I’m BaaaAAaaaack!

Hey stranger!

In case you were wondering, I went on a fabulous family vacation and unplugged ALMOST completely (darn you Instagram!!!!). I highly recommend this. The simple act of removing myself from the constant borage of other’s lives (as social media works now) helped to rekindle some long lost passions and get me ready to tackle some new goals :)

My question for YOU:

How has your summer been? Better yet, how have you kept it healthy? Even better, what challenges are you finding to staying healthy during the summer?

OK, so that was actually 3 questions……answer below in the comments section along with HOW I can help you stay focused and healthy as the summer comes to a close.

What’s cooking now?

Some awesome new content is on the way for the website and social media channels. It’s all about making health, fitness and nutrition more readily available to everyone seeking a healthy lifestyle. You’ll also see the site get a bit of a face lift AND some brand new services will be added as well.

Please, tell me more!

Gladly :)

For starters, I will be experimenting with home gym workouts as opposed to the big gym workouts. Why? Because just about everybody can work out at home in some capacity. I’ll also be filming videos on building your home gym with the focus on the tiny and the large spaces. We’ll also discuss equipment as in what to spend on, what to save on, what to pass up and how to find good equipment on the cheap.


My YouTube page will receive a face lift as well and you’ll see weekly videos now. I’m filming Tabata style workouts, warm ups, cool downs, foam rolling, yoga, abs/core, and lifestyle videos. This translates into some free content to help you get moving and reaching your goals.


You’ll receive a new newsletter each Wednesday which will contain a workout exclusive to subscribers, plus a run down of what I am eating, drinking and just plain loving at the moment. If you aren’t signed up, put your email into the box to the right —–>>>>>>>>>


The blog will focus a bit more on the most challenging aspect of health: your food. We will discover new ways of cooking, prepping and eating that will make things easier. If you’re local, I will also have some pretty cool happenings coming soon ;)


I am working on new meal plans, grocery lists, mindset books, workout sequences AND a very special book focused directly to a question I get asked all the time (it deals with skin and weight loss, so get ready).


So, if you’re excited then make sure you sign up for ALL the updates ————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I promise, no spam :) as that is processed and unhealthy…..

I’ll see you soon with all the new content,


Strong camp 110¬†Waiting for something to happen…… :) Photo by Paul Bucetta


gym selfie 7jpgHome gym……WORKS!

Olympia Results Recap, Training Essentials and How to Use Olympia Momentum to Garner Your Own Results

Olympia 2013 came and closed this weekend. Although I watched the results from my computer and Instagram feeds, I still felt compelled to get up and Do MORE! Let’s recap who brought it to the greatest stage and then check our own motivation to bring it every day.

Olympia 2013 RESULTS:

Mr. Olympia 2013 is Phil Heath

Men’s 212 is Flex Lewis

Men’s Physique was dominated by Mark Anthony

Women’s Bodybuilding champ is Iris Kyle

Fitness winner Adela Garcia (no surprise there)

First ever Women’s Physique division winner is Dana Linn Bailey

Ashley Kaltwasser grabbed the Bikini Division

The stunning Nicole Wilkins won back her Figure Olympia title and is now a 3x winner.

The Olympia represents the best of the best in an extreme sport. Congratulations to all the winners AND to all those who worked hard and took the stage in confidence.



Utilize your motivation:

There are things that happen in life to cause us motivational spurts. It could be the Olympia. Seeing those fit bodies, won by extreme training and fierce dedication, cross the stage and take the win can motivate some of us to do more in the gym. Others may be more motivated by a different sport or goal. Some are motivated by news from a doctor. Unfortunately, many wait for the latter motivation before they get up and do something. Motivation serves one single purpose: it gets your butt off the couch. After you get off the couch you have to continuously put forth the effort. How do you keep motivation? Set your goals in pen. Share them with the world if you need to, but write them down and have somebody hold you accountable. Take weekly stats to track your progress. I take pictures, usually pre and post workout, that I can thumb through to check out my strength and conditioning progress. You can check in on your food log, check weight or inches, or simply check the number of steps you take. Record small victories to keep you moving forward.


Training Essentials:

I’m not a big gym fan (if I chose to compete in Figure, that would have to change!), so I’m required to be a little more creative with my fitness than machines. You can have what you need to get fit with as little space as your living room floor, or as much as your garage or warehouse. It’s all in what you stock up on :)

  • A full length mirror. You have to be able to see form, period.
  • Free weights.
  • Resistance bands.
  • TRX, Jungle Gym or other trainer
  • BOSU (yeah, I think it’s necessary)
  • Exercise ball
  • Medicine balls
  • Non-slip mat
  • Yoga mat
  • AND…if you’re me, then a big punching bag (or 3-4).

Start small here. Grab some dumbbells in varying sizes (step AWAY from the 3 pounders if you want a tight look to your body!). Try 5, 10, 15 if you’re brand new. I always keep 10′s on hand for shoulder day, even though I can press 25′s. The should isn’t so stable and you don’t want to overdo. Always perform a warm up set with lighter weights then add weight as needed. Once you’re comfortable with the weights, add some bands to your routine. Bands are awesome for resistance and come in all sizes. Bonus: you can pack them and take them with you wherever you go. Slowly add a bit more to you home gym as you become more proficient in your workouts. Know your goals and what you need to accomplish them.

Start somewhere!