Nutrition Boot Camp FAQ’s

Nutrition Boot Camp starts in just days! I’ve opened up a few more spots, but I am trying to keep them small so we can get to everybody’s questions. Today, I wanted to answer some questions that have come up and clear up what might be holding you back :)

  • How much time will this take?

Well, the answer is: however much you’ll give it. Bootcampers will be given exclusive information sent directly to their inbox for the subject matter we are covering that week. You can read it all right then, or put it in a folder and still have access to the knowledge well into the future. Calls are limited to 1 hour or less every Monday night and will be recorded (or at the very least, typed out) and put into an email within the following 48 hours.

  • What if I can’t make the call?

As stated above, the call will be recorded and sent. I encourage you to email questions that you have prior to any call you may miss so I can answer it for everybody. This also works if you’re just a little shy about asking questions :)

  • What is the difference between Nutrition Boot Camp and Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition Boot Camp is a class-style environment designed to get the most education and information to a broad range of people. We will be covering basics in Nutrition Boot Camp (more in-depth boot camps will be coming soon!). Nutrition Counseling is one on one personal nutrition, tailored to meet your goals and overcome your own personal obstacles. Nutrition Boot Camp is a 6 week course. Nutrition Counseling takes 3-12 months to complete.

  • What can I expect to have covered in Nutrition Boot Camp?

Here is an overview of our 6 weeks in Nutrition Boot Camp:

  1. DIETS: They only make us fatter
  2. Eating Style vs. Diet
  3. Emotional Eating: Pitfalls and Fixes
  4. Common dis-ease nutrition fixes
  5. Why any kind of deprivation is a BAD idea
  6. Metabolic Damage: We’ll touch briefly on what it is, what causes it, how to identify it and ways to avoid it. There will be an in-depth class offered later on repairing the metabolism.
  • At the end of the day, what will I learn?

While we will al walk away with different things, here are a few I am hoping will stick:

  1. To NEVER trust a diet again…no matter who is doing it
  2. To trust that I can make the right nutrition decisions for myself (and my family)
  3. What the heck is a metabolism really?
  4. Food is fuel, but it should also be enjoyed
  5. I don’t have to live in deprivation to reach my goals
  6. How to clarify my goals and make my nutrition meet my lifestyle.

Those are the basics of what you can expect by enrolling in Nutrition Boot Camp. It’s not a boot camp about my eating style, or why you should change everything you’re doing, or meant to make you feel terrible about the way you are eating….it’s quite the opposite. We learn and then apply that knowledge to suit our lifestyles. Keep it simple people!

Sign up by clicking the NUTRITION TAB or email me:

Januray 13 2014   rockin abs


These pictures were taken 3 months apart and were the result of loosening up on food restriction and LESS gym time! I’m no super hero…I just like to share what I know :)

Hope to see you there,


Fun Friday! New Weight Loss Series

Monday, January 21, I will be launching a new series that deals with goal setting and weight loss.

The skills that you will learn during the following 20 days will enable you to set goals that are not only attainable, but bigger than you’ve ever dared to dream.

Everything you learn in these next few weeks will help you lose that first and last pound, and these skills can be taken into others areas of life to make you more successful overall.

Get ready, get set…GOAL!!!!



Beware: I’m not holding back on this one. It’s time to be HONEST to get results!

Fun Friday! Healthy Holidays Weight Loss Q&A 2

Healthy Holidays Q&A: Weight Loss

Healthy Holiday Travel Treadmill Shredder



The Holidays are upon us and for many that means travel. Don’t let your workouts fall by the wayside! This is the treadmill program I did while in New Orleans this past weekend :) BONUS! Healthy recovery shake below. I do my workout track by track on the Ipod, instead of having to time things.

Treadmill Shredder

Warm up at 0 incline, 3.0 speed  for 3-5 minutes

Track one: 5.0 speed light jog at 0 incline

Track two: 20 deep squats off the rails (feet wide, belt between). Speed 3.5, incline 15. Every chorus, 20 deep squats, verses are climbs.

