Competition Update: 3 weeks in to prep

Happy Hump Day!

As promised, I am trying to keep peeps up to date on prepping for my “stage debut” as it is called :) It’s not because I think people are preoccupied with my lifestyle choices, but because there are probably some ladies thinking about competing (or even just taking part in prep) and may find this helpful. So here we go…

OK, so last week I took my official measurements (wowza! but I didn’t cry!) and entered into an online competition that coincides with the date of my upcoming stage comp. My hopes are that this will keep me FOCUSED! Yeah, that’s the plan. So, let me break down what’s been happening since last week:

  • First of all, can I be painfully honest? I wake up every morning thinking this is a HORRIBLE idea! :) True story. I say this because there are many of you reading who think once you have a “fit” lifestyle that it’s easy to maintain. NOT. I am sore every day and always on the verge of chucking it. Hey, I said I would be honest. So, what keeps me going? Well, once I get moving the soreness really isn’t all that bad. I strive to work smarter each day, not harder, and I’m trying more preventative techniques. It really does help to have a specialty in corrective exercise! The main thing that keeps me going is my family though. My husband supports me 110% and has even started joining me on track workouts (along with the new puppy). My kids tell me they believe in my and my daughter even made me an awesome sign to hang up in my home gym to keep me moving forward. Focus on the end goal, not the little things in between.
  • My nutrition has taken a hit as I have shown some oddities when it comes to certain foods. In short, I’m showing signs of intolerance to egg whites and dairy. I said EGG WHITES people! Egg whites and show prep go together like rice and beans. So, I’m adjusting and re-calculating. It’s times like these that I can fall back on protein powders (whey doesn’t seem to bother me) instead of real food. Protein powders are awesome and have their place, but real food needs make up the majority of the diet.
  • The new dog ate my glasses this weekend…doesn’t have much to do with prep except I’m feeling exceptionally old as I cannot see and must remember to make an eye appointment :)
  • My seasonal boot camp has started! I love this time of year as hopeful ladies come together in one room with the goal of improving not only their quality of life, but their outlook as well. Due to boot camp, my schedule if being played with until I find what works best for me. This morning I did yoga instead of cardio. Why? I taught kickboxing from 7-8 last night and though I felt like a true rockstar while teaching, my body felt like an aged rockstar this morning :) Again, the world was coming to an end UNTIL I got moving and worked the kinks out. Upper body and boxing are on deck for this afternoon in between clients.
  • I’m still trying to manage the inflammation my body seems to really dig. I woke up yesterday morning with a full body rash (lovely) and swollen face and limbs. Chalk it up to something ingested and since my diet is bland, I blame something along the lines of supps or environment. At any rate, Benadryl knocks me clean out!

So, as you can see, competition prep certainly has its ups and downs. I am attending a SUPER FUN Fitness Expo at my hometown prep gym Metroflex Houston this weekend. This will help keep my motivation up. Just remember, whether you’re competing on the stage or simply competing with yourself…always keep your eye on the goal because you’ll never know if you CAN until you actually DO.

Peace, love and lunges!



The glasses-eating dog after booty day :)


Track workout! I even let him have my water

Top Ten Ways To Lighten UP for Summer

As we approach the warmer months, here are my top 10 ways to lighten the load and start your Summer off feeling a bit more comfortable :)

