My HONEST Opinion (review) for P90X and P90X2

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Today I am going to give you my professional review of BeachBody Programs: P90X and P90X 2. If you’re a devoted Xer, just simma down!

Let’s dive in shall we?

I have done both P90X and P90X2 (my hubs joined me for the latter) and both have their ups and downs. First and foremost, both are more advanced programs so they are not for those just coming off the couch. The truth is that Tony Horton never really intended for these to be weight loss programs, but rather conditioning programs. So, for those just beginning who state “WOW this is hard!” You would be correct.

Now this does not mean that you need to put the DVD away and return to the couch. Rather, I advise steps towards developing more functional fitness platform before embarking on the P90 revolution. Beach Body wants to end the trend of obesity, yes, but they are also a company that makes profits. They focus on the weight loss side because that is what sells.

There are a few things I do not care for with these programs. One is that the instruction revolves around Tony’s large personality. It’s either love it or hate it. I’ve been instructing and training for a decade, so I know that it really matters what people get from the personality in order to stay committed to the workouts. The sequencing of the exercises is fair. Sequencing is a large key in injury prevention. The pace can be a bit much for those just starting AND it seems a bit slow for those more used to a group environment. Now, onto the moves themselves. Professionally, they are showy. There are a variety of moves that can be more effective when coming from the base rather than focused on how awesome you can make the body look. This is a problem for me because I come from a different training style. I train functionally and focus on things from the ground up and the inside out.

All in all, this is not one that I reach for nor do I use any of the fancy moves with clients. For those who are committed to the person behind the screen (and a large part of the Beach Body brand) you will probably force enjoyment and reap some results. My largest problem thus far is the number of injuries that have been reported from those doing the program. Now, are the injuries due to poor sequencing and lack of clear instruction or are they the result of NOT having hands on training for such a difficult program? Really it could swing either way.

Beach Body has some other, lower impact, programs that offer great results as well. They have also recently began certifying instructors for P90X. Keep in mind the majority of these instructors have NO other certification, so proceed with caution.

If you are able to get your hands on a certified personal trainer that can help you set a solid foundation, then the X may work a whole lot better for you. My ranking of this program is about a 2 out of 5 simply for the injuries.

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For strength training that delivers, sans injuries, check out Les Mill’s Pump and Chalean Extreme.

Monday DVD Review: P90X and P90X2

Good Monday Morning Fit Livers! :)

As with every Monday, I am reviewing DVD workouts that can be done in your home and at your convenience. Today I’m going to hit on 2 of the biggest ones: P90X and P90X2.

Pretty much everybody has heard of P90X. You may even have a copy yourself. P90X is a workout program fully devoted to your results. It is circuit training at its finest and, if done consistently, will bring about the results in fat loss and muscle definition that most of us want from our workouts. Trainer Tony Horton leads the charge in these 2 programs and does a phenomenal job in sequencing the circuit in what he refers to as “muscle confusion”. Basically, you are moving from one set to the next with no rest. Circuit training is the best way to shed fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time. Pick up any Jillian Michaels book or DVD and she’ll tell you the same thing :)
First off, I would like to address the fact that this is an actual workout system, not simply a fitness DVD. P90X is produced and distributed by BeachBody and like ALL BeachBody programs it is fully loaded. With this program you get all of the circuit training workouts (30-45 minutes in length) along with the Ab Ripper, Yoga X, Stretch, and Cardio (Kenpo). As with all other BB programs, you also get a comprehensive and flexible diet program, workout log, and motivation. Think of it as your mini gym for major results. The original P90 focuses on Tony’s own brand of circuits (muscle confusion) with some seriously awesome moves that you can aspire to achieve. It is a highly challenging workout, but has loads of modifications throughout to make it doable for the novice exerciser.
So, how is P90X2 different? X2 takes on even more of a sports related training platform within the 12 new workouts offered. It is still a killer circuit program, but it takes you to the next level: athletic training. This is accomplished by the use of P.A.P. or post activation potentiation. Big words which basically mean you’ll be challenged by exhausting a muscle group then asking that same group to do just a little more….
X2 has more complicated moves, but still offers modifications throughout. Once completing just one of the workouts, you start to feel like an athlete :) You still get the nutrition, tracking, and support that BB is so good at offering to help people reach fit life goals.

The upsides of both P90X and P90X2 is that they are incredibly effective IF YOU DO THEM! Sitting there watching doesn’t burn thing. As with any home based program, you must put forth the effort. The people in both DVD systems are actual P90 success stories and BeachBody coaches, not fitness models as with other DVDs. These people work out because they want to be fit and healthy, not because they get paid to look fit. HUGE difference.

There are a lot of different opinions about Tony himself. Some people will tell you he is annoying on the DVDs, but the reality is he is saying the things ALL great trainers say when we are trying to motivate clients. He just says a lot :) My own opinion is that he a very kind during the workouts. Meaning, he always tells you that you can take a break when needed and skip a pushup if necessary. This forces those doing the DVD to self motivate through the rough spots just a bit, which can be difficult for those lacking motivation in the first place.

So, this comprehensive program offers lasting results in 90 days and it does deliver. I myself am looking for a new challenge and beginning a 90 day journey throughout the entire P90X2 with my hubby :) I’ll keep you posted as I am always looking for new challenges and from the looks of things, this program will deliver.

In great health!