Moldova Day 7

OK, so I took a couple of days off :)

JUST FROM BLOGGING! Trust me, I’ve been working.

Sunday was spent in worship and service in the morning, then I had lunch with all my favorite girls and spent the afternoon with my trainee who is becoming more and more of a daughter to me. Then, my sweet boy Igor spent the evening hanging out and talking with us. It put me to bed a bit late, but was more than worth it.

Yesterday, we visited a village about 2 hours away. We were able to meet a young lady who had finished the rehabilitation program and is trying to make it on her own. She is living in part of a house and is blessed with heating during the cold months (it’s still cold here). She went to great lengths and made us some sweet bread and tea. Her children, 8 and 10 years old, were able to skip school (the influence I have!) and enjoy tea time with us…a very rare treat indeed.

In the villages, all the bathrooms are outside….as in, out houses. After a 2 hour drive, it was amazing how badly I did NOT need to use the bathroom once I saw them. What is heart breaking is the state of living. What is even more heart breaking is the fact that they showed more hospitality and joy then most of the people I know who enjoy indoor plumbing wherever they go…

So, what is making the trip hard now? Well, if I’m honest I will say social media. Why? I am living life with people in deplorable conditions. Girls who have been raped, beaten and horribly abused. Yet, when I look at the world where I was I read petty complaints that remind me how easily we all slip into our selfish bubbles. We may feel called to do something bigger, but most do not act on it.

In the first few days here, God put the whisper of a dream in my heart….it is so big that I dare not utter it aloud, but I do pray on it daily. My goal is to start seeking out those who are on a similar path, those who strive to be made uncomfortable for the calling they have received. To me, missions is just like my workout: if I do not strive to be uncomfortable, nothing will ever change…..

What have you been called to do? Better question: are you doing it?