Track three: easy run at incline 3.0, speed 5.3

Track four: super slow speed, 0.8 walking lunges at 6.5 incline

Track five: quick run, 2.0 incline, 6.0 speed

Track six: recover and 3.0 pace for 2 minutes. Light jog, 0 incline, 3.8 speed for remaining track

Track seven: 20 deep squats off rails. Side shuffles at 1.5 speed, 0 incline. Repeat squats every chorus and alternate shuffles during verses.

Track eight: hill run/climb. Set incline at 15, speed at 3.5 during chorus. Verses, incline down to 7.5, speed to 5.0

Track nine: incline between 5-10, speed alternates between jog (5.0) and sprints (7.0-8.0) between chorus and verses.

Track ten: 15 incline, 3.0 speed, slow climb entire song.

Cool down with flat walk and make sure to stretch!

Post workout Recovery Smoothie

In blender:

4 oz water

4-6 oz skim milk

1 whole banana

1/2 tablespoon natural peanut butter

1 scoop whey (I use BSN Syntha 6 chocolate peanut butter)

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa

ice to taste

Blend well and drink within 30 minutes of your workout :)

How to fix your nutrition: EASY Nutrition Tips #1

Nutrition can be the MOST confusing part of a fit lifestyle right? Part of the reason for that is because there are so many opinions out there. Well, you know what they say about opinions right? Moving on…. There really are many different facets to nutrition and you’ll even find that many nutritionists will disagree on certain things. The reason for this is pretty simple: look at the wide variety of foods available! We are over run by food from every culture here (melting pot!). That’s not a bad thing. It will actually help you if you can put aside the fear and embrace the reality :)

Every BODY is different, would you agree? Although magazine covers seem to point out the opposite, there really are no 2 bodies exactly alike. I can take 2 people and put them on the same workout and eating regime, yet get 2 very different results. So, the BEST piece of advice I give to all my clients and friends is know your body. Your body is quite unique and should be precious to you, as you only get one. Modern medical science may be able to replace some parts, but you really only get one shot at this :) . In light of that fact, it is important to pay attention to your body. Just because a fad diet worked for your best friend* doesn’t mean it will work for you. *NOTE: fad diets NEVER work. If you lost 20 pounds on South Beach, but gained 10 pounds (or all, or most likely, MORE) back IT DID NOT WORK. You can shout its praises forever, but it won’t change the fact that fads don’t work. Fad diet are very similar to fad clothing: bell bottoms don’t work for ALL bottoms.

So, how do you learn what works for you body? Start paying attention to the details! By the way, this would be a great time to go back to the food logs here. Your food should give you ENERGY! People make fun of me for being so “hyper”. It’s called energy, it’s just very rare here. My food provides energy for my day. That’s exactly what a calorie is: a unit of energy! If you take in too many units of energy (calories) at one sitting, then your body slows and you store the excess as fat. People always complain to me about the inefficiency of the human body, but our bodies are actually extremely efficient at what they are supposed to do! It is ourselves that have become inefficient. So, pay attention when you eat. Yes, that means no mindless zoning out in front of the tube, blaming the kids for eating that whole bag of potato chips. PAY ATTENTION! When you start to “feel” full, you ARE full. That’s your sign. Hunger has abated and the body is now trying to process your food. What normally happens is we simply don’t pay attention (hey, I’m guilty too!) and we keep dumping food down the hatch. Hunger is gone, but we keep trucking. this in turn will cause a reaction in blood sugar levels and a virtual “shut down” of unnecessary functions. Um, that post lunch slump? Yeah, your body literally just slowed the blood flow to your brain, heart, and lungs to be able to digest the second round of chips and dip that you mindlessly ate while mulling over work issues with a coworker. You have allowed your workflow in the MOST IMPORTANT areas of your body to be dropped down. Food is more than just enjoyable, it is powerful. Until we understand that, we feel helpless in the fight for health.

So, for the rest of this month, focus on making small changes. One small change per day will get you WAY ahead of the game. Today, just pay attention. Don’t judge or feel bad for eating! Pay attention to your hunger and fullness signals and watch how your energy levels will be affected without changing your diet at all. Pretty amazing how the body works :) and it works even better when we appreciate it!

Keep on living fit!