Skin Savers

Hello People!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, but extremely helpful.

Winter has been hitting hard this side of the world, and since I’m not so used to it my skin has suffered greatly!

Well, there is a great tool you can use to get your skin (and even your hair) into shape during the cold months…or if you  happen to live in a low-humidity climate.

So, without wasting too much time, here’s what you need:

Coconut oil (preferably organic)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Peppermint oil (or the scent of your choice)

Boar’s head bristle brush (optional)

Here’s what I do to get my skin back in check…and if you’re wanting to keep/get your skin tight, this is a GREAT regimen to have for beauty purposes.

Dry brushing. Basically, you get all kinds of naked, start with short strokes of the bristle brush from the feet up the legs completely. Then from the fingers into the arms. Torso is last and the brush moves in a clockwise motion at the abdomen. You can skip this step, but I highly recommend it. Dry brushing helps to remove toxins, get the lymphatic system roaring like it should, and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production.

Warm the oils in a coffee cup (or bowl, if you’re anti-cup).

Grab some oil with your hands and apply to the whole body, starting with the feet. You can even get your scalp and it feels AWESOME! This is safe for the face as well.

You can sit on a towel and read a magazine for a few minutes, or do some stretches (that’s what I do) to further stimulate the lymph flow. Then, hop in a warm (not super hot) shower and rinse away. Don’t scrub with a washcloth or use loads of chemical laden soap here! Allow some of the oil to adhere to the skin to help provide moisture and protection.

You can do this everyday if you want. I do it a couple of times a week now. During the winter, I prefer doing it during the day, but when it gets warm I do it right before bed. Your skin will be ever so grateful, and will even tighten up some for you (like always, THAT takes time).

So, feel free to go get the quick results of oil bathing for pennies per use. Have fun and enjoy your super soft skin :)