Welcome to December! Stay FIT this month.

December is upon us!

You have already experienced the feast that is known as Thanksgiving (and I hope you enjoyed it) and have possibly begun the quest for gifts and goodies throughout the stores this past weekend.

As holiday music fills the air and the scent of pine trees and cinnamon fills our noses, stress and a sense of being overwhelmed can also fill our spirits.

One sure-fire way to combat stress is by working out.

stressed workout

BUT, for some of us the thought of adding one more thing to our to-do list causes MORE stress, not less.

What is a stressed out person to do?

Easy, follow a few simple suggestions to thrive this season…

flexible santa

1. Be flexible.

Yes, this can pertain to yoga, but we’ll discuss that later. What I’m talking about now is being flexible with your schedule and your eating. Christmas is the WORST time to try to be super strict, because it’s almost impossible to stick to a strict eating and training regimen. When we do fail, we feel like a failure and it compiles even more stress onto our plate. This is the perfect time of year to try some new workouts, check out flexible dieting and look into some new gym classes. All of these things will help keep you focused and motivated without the drama.

2. Don’t skip workouts.

Just because you can’t get in a whole hour or make it to your normal class is no excuse to give in and wait until the New Year (BUSTED!). You can get efficient workouts in less time than you think AND many workouts can be done in your living room. Check out my YouTube channel for some easy to follow workouts, Plus here are 2 others that are slightly more challenging:



3. Take it to the Mat.

Consider a bit of yoga to get your heart, body and mind calmed down and centered. Trouble sleeping? There’s yoga for that. Can’t wake up after a late night? There’s yoga for that. Feeling a bit sluggish from all the sweets? Yep, yoga can help. Yoga can even detox from those extra special drinks during the holiday season. If you can make it to a live class, all the better, but you can get the benefits of yoga in 10-20 minutes a day. Check out these 2 channels for my best yoga picks:



christmas fit challenge

4. Take a Christmas Fit Challenge

These are ALL over the internet and social media. Check out some of the ones floating around Instagram and get started. Most of these take less than 5 minutes to complete and will keep you on track to your goals.

5. Take advantage of the slow season.

This time of year is extremely slow for most trainers and studios. In light of this, many will offer reduced fee and sometimes FREE classes or sessions. So check out your local studios and trainers and see if you can take advantage and get re-inspired to be your best self this season.

Remember, the best gift you can give this season is a healthy YOU. Take some time to care for yourself and you’ll be better prepared to care for others.

Merry Christmas,


#IDEAWORLD2014 Recap….I survived :)

Hello Beautiful People!

I am finally feeling back into the swing of things since returning from California last week. Sometimes it takes a week, get over it.

While I would LOVE to share all the wonderful things I experienced, there’s a lot to cover over the conference itself so I’m sticking to the basics. Give it a read and PLEASE click on the sponsor links within the post so you can check out some of the super cool things I got to check out :) Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?


Ideaworld 2014 banner

I have the picture to prove it. Ideaworld #blogfest started Thursday morning and I took my seat in the back. Thursday and Friday were probably the MOST fun days (that’s a WHOLE other blog post people), but my favorite parts were actually the brands. You see, during Tweet breaks (don’t fight it, it’s totally a thing) we were introduced to the brands who were sponsoring Ideaworld and making everything possible for our betterment and education….and they were giving us plenty of free swag. Word to the wise: you want my life, be willing to work as hard as I do.

REEBOK: King of swag

Here’s the funny thing….I’ve never really been a Reebok girl. I think I always associated them with the old-school aerobics instructors in tights and high tops….eeeewwwww. Reebok has totally redeemed themselves though! they’ve successfully been through an awesome rebranding (complete with new logo) and they were a fierce presence at the conference. I scored a bag, tank, water bottle and towel the very first day! That night, I got me some shoes :)

Ideaworld Reebok

I’ve already been asked about the shoes since being home and NOBODY believes they’re Reebok, BUT they are…Reebok One Cushion to be exact. Go get you some…you will not be disappointed.

Ideaworld Reeboks

UNDER ARMOUR: Still the coolest :)

I am a geek to no end, and I’m OK with that. Under Armour’s own Shauna Harrison @shauna_Harrison was there to talk about the newly launched #IWILLWHATIWANT campaign, and you’ll be getting more info on that very soon. BUT first, check out our flex off:

Ideaworld 2014 under armour

Yeah, that happened….

