Moldova Day 10: Find Your Purpose

What are you doing here?

Right now, write 3 sentences that describe your true purpose.

Was it easy? Most people I talk to are confused as to what their true purpose is in life. What does it feel like to walk around ONLY living from one event to the next?!? Well, I’m not sure how you feel, but I felt horrible for the decades I lived like that. Then, it all changed…

The majority of my life was spent under the radar. I didn’t want to draw attention or rock any boats, so I kept my head down and followed along. Actually, it was more like I just kept my head down and did nothing. So, each day was given to emotions that followed the events of the day. My emotional state was always in a roller coaster freestyle and it led to emotional eating and turmoil within my relationships. You cannot live one event to the next. It just doesn’t work.

THEN…I found fighting. How I came to it is almost a Cinderella story in itself :) I was teaching yoga at a gym and the kickboxing instructor was a no-show for her class. Since I was the only instructor there, I had to pick up the slack. So, I taught a barefoot version of old school aerobics to the few people who remained in class. Something changed in me then. For the first time in my life I decided to branch out and try something new. Not only did I want to try it, but I wanted to excel at it. This lead to taking kickboxing classes (along with buying every Billy Blanks DVD I could find!) and that eventually lead to boxing, which lead to MMA. I found myself through the challenges, not through staying put.

You will never meet a more even-keeled person than a fighter. This is what I am trying to teach the young lady I am working with here. It seems odd that somebody who enjoys beating the crud out of people would be so nice in real life, but it’s the truth! You see, fighters don’t just train physically. They train very hard, if not harder, mentally. This mental and emotional training is what is missing from many other sports. A true fighter is taught to harness emotions and not to live in the NOW alone. If we only live for this very moment, then we are prone to emotional outbursts, rage, anger, depression, etc. If we can train ourselves to live with PURPOSE, then we have control over our reactions to certain situations.

My purpose is clear: I was given a great gift. I was given a passion for fighting, not just hitting people, but training the mind and emotion to be a survivor. Because of this passion I learned more. Because I continue to learn more I can help more people. The people I help when I travel are people who have not only been governed by their own emotions, but young people who have been suppressed by the will of others. We are only limited by our own will and our own reactions to life circumstances. We all get knocked down, but we can choose whether or not to get back up again.

Live with PURPOSE.



The Long and Short of It


I hope you have found yourself smack in the middle of where you need to be this morning. :)

It’s a funny thing right? Where we need to be and where we want to be? Most of us can think a million other places we would rather be as opposed to where we are right now. The fact is that we are actually where we were meant to be and where our choices landed us in this day and time.

Wow, you can tell we’re getting deep today :) Really though, you have heard me say that life is made up of our choices. We were given the freedom to choose and we exercise that freedom on a daily basis. Do you work out in the morning or evening, or at all for that matter? Do you drink your water? Do you drown your sorrows in wine or chocolate? Do you lash out or hold your tongue?

We are given the gift of choices every single day. We awaken to a fresh start and a new day to make different choices OR rely on the same old habits that landed us where we feel stuck. Can it really be as simple as altering a few choices? Absolutely!

In my journey I have come to realize that the amount of time spent in the gym really pales in comparison to the relationships I keep. So, my choice altered to spend more time with my loved ones. Since this choice was born of a pure heart, while my lifestyle altered, my waistline did as well. I think  most of us who struggle or have struggled with weight tend to tether ourselves to the choices that got us to this point. We latch on to the deprivation=degredation=backlash cycle that keeps us where we don’t want to be. We feel un-enamored by life and generally out of touch. We fall into habits bred from a lifetime of choices.

Habits are what make up your lifestyle. Habits are also as easy to change as your choices. If you have spent the past several years eating out for lunch every day (keep in mind this adds a minimum of 200 calories to your day, 200 x  5 x 52= yeah, extra cals you do NOT need), then consciously CHOOSE to bring a lunch a few days per week. Better yet, partake in a work site fitness class or a light jog or walk with coworkers and eat a light lunch afterword. There are always choices you can make that end up making you feel better in the long run.

Wherever you find yourself, your choices can be altered little by little to get you where you want to be. Perhaps you need to add a little movement into your day OR maybe you’re like me and need to take some of the busyness away from your day. Either way, you were not meant to struggle with confusion. You are meant to be empowered to make these choices and grow your life in the direction of your purpose. Try praying that God will show you the things you need to let go of and I promise it will get easier!

Until next time, Keep on living FIT!