  1. Start light. I know this may seem counter-intuitive to some (I even believed and preached the “big breakfast” sermon many times!), but research shows that eating a lighter breakfast will actually set you us for a fully functioning digestive system which will lighten you in more ways than one. This will enable your body to assimilate your foods more readily and free up your energy. Think about starting with a whole foods smoothie (bazillion points for green ones!), a fruit plate, some chopped veggies or even some gluten-free toast (I’m really into spelt right now) with smashed avocado and sea salt.
  2. Think nurture, not punish. Instead of hitting the weights first thing or going for sprint training, consider a yoga or Pilates class to start your day. This can help ease any inflammation and aid in digestion, releasing more energy for the rest of your day. Not into either of those? Take a brisk walk instead and save the weights and/or cardio for end of day training.
  3. De-clutter your kitchen. Spend about an hour this weekend chunking out processed foods that don’t make you feel great. Seriously, get rid of them. This process will set you up for success and free up some space in your kitchen which will enable you to feel more comfortable in your space.
  4. Take it to the closet. While you’re at it, take a little time to throw out the clothes you never wear AND the ones that are so ratty it’s really mean to make your family look at you while you wear them :) . I know it’s hard (trust me, I did it a couple of months ago), but in the end your closet and your spirits will feel lighter. The ones that aren’t extremely worn can be washed (please people!) and folded and donated to a local homeless shelter or shelter for abused women.
  5. Evaluate your schedule. Sit down with your to-do list and your actual what-I-really-do-list. Start to cut back on things that suck up your time and make you feel unproductive (Facebook anyone?). This will help you to re-evaluate your priorities and level up your time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  6. Go outside! Find a wooded path to walk or hike, take your dog out for a walk or go for a soothing bike ride. You can even find outdoor yoga classes this time of year as well. Spending a little time in the fresh air (try jumping on a trampoline for an energy lift!) can reinvigorate your creativity.
  7. Try a new workout. Head to that new Barre class with your friend, try out a hot yoga class, or even check out the latest pole dancing class (of course, you’ll have lunch after!). Trying something new allows your mind to stop overcontrolling everything all the time. It can also allow you to act on a different part of your personality, freeing up some of that stress we hold on to.
  8. BREATHE! When was the last time you sat down, closed your eyes and just took some deep breaths? It sounds corny, but it really does help. Try this: find a comfortable seat anywhere where you can relax…but don’t fall asleep on me. Close your eyes and take a deep inhale through the nose, counting to 6. Hold the breath lightly at the top, then take a slow exhale, counting to 8. Hold at the bottom and repeat. This will send a “Calm Down” signal to the central nervous system and allow your brain to process thoughts and emotions even better.
  9. Plan some leisure time. Summer is not the time to get all up tight. Set aside some time to indulge on reading a book or simply laying in the sun for a bit (SPF please). Play with your children or visit an old friend or neighbor. Set aside thoughts of “I could be doing something productive right now” and just be in the moment. Life is short, enjoy the still moments when you can.
  10. Get off the computer. Really. Click the screen off, place your hands over your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Then stand up and stretch, walk a little and return ready to go…or keep walking :)

Hopefully, you can use these tips to create an enjoyable Summer for yourself and those around you.

Until next week,



Fun Friday: The Pinterest Workout

Happy Friday!

OK, so I was totally not getting the big deal about Pinterest when it first made the online circuit, but I get it now! It truly is a legal addiction….. I mean, you get to mindlessly sift through pictures of pretty little things, what could be better?!?! As women are very visual creatures, we have all fallen into the Pinterest black hole at one time or another. Then, our workout time magically disappears :) I know you’re really concerned with getting your workout in (well, at least if you really WANT to feel and look better!) so I’m here to help with a fun little workout.

The Pinterest Workout

Every time you pin an item of clothing: 50 jumping jacks

Every time you pin shoes: 20 walking lunges

Every time you pin a crafty home improvement project: 10 burpees

Every time you pin a hairstyle: high knee runs for 1 minute

Every time you “LIKE” a pin (cause you can’t commit to re-pinning!): 30 walk outs

Every comment: 10 push ups

Every single time you pin a workout you know you will not do (ahem): 20 butt kicks, 20 sumo squats, 20 jump squats, 10 push ups, 10 triceps dips, 50 mountain climbers. Learn from your mistakes…

Every time you pin running shoes: Run for 5 minutes

Every time you get lost looking at celebrity pictures: Plank until your arms cannot utilize your phone or computer

Everytime you think “I should really go workout”: 20 jump lunges

Give this workout a try while you’re looking at pretty pictures and within a week, I bet your schedule will magically clear up for other workouts ;)

As always, MAKE it a Fun Friday and LIVE OUT LOUD!!!!!

Michelle (yes, I am addicted as well!)


