Summertime News and all things healthy :)

Good Morning!

I hope this post finds you feeling healthier and if not, drink some water……chances are you are dehydrated :)
So, I get that blog posts have been sporadic and that is due to contest prep. I am now 11 days out from my FIGURE debut at the Musclemania Lone Star in Galveston, TX on May 16th. If you want to read up on contest prep and check out photos, go HERE.


Posts will resume more normalcy once the competition is wrapped and my new goals settle in for the long haul. Since this is the final post pre-contest, I wanted to use it to address a few things and let you in on some of my upcoming news.

GYM RULES (watch out for these things if you want to reach your goals):

I’m going to be overly blunt here, but I’m tired of everybody wandering around totally lost….so here we go.

  1. KNOW YOUR GOALS!!!!! If you do not have specific you-centered goals written down then you are flying blind…..and everybody knows it.
  2. Be careful what “advice” you take. Over the past 6 months I have heard more bad advice escape the mouths of gym goers than I could read off the internet in a lifetime. I hear it on the gym floor, in the locker room and ALWAYS in the sauna. My personal favorite is the group exercise instructor who told a group of older ladies they should ALWAYS do their cardio fasted…..because obviously group X instructors have a PhD in exercise and nutrition science and just teach for the heck of it (I can say that, I was one). Do you realize that training fasted has never been scientifically proven for greater fat loss? More so, do you think a spin instructor knows that if there is a pre-existing condition like high blood pressure (which is rampant) training fasted can actually be a terrible thing? Food for thought… picky about whose advice you take. It doesn’t matter if you think they look fitter than you. Do they have more education then Google University?
  3. Don’t camp out on the machinery. Those fancy machines were designed for a purpose: bodybuilders who could no longer utilize heavier loads without risking injury. The machines stabilize you and make it possible to lift heavier and tear down more muscle fibers to produce muscular gains. Get it right with free weight and body weight FIRST, then move on.
  4. Don’t just sit there. Many people think they are taking an appropriate rest between sets, but 2 minutes is far too long. If you need more than 90 seconds of rest, lighten your load a bit.
  5. Mind your mouth…or at least what you put in it. Post workout nutrition is key to a sleek physique. Your muscles need energy or they can’t recover and perform.

Whew! Those are really my top 5 tips for YOU to get where you want to be. It’s not always about the size, scale or mirror…’s about goals.

Strong Camp 04 Photo by Paul Buceta @Strongcamp

What’s new?

LOADS of new things are coming and I am experiencing a refresher this Summer. Out with the old and in with the new :) I dig change….in fact, I crave it. Due to that, we are doing a total overhaul. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Weekly real-time training videos. These will be termed Tabata Tuesday and will cover awesome workouts in minimal time with minimal equipment. You can do these workouts ANYWHERE, even on vacation (I’m even shooting some on vacation).
  • Nutrition programs. You requested it and I am hard at work on beginner, intermediate and advanced nutrition programs you will be able to download based on current goals.
  • Goal setting webinars. You know I’m a stickler for goals and I’m setting up FREE webinars so people can get a handle on how to set goals so they can actually reach them.
  • Monthly recipes in the newsletter.
  • Form videos on some of the most popular strength training moves.
  • A whole lot more including hang outs, Q & A’s, guest trainers, success stories, pretty pictures, and maybe even some fit getaways.

So stick with me as I finish this goal and head on to the next!

In health and fitness,


Happy Monday! Summer Solstice Review, Tales from Letting Go, New News and MORE!

Good Monday morning Fit Lifers!

I hope all of you had an enjoyable weekend and got what you needed out of it. You know, sometimes it is ok to just enjoy a lazy weekend!

So, to kick off this beautiful Monday, I wanted to stop by the Summer Solstice and move down to more news and some encouragement. So jump in, life is waiting :)

Athleta Summer Solstice

As you know, Summer Solstice was this past Wednesday. Apart from it being the longest day of the year, it is also a big day in a lot of yoga traditions. Just look up Summer Solstice on YouTube and you’ll find all sorts of interesting things! Most yoga practitioners believe that Summer Solstice is the perfect time for new beginnings. It’s sort of like a retake on your New Year’s Resolutions. In light of this, yogis from all over move out into the open air to partake in yoga sessions and friendships. Athleta sponsored many such outings to coincide with their extremely large Summer solstice in Times Square, New York. By the way, the whole thing was streaming live and was fantastic to watch!

Here in Houston, Athleta sponsored a morning yoga session taught by 4 teachers from Yoga West in Katy. The class was held outside and though rain seemed to threaten the comfort level a bit, it held off for the morning. See? A new beginning already :) My Fit Foods also prepared a wonderful breakfast for participants and those who were just there to check it out. The Athleta Houston store offers a variety of fitness classes (including YOGA) and strives to make an impact within each community. You can learn more about the company and find a store near you at

What if you just let go?

I posted last week about the changes I have noticed since taking a more yoga approach to life in general. The physical changes have been phenomenal as I spent my weekend trying on clothes in my closet that I had always fought to get in to. Now, they simply slip on. No deprivation, no starvation and certainly no degradation. One interesting thing that I have noticed is that as I read through my Bible each morning, I never read of people lamenting over the size clothing they were or a lack of 6 packs. I am coming to realize that we were never meant to obsess about our weight or size.

Think about it this way: if I were so obsessed with my size/weight that the majority of my time was spent working out, planning and prepping meals and the lot, I would never have the time to focus on my true purpose: bringing encouragement to YOU. Oh, I have been on the other side where my days were filled with 4 hours of working out and the other 20 planning (yes, even in my sleep). I was bitter and angry and, to be honest, not much use to God as I did not fulfill my purpose.

So, what would happen if we could all let go of what we are holding onto so tightly? That need for perfection? The call to certain fashion? The thought that we will do what we are called to do when…? Can we truly let that go and move past these road blocks into a more abundant and fulfilling life? We are promised both of those things, but we must align our priorities to really reap our treasures.

What’s New?

So, I am really excited about a whole bunch of newness coming in to my life. For starters, I will be attending the She Speaks conference in July. This is a conference for Christian speakers and writers and I pray that the path with be carved and divine intervention will plan out divine meetings.

I’m also beginning a yoga tour of the Houston area. My first stop will be Yoga One. they have a great class on Friday nights called Box of Chocolates, and yes, it involves chocolate. From there I plan on visiting as many studios as I can and writing up reviews on the experience. So stay tuned!

I’ll be offering a yoga immersion here in Baytown (just outside of Houston) September 21-23. This weekend will be full of ways to increase your awareness and focus. We’ll be practicing yoga and implementing Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, which can be used within any and all yoga disciplines. This weekend will help you understand core strength, detoxification, the benefits of yoga, breathing and even cooking! We’ll have a cooking demo and lesson as well as anatomy and physiology lectures and asana practices. No worries, I assure you it will be full of fun and you will not regret this relaxing weekend.

Yoga, wine and chocolate is coming to our area as I have teamed up with a local wine vineyard to offer a class in the late Fall.

Keep checking out the site as there are more changes coming everyday!

Until tomorrow, Stay healthy!