FREEKEH Foods Review and Recipe

Over the past few weeks, I have had the chance to review (meaning cook and eat!!!!) the fabulous Freekeh Foods.

Curious as to what Freekeh really is? I’m glad you asked :) Read on for this info straight from the source:

What is Freekeh?

So glad you asked! Freekeh is a process which means “to rub” in Arabic. Freekeh was created by accident nearly 2,000 years ago when a Middle Eastern village was attacked and their crop of young green wheat was set ablaze. Most folks would sulk over their misfortune, but the crafty villagers rubbed off the chaff, cooked it up and “Eureka!” Freekeh was created. We’re proud to offer you this tasty, nutritious ancient grain with a funny name.


So what do you do with Freekeh?

The question should be… what can’t you do with it? We love it in soups, pilafs, salads, you name it! There really is no wrong way to Freekeh! So go ahead — unleash your imagination and make it your own. Adopt it, fall in love with it.


Freekeh truly is one of the most versatile grains I have worked with AND the texture is amazing. I tried two different types (regular and rosemary sage) and was able to find LOADS of recipes on their site.

The family favorite was the Freekeh Jambalaya. We had this after returning from a trip to New Orleans, where we tasted the real deal. The Freekeh Jambalaya was a winner and hit the spot :)

Freekeh is a nutritionist approved way to add more healthy grains to your diet and reap the benefits from fiber, carbs and all natural goodness.


A Sweet Post Workout Treat


This Smoothie is great for brightening the skin tone and replenishing lost fluids and nutrients during your workout.

It’s whole foods based, but you may add 1/2 to 1 whole scoop of protein powder if you feel it’s needed.



1/4-1/2 cup each: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries

touch of raw honey (optional)

1/2 cup brewed red Rooibos tea

Almond milk to desired consistency

ice cubes

Blend until smooth and enjoy. If cardio was too much and you find yourself overheated, add a few mint sprigs to cool off :)

Stay active, Stay alive!



Fun Friday!!! When Failure IS the only option

Hello fit friends!

Today is Friday, February 15 on my side of the globe. How are those resolutions coming? If you’ve fallen off the wagon, no worries, I have a few things coming up this week to help hoist you back up. :)

For now, I want to discuss a few things that have been weighing heavily on me. The first are a myriad of “30 day” plans that are inundating my Facebook feed as well as my inbox. I’m going to put this bluntly:

It takes WAY more than 30 days to make a lifestyle change.

If you are unable to stick with this “meal plan” or “diet” for longer than 30 days, it is setting you up for failure.

There is NO easy button.

There is NO perfect “diet”.

There is no way you can succeed if this plan is only 30 days.


So, I know you’re probably thinking “This is not Fun.” You’re right, but hold up…. Deprivation plans are not fun. I’m trying to put the fun back into your plans people! You should be able to enjoy your dark chocolate and red wine every once in a while. Plans that require deprivation of any kind eventually lead to “cheating” which is over consumption of foods that will cause damage in the end. Stay with me here: There is NO one food that will make us fat or kill us (with the exception of blowfish and possible poisonous foods, but I am working on the assumption you steer clear of those..) and there is NO one food that will make us healthy. We are not created equal…at least not our innards :)

It’s important to figure out what makes you body tick. What gives you energy? What drains your energy? What helps you workout? What keeps you on the couch? I don’t believe in long-term meal plans. That’s why all the ones in the store here are designed for short-term use, just to get you started. We need variety. We crave variety. We want the spice of life as well as the spicy foods and we should be able to enjoy it! So, here’s my challenge for you: check you feeds (or just go all old school and ask your friends) and if you’re all on the same “diet” something is dreadfully wrong. Diets fail. The sad part is when diets fail, we humans think we are the failures. Don’t get caught up in the diet drama and sales pitches! Fight the good fight and realize that YOU are special. Your diet SHOULD be different from everybody else. Embrace it and you will reap far more benefits than any “diet” could ever offer.

My name is Michelle and I do not Paleo, Weight Watcher, Atkins, South Beach, grapefruit, cabbage soup, Master Cleanse or any other set “DIET”…..but I still have a visible 6 pack and no muffin top. I’m special, but SO ARE YOU! Ditch the diets, eat clean for you and see RESULTS.

Live Out Loud!