Fun Friday! Road Trips, only prettier

Hope you are enjoying these tips. Great news, everything mentioned on the vid can be found HERE

How to put the SHUSH on negative thoughts

This may seem like an odd post coming from somebody who has made a living in the body alteration field. That’s kind of a fancy word for trainer :)

I feel that this post could not be more timely. As I wander into Summer, I am enlightened to the way people behave. My mom was a serious people watcher, so I guess it just trickled down. Anyways, what I have noticed is that we women have developed carefully strategized habits of degradation that have been part of our make up for generations. My goal is to put a stop to the madness. Seriously…

Now, buckle up because this is going to take more than one post, I assure you. So, why am I so impassioned about breaking the cycle? I was raised by a beautiful woman who never knew her worth and believed the lies of society. I am now raising a young woman of my own and I want this to end with her generation. As of right now, there are scores of women not living up to their full life purpose because they believe a lie. It’s time to step into our own and be the women this up and coming generation can really look up to.

Body image is attacked daily. Although America is not the only place, I believe it is most rampant here (though I may be biased!). We constantly look at pencil thin models (no fault to those who are naturally thin! God made you that way, so love it), supremely etched athletes and glowing movie stars with bodacious booties. There is nothing wrong with these images in and of themselves now, it’s the emotion they can tend to prod. As women, we make a few body image mistakes that must first be realized and then corrected. Please, do it for you and our future…

  1. We compare. There, I said it! Women compare ourselves to other women and often we compare other women with other women. We can quickly size somebody up or down, depending on our mood. We not only compare our bodies, but also our hair, nails, facial structure, mothering, homes, cleaning, husbands, careers, children, cars, etc. Do you get the point here? And all the men say “I KNEW IT!”. Duh! That’s how we know when you’re looking at another women (even by accident). It’s because we already sized her up.
  2. We decide that we are not as good as… You may fill in the blank here. I have found that no matter how much a woman has, or if she seemingly can juggle it all, we all face insecurities and allow them to whittle away at who we are.
  3. We degrade ourselves…in public. Oh, I am a guilty party, but I must admit I am getting better. One thing I always try to teach my life coaching clients is how to take a compliment. That is by far the hardest lesson! We usually end up with this scenario: “What a lovely dress”. “This old thing? I just threw it on and it’s all wrinkled because I haven’t had time to do the laundry much less get my hair done or get a good night’s sleep. Do you see the bags under my eyes?!?!?” Have you been there? Rather it’s that we really feel so poorly about ourselves or that we don’t wish to hurt another (um, they paid the compliment), we deny our beauty.
  4. We are convinced that we must live up to a standard of perfection that DOES NOT EXIST. There are no perfect bodies. There are no perfect lives. There are those that strive for perfection, sure. And there are those can fake perfect pretty good (give me some spray tanner and glitter oil and I’ll show you abs! LOL), but perfect does not exist in this world. Heaven is the only place where perfection truly resides, and the last time I checked I wasn’t there yet :) .
  5. We hold on too tight. Just as we can hold grudges (oh, you know you do) we can also hold on to the way we think we should be/act/look with a vengeance. We have a hard time letting go of a certain number on the scale (because life was perfect when I was THAT weight), or a number on our jeans. We have unrelenting commitment to being “there” again.

Now, I’m not suggesting we all put our flannel pj’s on, stop shaving (eewww, no) and watch I Love Lucy reruns while eating oreos all day. Healthy is good. Obsession and self degradation is bad.

One thing to realize is that when we say we hate our bodies or certain parts of our bodies, our children burn that into their psyche. Our negative self-image becomes their genetic makeup. Scary thought? It is to me! A study was done years ago that followed young ladies from their tween years to adulthood, studying family dynamics. While the study meant to focus on family meal times and involvement linked to self-esteem, they stumbled upon even more eye-opening discoveries. The young ladies whose mother’s had poor body image grew up with eating disorders. These were normal, working class families. As it turns out, the girls where either scared of getting their moms thighs (or gut, or butt, you choose), OR they already felt as though their body was sub-par. Your words count!

So, what do we do now? There is hope. There is hope for each of us, no matter the age. The first thing to realize is that there is no perfect. I mean, none of us has seen perfect so who’s to say your body isn’t it right? Start today by taking small steps towards a better body image. Workout because it makes you feel good, NOT to get a tighter butt or flatter abs. If you, like me, struggle with your midsection, remember that it housed a life (or 2-3 or more!) for 9 months! Sheesh, cut yourself a break. Embrace your stretch marks. My stretch marks are my war wounds for giving birth to a nearly 10 pound baby. WonderWoman? You bet!

