National Nutrition Month: Nutrition for Weight Loss


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Tough Love Tuesday is making a comeback on Friday to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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National Nutriton Month: Nutrition Label Reading

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Fear not, it’s just my daughter and me from a couple of years ago. Label reading hasn’t changed, so get up to date on your most powerful health tool.

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Today’s blog is going to cover a whole lot, so hang with me as we get going :)

First up is food news (everybody’s favorite kind of news right?) and we’re dealing with the most nasty: FAKE SWEETENERS…..AAAHAAHAHAHAHHHHH! That was scary right? I’ll make it short and sweet with some of the new research. Basically, we know that table sugar is no good for your body (your waistline NOR your internal organs and normal body functions), but we love our sweets. So, ages ago man decided to make sweeteners to fill the gap so to speak. These artificial sweeteners are now causing loads of problems, the least of which is the fact that they kill the metabolism and promote the ever rising epidemic of obesity. So, what’s a sweet tooth to do? The short list of acceptable sweeteners (moderation, my friends) is as follows:

  • Stevia
  • Xylitol*
  • Succunat
  • Raw Honey
  • Agave

yes, I know your beloved Sweet n Low and Splenda are not on that list. GASP! When you take in zero calorie sweetener your body pulls a “What the HECK is THIS?!?” moment and decides that since it offers absolutely NO nutritional value it will simply put it in the nearest storage facility: i.e. your gut. That’s right! Diet Coke addicts trying to get rid of your poof? (Not the Jersey Shore kind). Ditch the diet drink! Also, even more interesting is the latest research on GUM. Yeah, gum. That thing we use not only to freshen breath, but thanks to the Biggest Loser, we are now addicted to it because it helps ward off cravings right? NOT SO, says research. Many sugar-free gums contain aspartame, which wrecks the metabolism AND when it comes to gum it can actually spur sweets cravings. Are you thinking back now to all the times you had a piece of gum ONLY to eat the candy anyways? Yeah, happens to the best of us. So, what should you do? Ahem, READ YOUR LABELS! I did it for you already and Trident offers Xylitol as it’s sweetener of choice. Fresh breath plus no cravings, rock on. Now why are stevia and xylitol acceptable even though they are labeled as calorie free? First off, in order to actually register a calorie rating on the package, the item must have over 5 calories per serving. Second, these 2 sweeteners are naturally derived and therefore processed differently and used for energy (technically they DO contain energy in the form of calories).

Second order of news: FREE CLASSES! I am in the midst of filming videos for 2 online classes. One is a 31 day nutrition mission called the Lean Eating Program. You’ll learn the ins and outs of actual nutrition (not dieting, gimmicks, or heresy) and how to use nutrition to reach your health and fitness goals. The catch? I’m ONLY accepting 20 people to the FREE round of this particular program, then it will be offered again through a different system. So keep an eye out for that one. The second class is a lifestyles course that will deal with all the issues that we have in leading the life we should be leading. Like I’ve said to many of my clients, you have to learn to get out of your own way to reach your goals. This will be a 30 day online course designed to tackle some of the hardest aspects of making lifestyle changes and taking responsibility for the outcome. Examples of subjects covered are optimal health and fitness, branding you (instead of trying to be others), goal setting, goal reaching, how to deal with people (especially those who are less supportive), how to handle roadblocks, self-confidence techniques, budgets for your time, energy, and money, PLUS loads more. You learn how to build the habits of a succesful life. This one will be open to 100 people FREE OF CHARGE.

Last, but not least is the APRIL CHALLENGES! I’ll have 3 challenges beginning April 2nd. My challenge groups so far have been experiencing phenomenal results so I’m excited about starting 3 new ones. As always, you’ll get all the coaching you need (and probably some you don’t want!) to help you reach your full potential. I’ll be putting up the actual challenges next week, but here’s the teaser:

So, that’s the announcements for now. I hope all of ya’ll are up and enjoying life today. Remember, don’t just show up and sit on the bench, GET IN THE GAME!