Day 1: The Beginning of Your Transformation!

Be Resolute

Have you ever wondered why resolutions fail so often? It can seem like a rather blunt question only 4 days in, but think about the resolutions you set last year. Were they all met? Were you just as passionate about them in June as you were in January? Did they hold the same weight all year long?

I was reading a statistic the other day that stated of all the New Year Resolutions, there were 2 that always seemed to make the top of the list. Can you guess them? Finances and Health.  Now, I’m sure you realize that there are MANY resolutions that can fall under both categories, but I’ll let you stick to your own for our purposes here. The exact same statistics also stated that a whopping 60% of people give up on their resolutions by March. Sixty percent! March! That’s not even a full third of the way through people! So, what’s going on here? Better yet, how do we make sure we’re in the 40%?

There are many issues with resolution setting that can either make or break our resolve. That’s what resolutions truly are right? They are tests of our human resolve to change something about our lives and press on toward a goal. Simple as that…. Here are a few ways our resolutions can head South faster than we can down our box of Valentine’s Day chocolates:

  1. We don’t write them down. You have to write it down and make it known in order for it to truly take the form of a goal.
  2. We set unrealistic expectations of ourselves and those around us.
  3. We do not think about the aspects of our life that we truly can control.
  4. We sweat the small stuff.
  5. We don’t re-evaluate.

So, those who can relate to those 5 things are in the 60%. You, however, want to fall into the minority. You want to conquer that resolution once and for all, not let it conquer you. So, what are you to do? I’m glad you asked. :)

  1. Write the thing down! Better yet, tell EVERYBODY! I’m serious here. Start a blog, a Facebook page or Twitter feed dedicated to you conquering this goal. It can be quite empowering AND it is built in accountability.
  2. Find an accountability partner. You need somebody who will slap you right off your pity party train and back to reality. You need a friend that loves you, but does not cater to you. They need to be tough and know that theirs is a truly special job. If you don’t already have that friend in your circle, broaden your circle a bit.
  3. Reverse engineer your goal to make sure it is truly attainable for you. Know what your goal is, then work your way backwards. this is where we think about what it will take to reach our goal and what we may have to give up in order to move forward. This is a VITAL step. It helps prepare you for your goal and it gives you and absolute plan of attack. This step takes you out of the “it sure would be cool if” zone and places smack in the “I’m going to DO THIS” zone.
  4. Know what aspects of your life YOU control. You cannot control emergencies or work drama. You can control what you eat, your workout, and your gossip. Yes, I said it. If you don’t want drama around you stop adding to it!
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. So, you had a moment of weakness and the siren call of the Dove dark chocolates was just too much to resist. So you popped in a movie and polished off the bag. Oh no wait, that was me :) . Yours may be a bit different, but here the deal: move on! You missed a workout, ate too much at dinner, sat on your butt instead of working it, worked late when you vowed not to, carried work anger home with you, snapped at the kids, misjudged a friend, forgot to put gas in the car…etc. You are HUMAN! You cannot change that no matter how hard you try. Humans make mistakes. We forget, we indulge, we get lazy. It’s just who we are. Move onward and LET GO.
  6. Re-Evaluate your goals every 6-9 weeks. You may stay on perfect track. If so, please let me know how you do it! If not, it’s OK. Know that you have the freedom to alter goals that are not working for you. In the course of 1 year life can change a lot! I mean, it takes mere seconds to get pregnant and less than a year for a baby to come into this world. Life changes! Be flexible enough to roll with it to ensure success. Be clear with the fact that you are NOT giving up on your goals, simply altering them. Know the difference.

So, what are your action steps today? Maybe you need to sit down and write out those resolutions. Perhaps it’s time to reverse engineer the crud out of them. Do the research! By the way, whatever goal you have, somebody else has already accomplished it. Ask them how they did it! Be an active participant in your own life. Start a blog. Let me know where it is and I’ll be happy to check it out! Work forward every day, never back. Soon enough, you will be in the 40% and we will welcome you with open arms. :)

LIVE OUT LOUD this year!


Built for SUCCESS

How is it that some people just seem to “get it”. They thrive under pressure and always seem to hit the mark. It’s not as hard as one may think. They have a “WHY”.

If you have ever embarked on a personal improvement journey, then you have probably heard about a personal mission statement. This is a statement of why you exist. What are you here for? In a time when we seem to be cranking out generations of people who think they are here to get all they can, I believe it is of the utmost importance to realize that we are here to contribute to society in a positive way. One of the reasons I find this so important is because it is those with an affirmative WHY that succeed. If you’re always wondering what others can do for you, you will inevitably fail.

So, to make my point a little clearer I thought I’d share the WHY that turned my entire life around. Once I realized this fact, I was able to not only reach my health and fitness goals, but also prioritize my life and business so that I find balance and security every day. My WHY has developed over the years and is drawn from a variety of life experiences. My biggest priority is my family. I get the question “How do you keep going when motivation wears off, disappointment sets in, you get tired, etc?” all the time and the answer points directly back to my #1 priority. I want to be around as long as I can for my family. My mom never taught me how to raise kids (except for the way she raised myself and my brother and I am grateful!) and I want to be around to teach my kids that stuff. I also want to teach them to treat themselves with respect and then respect from others will follow. I may not be able to control if I get in a car wreck or not BUT I CAN CONTROL MY HEALTH. Look it up. Scientists and doctors agree that diet and exercise play the overall role in preventing obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and most forms of cancer. I fight harder for my family, not my dress size. I think people find it too easy to pigeonhole me and make themselves believe that I live a sugarless life devoid of “real” fun. The reality is I have finally started living and giving my family the wife/mother they need and deserve. They get the best of me, not the very last. The dress size is just the icing on my cake…which I do eat when I so choose.