When you feel as though negative thoughts are invading your mind, remember that you were made for a specific purpose. There is nobody else on Earth that can do what God sent you here to do. It may be HUGE or it may seem small, but it is yours. Let go of those negative conversations. Just stop giving your energy to it. For some of us, these thoughts are so deep seeded it will take time and faith to purge them, but take note from a survivor: it is worth the effort.

You are beautiful, never accept anything less in your mind :)


Athleta Houston Trip, Cute Workout Clothes, Athleta Training Review, AND the Latest on Bob Harper’s Website

Wow! A lot to pack in to the post today, but you’ll enjoy every second :)

Athleta Shopping Haul.

Aside from the fabulous modeling above (hahahahaha!), Athleta is a company worth looking into. So, when they asked me to look into things, I did just that. It was my extreme pleasure. First off, I visited the newest Athleta Store in Houston, located at 600 West Sam Houston Parkway North, and I was very pleased with the experience. The employees were helpful without being overbearing. There was a wait for the fitting rooms (which are spacious!), but it was a pleasant wait. They even had Luna bars placed in baskets and seats for your co-shoppers (for me, my husband and kids). I ended up with a nice haul from the store, complete with an everyday dress and what are now my absolute favorite pants ever.

Athleta Training Guides.

Aside from making very high quality athletic and lounge wear, Athleta is fully committed to female athletes. Just take a look at the swim wear line. The tops and bottoms stay put, no matter the sport :) . Athleta also has a comprehensive training guide available for athletes as well as those of us who just wish we were athletes! This guide is available for download on their Chi site HERE. This training guide is one of the best I have seen and is compact enough to put in your bag and read at work (you know you do!). This guide has training for 5K, 10K, Half Marathons, Sprint and Intermediate Distance Triathlons. As an added bonus, you get nutrition guidelines to prepare you for your race and to take you all the way through race day and recovery. Athleta doesn’t stop there. They also give you packing lists for both running and triathlons. It’s a small packet full of information to get you to your health and fitness goals. I encourage you to check it out and get started! Yeah, you can get it now. Like I said before, Athleta is committed to female athletes.

Athleta MVP’s

To wrap a beautiful bow on all that Athleta is offering, they have selected some of their most valuable performers for both form and function within your fitness wardrobe. These consist of six pieces of athletic wear that can withstand the most rigorous of activities and still look great while keeping you intact. These styles can be found in Athleta’s 2012 Summer Look Book on I tried on the running shorts yesterday and decided on the spot that those are a must have for my next trip. They easily beat out Nike and Under Armour for fit, feel and function. Big words, I know, but they do deliver!

We all know that Bob Harper has become one of the most loved “tough love” trainers out there. AND, if you read my DVD reviews, then you know his videos are among my most favorites (even for yoga, which is a hard category!). Now, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty with the newest section to his site HERE. is the newest addition to Bob’s fight against fat and it offers challenging classes to help you reach your hotness goals. Not only do you get classes lead by Bob, but you also get personal training from Bob’s trainer as you follow Bob through a workout. These are not for the faint of heart. Beginners beware, some of these courses are a bit more advanced, but modifications are just about always offered. In conjunction with the classes, you also get food and nutrition advice from the Quaker Oatmeal Advocate himself. All of this is $9.95 per month and worth at least looking into.


The world of health and fitness is constantly changing. I try to keep you as up to date as I am and will continue to do so :) If you are not already signed up for the newsletter, head over to the side and get your name on my list! No selling, just information to get you to your healthiest self.

Until next time, keep living the Fit Life!




**Please note: though the word “swag” was used to describe the above items, all were purchased and not gifted.



Recovering from the Holiday, Chocolate Peanut Butter Treat Recipe, Beginning the Reset and more!

Welcome back to the fit life people!

I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day and I hope you took the extra time to be thankful for our freedoms and not just focus on your to-do list.

I have LOADS to cover today, so let’s jump in:

Recovery made easy.

