Fitness FUN!

OK, so this is one of the MOST fun ways to get your whole family involved in fitness. No worries if it’s just you :) it can still be fun AND very effective. For this workout you will need a deck of playing cards and some space to move :)


Each Face card has a move attached to it, while the numbered cards will tell you the reps. Approach this workout with an open mind!

King of Hearts: Push UP

Queen of Hearts: Squat

Jack of Hearts: Crunches

King os Spades: Sumo squat

Queen of Spades: Alternating Front Lunge

Jack of Spades: Triceps Dips

King of Clovers: Bicycle Crunches

Queen of Clovers: Alternating Back Lunges

Jack of Clovers: Alternating arm/leg reach (Quadruped Reach)

King of Diamonds: Jump Squats

Queen of Diamonds: Walk Outs with Push Up

Jack of Diamonds: Jumping Jacks

Every ACE is 1 minute of running :)

So, divide the cards up by face cards and aces in one deck and the numbered cards in another. For beginners and young children, you simply pull one card from the faces and do the numbered card as repetitions.

For example, if you pull the King of Hearts (push ups) and the 8 then you would do 8 push ups. You can allow the kids to pull from the decks so they feel more involved. Move quickly to increase the intensity. To make it more challenging you can pull 2 cards from the number deck and add or multiply to increase reps. For example, the King of Hearts (push ups) and a 2 and 10 would be 20 push ups (or you can simply add to lower reps).

Have fun with it and challenge yourself! Think outside the box a bit and if you’re willing, let the kids come up with moves for the face cards. The sky is the limit and the fun is fantastic!

To the Fit Life!