25 pounds                        Set 2: 35 pounds                   Set 3: 45 pounds

Single leg tap squat (killer. no weight, 10 each side)

My buns were already numb by SS4! Make sure you STRETCH after and warm up before :)

DVD Review: Jillian Michaels SHRED-IT with weights

Good morning all you fit life lovers! Quick review for you today: Jillian Michaels SHRED-IT with weights.

So, there are several things that I do like about all of JM’s vids to be sure…

  • They are all within a doable time frame. Not everybody has over an hour to work out, sadly. I like to TRY to use 2 shorter workouts in a day for maximum results.
  • There are options! She always has somebody doing the beginner/low impact version and somebody doing the higher impact/advanced version. You always have a visual.
  • I’m not gonna lie here, I like the fact that the people on the video are in amazing shape. It motivates me to push harder.
  • THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. JM keeps it pretty real and although there are modifications, no excuses are allowed.

These like are pretty much across the board for all of her vids. SHRED-IT in particular will more than most likely end up in my regular rotations. I love kettlebells and this is well structured, highly efficient kettlebell training. No worries if you don’t have a kettlebell! You have a modifier using a hand weight and very good instruction on how to make it happen. The workout itself is about 28 minutes long with an easy warm up and cool down. I was sweating my booty off and I was pretty sore the next day (note: I am ALWAYS sore, so please don’t base the effectiveness of your workouts on soreness alone). My core in particular felt as though it was getting a draw in the whole workout, just to maintain control. Don’t be scared if you have never done a kettlebell workout, this DVD is for all levels. It includes 2 progressive workouts, so you can alternate them (for the more advanced fitness enthusiast), or move on to workout 2 once you feel less challenged in the first one. I LOVE OPTIONS!

So, this is a definite YES in my opinion and I think Jillian and her team offer up a solid, time friendly, efficient workout that you’ll find yourself using again and again.

I will most certainly be reviewing Bob Harper’s Kettle Bell workouts in the following weeks as well, so stay tuned!

Keep on the FIT path!