It can be trying to get back into the swing of things when you’ve had a long weekend. Family and friends gathered together can mean over indulging in food and often times drink as well. Sunny days mean sunburns for lots of people, and most of us don’t use the extra day off to rest, but rather to work. Here are a few quick tips to get you back into the FIT of things:

  1. Drink LOADS of water!!!! I cannot beat this dead horse enough. Most of us live in a constant dehydrated state, which slows our metabolism and promotes headaches, just to name a couple of things. So, your water goal for the next 3 days straight is 126 oz. Yes, that’s right. Shoot over to Facebook and jot it down for the whole world to see! Let your friends and neighbors in on the challenge and make sure you carry a refillable water jug around with you at all times. After a few days, you’ll notice more energy and fewer aches.
  2. Give sugar a rest for a few days and load up on naturally sweet fruits throughout your day. Watermelon and berries are coming into season and tasting super sweet, so enjoy those to help enhance the immune system with added anti-oxidants.
  3. Try green tea. Green tea does indeed help to boost the metabolism by up to 3% (hey, every little bit counts!) and it also provides anti-oxidants and stress relieving compounds to balance the body internally. The key with green tea is not to let the water get too hot and only steep it for 2-3 minutes to avoid the bitter flavor.
  4. Give yoga a try. Seriously, for toning the middle and flattening the abs, I have one ally and it is yoga! Not into the full class? You can get benefits from just a few minutes a day. Practice some breathing techniques and twists to get you started. No worries, I’ll have some instructional videos for you this week! ;)
  5. Skip the super hot showers and opt for more warm showers. Steamy showers can zap energy and exacerbate sunburns. Try a super light lotion on the skin before you exit the shower while the skin is still damp. This holds in moisture to repair skin, but allows any left over burns to heal.

Today starts my BeachBody Ultimate Reset: It’s not about vanity folks.

So, this morning I began my Ultimate reset. I feel the need to give the disclaimer that this is not about weight loss for me. I want to see what it’s about and be able to give proper recommendations to people and I cannot do that without trying it. I’ll post about it as much as I feel is necessary, but I think a video per day is overkill :) . I have suffered from joint issues for years and, following ancient Chinese medicine, if I am able to rid my body of toxins then my joints should heal properly. I am very intrigued by that. Also, I want to see what it’s like with the meal plan and how accessible it actually is to everybody. Rest assured, I will give you and honest and professional opinion. To see success stories and read up on the Ultimate Reset, click HERE.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

These are my family’s new favorite treat. Best dish ever!!!! These are awesome to take to parties as they are portion controlled and so yummy people won’t even know how much nutrition they are getting. I had to play around with the recipe a bit to make them not so sweet, but you can feel free to alter it to your tastes. Remember, this is a treat :) ENJOY!


24-30 small muffin liners (I highly recommend using these so they don’t stick together!)

1.5 cups all natural peanut butter (I did 1/2 PB and 1/2 PB2 to cut back on fat and cals)

1 cup local honey

1 cup oatmeal

2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology (if you do not have Shako, any chocolate protein power can be used)

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes


Place a large pot on low heat on the stove and pour in peanut butter and honey. Stir until completely blended and super smooth.

Take off heat and stir in oatmeal, Shako, and coconut.

Chill in fridge for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until set and cool.

Form small balls in hands and place in liners. These need to be kept in a cool place.

Prep time is about 5 minutes max and you can squeeze in a workout while they’re chillin :)


I hope you are all getting ready and excited for Summer. MichelleCFitness will be getting some fun new additions, so be on the lookout for cooking tips and videos, plus a section just for the kids. I’ll be filming vids on youth workouts and tips on getting your kids more active this Summer, without breaking the bank! Come back soon and keep living FIT!




Workout DVD

Hey guys! The above video is a small part of a workout DVD I’ve been putting together for a year now. I’m super excited to release it as THIS is what I do! I don’t train just to train, I teach so that people can learn how to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives! I’m pumped, how about you?

Let’s discuss it just a bit shall we? :)

This DVD has been sequenced and designed for results in both weight loss and lean muscle gain (what most call toning). It is different from what most of us view as workout DVDs since it’s instructional, NOT entertaining. I designed it this way so that 1) we can all learn the HOW-TO of sequencing a workout, and 2) so we don’t get bored. I have found the number 1 reason most people quit home based workouts is due to boredom. We tend to get tired of the same music and the same jokes. With these DVDs you’ll be able to learn the sequences and put it to your own music, do it while watching your favorite show, or even take it to the gym. Each DVD comes with a day by day plan for best results, however you are always free to mix it up.

