Moldova Day 2: Training Begins

Hello ALL!

Yesterday morning (yes, I am a day ahead of many of you), I had my orientation and began training the beautiful young lady who will become the me in Moldova. We have pictures…and I’ll get them on here just as soon as I figure the whole technology thing out.

Her thirst for knowledge on the subjects of health, fitness, nutrition and self defense is awesome! She was alert the whole time (bonus) and eager to continue learning. Nutrition got a bit confusing, but who isn’t confused by nutrition. Today, we will begin training in fitness and working more on fitness education. She is more dedicated to learning than any others I have worked with so far. She has a true desire to help the girls in her community.

There are experiences and stories here that can never truly be read through the internet, but are better to be experienced with others. Prayers for the next few days:

  1. Pray for the training to continue going well.
  2. Pray for sleep! I have had trouble getting more than 3-4 hours each night.
  3. Pray for energy to do the work.

My daughter got to try placenta for the first time last night and immediately fell in love with this cultural dish. Perhaps it is because the one she chose resembles cheery pie :) .

I will attempt to get some pictures posted soon and I will keep you updated on the events here.


Moldova or BUST!

Preparations have been happening for months and it is finally here! Today, my daughter and I leave for Chisinau, Moldova.

We will hop 2 international flights to get there, and hopefully get all caught up on our movie watching.

I have a bag full of clothing for the next 2 weeks and another full of training supplies. I would say we are good to go :)

What do we do while we are there?

The first week will be spent training a young lady I met during my last trip. I will basically be training her to do what I do, only I’m going to try to scale it down a little! I’ll also be attending various church functions and visiting with the staff of the Beginning of Life Center. The second week, I will join a team of people who are coming for a vision trip. During this part of the trip we will visit at risk families, local high schools, and various prevention programs.

How can you help?

Thankfully, we have met our money for the trip itself. The biggest thing we can do now is to bring awareness. I’ll be blogging almost daily about what is happening on the trip and what we are trying to accomplish. Retweet, re-post, and share with friends and family so that people will become more aware of what is happening in Moldova and around the world.

Join me in fighting sex trafficking and human enslavement. Give a voice to those who have lost theirs.

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