HOUSTON, we have an awesome ride for you this Saturday!

If you live in or near the Houston area, then you’ll want to take advantage of some new tech coming to indoor spinning.

This Saturday (8/29) from 9-2 you can enjoy a totally FREE look at how you can achieve a smoking hot gamer bod :)

SPIVI is launching at Ascent Fitness in Houston and it will take your workout to a whole new level.


Check in to the event page on FACEBOOK  and join in on a new way to ride.

Are you ready to get your gamer bod?

Ascent Fitness Debuts an Innovative 3D Cycling Experience

Join the Cycling Revolution


HOUSTON – August 2015 – Ascent Fitness announced it would be the only cycling studio in Houston to carry Spivi Studio, a 3D video game training system, created for indoor cycling and fitness studios.

Spivi Studio is installed on existing equipment and generates an interactive 3D experience that places trainees on a virtual road with a personal avatar depicting their energy level. Using heart-rate monitors to track performance, Spivi then sends a personal training summary to each cyclist by email after their session.

“Spivi was brought to my attention by a competitive cyclist who was excited about a virtual reality cycling program that allowed him to compete with his friends from his own house,” says Karyn Snyder, owner of Ascent Fitness.

Synder has dedicated her life to helping others live a healthier lifestyle. In 2007, she became an ACE certified personal trainer and opened a personal training company, Ascent Fitness. She made the leap to incorporating the virtual program in her studio after the buzz began to spread among Texas cyclists. “By creating a virtual atmosphere, trainees can be more engaged with their training and have access to their progress via scientific data, while participating in a fun atmosphere. Spivi Studio will allow a different experience altogether the spinning/indoor cycling industry in Houston.”

One feature of Spivi includes target views, which focuses on heart rate, power and cadence. Members can set their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) individually for their personal profiles and instructors can run in-class tests to automatically set this value. It gives riders live performance feedback on the screen for added motivation. Now, join the 3D cycling revolution, exclusively at Ascent Fitness this August!



Opening this past spring, Ascent offers a wide range of classes including indoor cycling, yoga, weight lifting, and body shaping to give everyone access to a multi-dimensional approach to fitness. Ascent Trainers are equipped with national certifications, knowledge of anatomy and physiology and in-depth understanding of exercise programming. They are dedicated to helping every person improve their cardio, strength and flexibility through proper technique and motivational training. Ascent brings together fierce workouts with a fun flare for everyone from athletes to beginners.


For more information about schedules and classes, please visit http://www.ascent.fitness/