So, if you’re looking to take your workout to the next level and learn the HOW-TO of exercise, this is perfect for you. If you want the entertaining music and jokes :) I’d pass this one and go with one of the previously reviewed DVDs. It’s a 90 day program and the cost is $25.

I’ll have ordering info up asap and if you have any questions or wanderings simply leave a comment below or email


Please. STOP.

OK, I’m about to jump on the rant train and dish out some really tough love. SO…if you’re wimpy you may want to run screaming from your computer. If, however, you have goals you want to reach and you’re sick and tired of not only still being sick and tired, but also of having to reset those goals over and over, take a deep breath and read on.

There are certain things that baffle me. You see, if I need oil put in my car, I have a mechanic that does that. Need something dry cleaned? Yep, I have a place that can do that as well. When my kids are sick I take them to the doctor and when my animals are sick I take them to the vet (and I very rarely confuse the 2). So, what’s all this about? I am NOT skilled, trained, or well versed in any of those things. I have professionals that HELP me. So, what baffles me? The amount of people who sheerly DO NOT LISTEN when I purge out information about health and weight loss! Seriously, it’s baffling….

I’ve learned not to hang out on Facebook because the very same people who claim to “need” (do note: this is stated as a dire need and my input would be greatly appreciated) to lose weight, upon being given the professional advice, will post about the new fad NO CARB, NO FAT, LOW FAT, LOW CAL, etc diet they are now on…for a couple of weeks. It’s like telling your kids not to play in the street because they might get run over and the next thing you know……they’re posting pics of themselves playing in the street! I know all of this seems super dramatic, but we’re allowed that sometimes in life. You see, I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, but I DO have loads of education and life experience to offer. I don’t hold back! I could just say that the weight fell off of me and go about my day allowing people to make detrimental health decisions, but that would be a trained mechanic NOT changing the oil in a car that is about to be lost forever. Not cool.

I reside among a field of experts in the weight loss world. Yep, sure do. Maybe people think this is my hobby and take it as more of an opinion or something. So, here’s the stuff I really don’t say as often as I probably should:

  • I am a nationally certified Master Trainer. By the way, that has nothing to do with how many training sessions I’ve SOLD (like unmentionable gyms…)
  • I am a listed expert in the field of body composition alteration (that would be fat loss)
  • I am one of the Elite level trainers on Dr. Oz’s website
  • I am a leader with the Center for Disease Control to help end obesity
  • I am a partner with the American diabetes Association on the Prevention front to help educate people about diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • I am an advocate with the ADA, helping to ensure that people already diagnosed with diabetes receive the care and education they need
  • I am a contributor to IDEA FIT (writing about health, weight loss, nutrition, etc)
  • I am a certified nutrition counselor, specializing in nutrition behaviors, youth nutrition, and post bariatric nutrition
  • And, oh yeah, I’ve lost a little weight myself

So, it totally looks like I’m bragging and that is by NO means what I am doing. Most of the time, people don’t know all of this stuff about me and I think that’s part of the problem. I am here to help, but people are unaware as to what all I can actually help with. All of the above isn’t even all of it! But it is the really cool stuff :)

When I read about an entire family on a LOW CARB, NO CARB diet I want to throw myself through a window (OK, drama). How many times do I have to scream that DIETS DON’T WORK!!!!!! It doesn’t matter which edition a particular diet is on, they don’t work. End. Of. Story. You may believe that you are just giving yourself a 2 week “jump-start” to your healthy new lifestyle, but what you are doing is murdering your metabolism and you will gain the weight back and it will keep getting harder and harder to lose. Harsh? You betcha. I cannot stand idly by and watch people do this to themselves, or much worse, their children.

There is no jump-start. There is no magic diet that will solve the problem. There is no solution that is fit for everybody. So, what do you do when you “need” to lose weight? PROPER NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, TIME, and CONSISTENCY. You must enable yourself to success by implementing those 4 things. So, if you still think a diet is the way, I’ll still be here because I WILL NOT QUIT. The fight for health among the generations is worth it to me.


End of March: What’s in MY pantry and fridge?