OK, so UA also gave bloggers a brand spankin new UA39 (the BEST of the best in heart rate monitoring and other super techy stuff). I’ve been keeping track of all of my workouts and performance outputs during each one. As you know, I vary workouts since I have exercise ADD and it’s been awesome to track on this sweet little device.

Ideaworld Under Armour UA39

That was a 450 calorie leg day :)

LORNA JANE: The SWEETEST smile at Ideaworld

If you have yet to meet Lorna Jane Clarkson and her FABULOUS clothes, you really must get out of Academy more. I was gifted with a super awesome tank top AND the ability to hear Lorna Jane speak on how her boutique clothing line came to be and what the philosophy of her company is. I was inspired to say the least and even picked myself up some more goodies at the Lorna Jane booth :) I fully encourage you to check out movenourishbelieve.com for blog posts, health tips, workouts and more on fun healthy living.

Ideaworld Lorna Jane

Are you tired of pics of my swag yet? OK, I’ll stop :)

I try to keep the posts short enough for my attention span, but I do need to show some love to some of the other sponsors. I don’t get a dime for you to click on these! I’m just trying to share what I experienced with you :) So check the links below for people who are all too willing to help you achieve the fit life.

Fit Approach

AMRAP Nutrition


Aspen Yoga Mats


You’ll be seeing reviews on a LOT of these products soon…and just in time for Christmas :)

Before I sign off, I would love to point you in the direction of some gifted bloggers who made an impact on me last week. I don’t consider myself a true blogger, more like a fitness pro who has a blog. These guys are at the top of the blogging game, so enjoy!









Supp Review: Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator

What’s up this Hump Day fit family?

TODAY is a supp review for Vega Sport (yes, the last one was too, get over it).

I have to admit that I have found myself quite distracted here lately as I am trying to be all Holly Homemaker :) Right now I have a HUGE chicken roasting and some rosemary bread dough rising. Yep, rosemary bread…just like the Macaroni Grill! Healthier, hopefully, but I’ll share my recipe with you soon…IF it works out.***


vega recovery

Alright, the recovery accelerator. Here’s the basics on this little 90 calorie wonder:

  • All natural, plant-based ingredients (brought to you by Vega, a green company)
  • Replenishes energy and electrolytes
  • Reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain (holla!)
  • Supports immune system function and protein synthesis
  • Reduces recovery time between training….so you can train more :)

So, what’s the big deal about recovery acceleration?

Well, if you can recovery faster and more efficiently, you’ll be able to train more effectively, thus improving your total body conditioning and overall health. So, it’s pretty important.

In the world of “low-carb”, “evil sugars”, and “demon diets” (oh, wait, those are totally real), people have forgotten one very important thing in post-training recovery: you NEED carbs!!!! I don’t mean the kind that come fried with a side of ketchup, I mean good quality, fast digesting carbs. Why? Because the most efficient way for that protein shake you’re downing post workout to actually do it’s job is if it rides the carbohydrate pony directly to the source…your muscle. It can get much plainer than that.

Recovery Accelerator helps to speed up the recovery process (thus limiting prolonged inflammation, which causes all kinds of chaos in your body) by using the carb to protein magic ratio of 3:1. This is the ratio found to work best when it comes to recovery and protein synthesis. Think of it as your magic number.

Vega Sport has packed what you need into just 90 calories, without all the additives and fillers that many other companies use. This way, you can enjoy your carbs and your protein shake too. How? Well, I normally chug the Recovery Accelerator (which is delish with some almond milk, cantaloupe and fresh mint!) directly after my workout, then chase that with a protein shake. The even cooler thing is that if you are an after-work exerciser then you can simply enjoy your recovery and head on home for dinner. There is no rule that you have to copious amounts of protein directly following a workout. So long as you have your healthy dinner within a 2 hour window after working out, your muscles will be happy.

So, hit your workouts HARD, then hit the recovery smart :)

Want some?

Check out vegasport.com OR click the link to the RIGHT ————->

Train like you mean it,


***Bread still needs more refining. I’ll keep you posted :)