The second part of my WHY extends beyond my family into the far reaches of human kind (epic, I know!). I was once stuck on that same side of the couch, feeling as though I was NEVER going to get “there”. But that all changed when my priorities became clear. When I found my WHY all the little meaningless things (such as the number on the scale) slipped away. It did so because I am no longer selfishly focused on me. I am here to help others step out of their own way! Yep, you totally read that right. Not where you want to be in your fitness? That’s you, not your family. Not eating like you want to? All you. The greatest thing is once you realize that it really is ALL YOU and you can’t blame your family, your aerobics instructor (do you have any idea how many people stopped working out entirely when I stopped teaching a class?!?), your job, or the way the wind was blowing that day, then you can take control over that which you CAN control; the state of your health.

The question that must be asked then is, why are you here? If you’re still drawing breath YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO PEOPLE! Be honest with yourself. If life gets hard and you simply say, “This is too difficult, I can’t do it” that’s selfish! Figure out WHY! I beg of you to take out a pen and paper and get to brainstorming. Do you want to be a better role model for your kids? Do you want to contribute more financially (who doesn’t ?!)? Do you want to be a light in someone else’s life? What is your WHY? I cannot say that once you find your WHY it will get easier, but I can say with all certainty that you will SUCCEED.

To your WHY!


Do not adjust your screen…just your attitude

Happy Monday Progress-full People! Name not working? We’ll try a different one later.

So, how are you feeling today? Over in my area it’s getting quite rainy and when it rains here, everything gets super slick! It’s a little chilly too which makes for perfect nap conditions as well. There’s no napping here though! Well, there is, but not today! I feel compelled to spread a great secret for not only reaching your health and fitness goal, but for reaching ANY goal AND living a fullfilling life. Are you ready for it?


Wait a minute, that’s it? You bet. And don’t try to sell me that optimist/pessimist bullarky (real word!) because I am a firm believer that we choose our tudes! If your attitude is negative and dumpy then guess what? You’re outer appearance will follow suit. That’s whay I’m always telling my classes to hold their heads high, put their chest out, and head up. Your attitude affects everything from your workout to your eating habits, to your general effectiveness in life. So, since you’re online right now I want you to do an experiment. If you have Facebook (if you don’t I have to ask REALLY?!?) go to your wall and look at your posts over the past months. It has to be your own personal wall and get there fast before you get sucked into looking at baby and vacation pics of people you don’t even know! Now, scroll through and honestly assess what you sound like to the whole world… BTW, if you don’t have FB go through your texts, yikes!




I gave you a minute. How did that go? Before we delve much deeper, I think it is important to note that we are called to build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:10-12 ) So, how do you fare as a builder? You see, the problem with this much freedom (hello internet!) is that we tend to spew negativity out like we’re barfing up last night’s bad chinese. Yeah, I went there! That’s how it sounds. AND to make matters worse, once it’s out there, man is it out there. Even if you delete a post, people can still find it. I like to think that the people who can still track down my posts don’t really care about little me, but still. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEW! I’m totally making that into a bumper sticker…

So, why do I care what you say? I’m sure some of you are wondering right now what you said to offend me and the truth is: nothing. This isn’t about me, it’s about helping you. I made loads of spewing mistakes for years, but I learned the great things that can happen if you just take a little extra time. If you put out negativity, that IS what will come back to you. I like to think of it as the boomerang principle. If all you do is talk poorly about your job, spouse, kids, fitness class, food, diet, day to day activities, in-laws, body, capabilities, finances,  etc. you will NOT make any of that any better, period. Let’s see, if you had a lot of negative talk in the above experiment can you honestly say things just got better? Of course not! That’s one of those facts of life friend. So how do you FIX IT? I’m so glad you asked, let’s get on it:

  1. Slow down before you speak, text, post, etc. Take a fraction of a second and think about the implications of where you might go with this. If you need to blow off steam, do so with a TRUSTED confidant and make sure it’s not gossip; you aren’t tacky like that.
  2. Reread before you post/send. I have to do this because I mispell since I try to type so fast! It’s also an opportunity to make sure this is not a “Hey world, look at me feeling all sorry for myself and trying to ruin your day too” moment.
  3. Let go. This can be super hard and you may find that once you let go, you chase that hurtful feeling down again and try to grab it. If that happens, let go again. It will take time, but I assure you the freedom you gain from no longer allowing negativity to rule is totally worth it.

Now, in class I always tell my peeps to talk positively to themselves. Why? Your mind is the most powerful thing you have! Your mind can be your strongest asset, or it can be the cause of your downfall. You have to decide what you will say and focus on. Things like “I jiggle when I jump”, “pushups are hard for me”, I’m tired”, “I hate sweating”, “this workout is too much”, “I can’t keep up” must stop invading your thoughts. YOU CONTROL THAT! Say, “I am getting stronger”, “This is hard, but I can do it”, “I am more than this”, “What is hard today will be easier tomorrow”. Flip your switch and be a bright light to the rest of the world.

Shine on,