DVD Review: Les Mills Body Combat

It’s that time again! Home based workouts are a great way to shed the weight OR just a great addition to a gym routine. Now, I must give you a little disclaimer here: I am a certified Les Mills Instructor, but I promise I am not biased!

Today’s review: Les Mills Body Combat

Let’s jump right in to the meat and potatoes of it…..THIS DVD has become one of my absolute favorites for in-home training. Now, I have a boxing gym in my garage, so when I feel like a good strike I head out there; however, COMBAT gives me the cardio and strength conditioning of a true fighter along with hot music and some of the most entertaining instructors around.

One of the major complaints about workout DVDs is the instruction and repetitiveness of the personalities. Les Mills Combat is led by Dan and Rach, along with some other instructors who team up to bring you the variety you feel like you’re missing in other DVDs. Instructor personality is key to the Les Mills formula and believe me, they only take the BEST. With a variety of personalities, styles and let’s face it…sexy accents :) You’re sure to stay motivated throughout your entire 60+ day transformation. They promise you a different body in 60 days, and this is one program I totally believe does the trick.

Combat utilizes interval training in every workout. Intervals happen when your heart rate is jacked up then brought down a notch, only to be taken up again. This is a proven way to burn MORE fat and calories than with traditional training. Want to take a look at what you could be in for? Check it out HERE!

The best thing about COMBAT is that it mixes martial arts. Now, you know I LOVE some MMA, so this is right up my alley! Instead of simply kickboxing or boxing, you get to taste a bit of all the martial arts, including some moving katas to teach you how to control your body. COMBAT also provides detailed training sessions so you can learn how to effectively punch and kick. This enables you to expedite results and avoid injury.

There are several packages you can choose from when looking at the COMBAT DVDs. The most basic is a good place to start and is listed right here:

Unleash your inner warrior with 7 body-shredding workouts that harness the explosive techniques of mixed martial arts with the hard-hitting cardio of high intensity interval training.

Plus, you’ll get these practical tools to maximize your results: Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide, Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide, LES MILLS COMBAT 30:LIVE! BONUS WORKOUT, Measurement Tracker Card, Tape Measure, and Online Support.

This package has everything you need to get started strong. If you feel the need to progress, just look into the additional packages.

Always remember that fuel is important and one of the best ways to fuel before or after your booty kicking COMBAT workout is HERE.

Check out COMBAT for a great total body workout, OR as a superb cardio addition to your muscle-building routine. Want great shoulders? I know the secret!

See you next time, and remember to LIVE OUT LOUD!


Throwback Thursday!

This is one of the first videos I ever filmed :)

It holds a special place in my heart as it stars my adopted older son LOL

Amp up your pushups for a sculpted upper body

Review: Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred

Hey Fit Lifers!

Today I am reviewing another Jillian Michaels workout DVD. Why so many JM DVD’s? Well, people eat them up like candy after a rough week since she’s a “celebrity trainer”. That term is a whole different post. Anyways, I feel it is best if we are educated about what we are getting into :)

So, on average I like the DVD. The one downside is that if you already own a lot of JM DVD’s (30 day Shred, No more trouble zones, Killer buns and thighs, etc) you aren’t getting totally new workouts here. JM has her brand of fitness and it’s short and sweet. These DVD’s fit into just about any schedule and she truly has found her workout niche. There are two thirty minute workouts on this DVD each with beginning modifications. I like the way she talks about breathing since many of us choose not to do that during our workout. Overall, Extreme Shed and Shred is great for those who are still more drawn to their couch than the gym, and that’s JM’s specialty! You can get in and out fast, however you will not be burning enough to return to your couch for the rest of the day. If you’re more of an avid exerciser, then you’ll want to opt for something more challenging.

Beginners enjoy! More advanced athletes, run over to the next :)

Remember, you get a home DVD workout review EVERY Monday, so come back next Monday and I’ll be tackling the original P90X PLUS giving you some information on the differences in P90X2.

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Have a healthy day,