Vega Sport is HERE: Fuel Your Better

Something pretty cool happened to me just before I left for Moldova last month…I was chosen as one of the awesome bloggers to check out Vega Sport lineup of superior nutritional products.

I was able to choose the recovery line of products and have had a blast in the kitchen and the gym. NOW, it’s your turn to check out what I’ve been able to see.

Start HERE:

This is Vega Sport official website and the information on it is truly priceless. Start by checking out the social buttons they have on display under the #fuelyourbetter hashtags. You can find out what could be holding you back from your sport, your best health and even your best life. Vega Sport covers everything from body composition to recovery and overtraining. The best part is that the folks at Vega Sport are extremely knowledgeable on nutrition science and fact. In other words, it’s the real deal and not just popular opinion.

If you find out what makes you happy in life and work to fuel that, then the healthy and lean body you think you want will come more naturally.

I’ll be posting my own experience and usage with Vega Sport this week so you can check out recipes and the how-to’s of recovery from my point of view. Until then, check out their blog here¬†and share how YOU #fuelyourbetter

Here’s to GREAT health,


By the way, Vega is fast taking over Shakeology for taste and nutritional profile at a fraction of the cost :)


Review of Exhale Spa Core Fusion Pilates Plus DVD

I’m not a HUGE fan of workout DVDs simply because they tend to get old and you get tired of the same jokes all the time. Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito amd Elisabeth Halfpapp have actually managed to make a series of videos that I keep in rotation on days when I want somebody else to think up my workout :)

One of the most effective is Pilates Plus. I am a huge Pilates fan, but this duo takes it about 10 steps further in Pilates Plus. The DVD has 5 ten minute workouts, so you can do it all or whatever you have time for. It works very effectively so if you only get 10 minutes in then you’ll be feeling taller and leaner the rest of your day. Pilates Plus focuses on your core and is garunteed to leave you feeling smaller in your waist and hips. Plenty of modifications are given throughout so you have the option to build your practice as you build your strength.

I fully recommend adding Pilates Plus to your workout DVD collection. Better yet, get a group of friends together for a DVD swap! Pick a night to have your friends get together and have everybody bring a workout DVD, then spend the evening laughing and swapping videos (similar to white elephant gift swaps). If you have time and space, pop in a DVD and all work out together. It’s a fun night out that’s affordable, healthy, and