Healthy Indulgence: Chocolate Truffles

We all know that chocolate gets  bad rep just because it’s so good right? Chocolate doesn’t have to ruin your attempts at health. As a matter of fact, THESE chocolate truffles will propel you to good health, one delicious bite at a time.


You need a big bowl! Take your jewelry off and prepare to get nasty….hey, it’s for chocolate :)

1 cup whole grain minute oats

1 cup PB2 (or Just Good Stuff). You can find it online here.

1 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/4 cup natural peanut butter OR almond butter if you prefer

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

8 squares dove dark chocolate

about 1/4 cup almond or cow’s milk (I use almond)


Um, wash your hands please….

OK, NOW you dive in with 2 hands. Squeeze, squish and tell your family there is no way you can help them right now because you’re covered in chocolate…legitimate excuse.

Once ingredients are combined (but not over worked) form into whatever sized truffles your heart desires. Mine are HUGE, cause that’s how I roll.

Wash your hands again. OR you can sit on the couch and nibble the paste off your hands for a few minutes.

In a small saucepan, melt chocolate over LOW heat (who would want to waste chocolate by burning it?) then add in milk to your desired consistency.

Let the melted chocolate cool a bit, just to where you can stick your finger in without burning yourself.

Roll truffles in chocolate and place on plate with light spritz of non-stick spray.

Now, you may have chocolate sauce left over and you may do what you like…I chose to pour it over the truffles.

Chocolate Truffles

Pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then ENJOY! 3 of these gives you about 200 cals of whole foods energy, craving buster deliciousness without the sugar, AND a FULL SERVING of fruits and vegetables for your day…in a truffle people! Genius :)

Let’s discuss the common excuses (OH…I meant questions) with the shake:

Can I just use any protein powder?

NO. Shakeology is not a protein powder. It is a nutritional power house with protein in it. You cannot cook with it or it will break down all the good stuff you’re trying to get in.

Why does it cost so much?

The ingredients are not cheap to get, nor are they cheap to harvest. We try to keep it super natural as Shakeology was invented to offset the horrible diets we have (don’t deny it, you know you still sneak your kids fries).

What if I don’t like it?

Send it back! Shako comes with a BOTTOM OF THE BAG guarantee, so you’re covered.

How can I make the bag last longer?

Read the recipe above. I made 12 HUGE truffles with only 1 scoop of shako. Money saver right there :)

Until next time,


Recovering from the Holiday, Chocolate Peanut Butter Treat Recipe, Beginning the Reset and more!

Welcome back to the fit life people!

I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day and I hope you took the extra time to be thankful for our freedoms and not just focus on your to-do list.

I have LOADS to cover today, so let’s jump in:

Recovery made easy.

It can be trying to get back into the swing of things when you’ve had a long weekend. Family and friends gathered together can mean over indulging in food and often times drink as well. Sunny days mean sunburns for lots of people, and most of us don’t use the extra day off to rest, but rather to work. Here are a few quick tips to get you back into the FIT of things:

  1. Drink LOADS of water!!!! I cannot beat this dead horse enough. Most of us live in a constant dehydrated state, which slows our metabolism and promotes headaches, just to name a couple of things. So, your water goal for the next 3 days straight is 126 oz. Yes, that’s right. Shoot over to Facebook and jot it down for the whole world to see! Let your friends and neighbors in on the challenge and make sure you carry a refillable water jug around with you at all times. After a few days, you’ll notice more energy and fewer aches.
  2. Give sugar a rest for a few days and load up on naturally sweet fruits throughout your day. Watermelon and berries are coming into season and tasting super sweet, so enjoy those to help enhance the immune system with added anti-oxidants.
  3. Try green tea. Green tea does indeed help to boost the metabolism by up to 3% (hey, every little bit counts!) and it also provides anti-oxidants and stress relieving compounds to balance the body internally. The key with green tea is not to let the water get too hot and only steep it for 2-3 minutes to avoid the bitter flavor.
  4. Give yoga a try. Seriously, for toning the middle and flattening the abs, I have one ally and it is yoga! Not into the full class? You can get benefits from just a few minutes a day. Practice some breathing techniques and twists to get you started. No worries, I’ll have some instructional videos for you this week! ;)
  5. Skip the super hot showers and opt for more warm showers. Steamy showers can zap energy and exacerbate sunburns. Try a super light lotion on the skin before you exit the shower while the skin is still damp. This holds in moisture to repair skin, but allows any left over burns to heal.

Today starts my BeachBody Ultimate Reset: It’s not about vanity folks.

So, this morning I began my Ultimate reset. I feel the need to give the disclaimer that this is not about weight loss for me. I want to see what it’s about and be able to give proper recommendations to people and I cannot do that without trying it. I’ll post about it as much as I feel is necessary, but I think a video per day is overkill :) . I have suffered from joint issues for years and, following ancient Chinese medicine, if I am able to rid my body of toxins then my joints should heal properly. I am very intrigued by that. Also, I want to see what it’s like with the meal plan and how accessible it actually is to everybody. Rest assured, I will give you and honest and professional opinion. To see success stories and read up on the Ultimate Reset, click HERE.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

These are my family’s new favorite treat. Best dish ever!!!! These are awesome to take to parties as they are portion controlled and so yummy people won’t even know how much nutrition they are getting. I had to play around with the recipe a bit to make them not so sweet, but you can feel free to alter it to your tastes. Remember, this is a treat :) ENJOY!


24-30 small muffin liners (I highly recommend using these so they don’t stick together!)

1.5 cups all natural peanut butter (I did 1/2 PB and 1/2 PB2 to cut back on fat and cals)

1 cup local honey

1 cup oatmeal

2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology (if you do not have Shako, any chocolate protein power can be used)

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes


Place a large pot on low heat on the stove and pour in peanut butter and honey. Stir until completely blended and super smooth.

Take off heat and stir in oatmeal, Shako, and coconut.

Chill in fridge for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until set and cool.

Form small balls in hands and place in liners. These need to be kept in a cool place.

Prep time is about 5 minutes max and you can squeeze in a workout while they’re chillin :)


I hope you are all getting ready and excited for Summer. MichelleCFitness will be getting some fun new additions, so be on the lookout for cooking tips and videos, plus a section just for the kids. I’ll be filming vids on youth workouts and tips on getting your kids more active this Summer, without breaking the bank! Come back soon and keep living FIT!




Shakeology Nutritional Cleanse

Happy Fun Friday!

Watch the video, then check out the plan :) Remember, you can totally workout while on the cleanse, BUT it is against my professional recommendation to cleanse during bootcamp or the harder challenges like Turbo Fire and P90X.

3 Day Shakeology Nutritional Cleanse

These meals stay EXACTLY the same for 3 days.

Meal 1: Shakeology flavor of choice, blended with 12-16 oz water and 1 serving of fruit, ice to taste

Meal 2: Shakeology flavor of choice blended with 12-16 oz water, ice to taste

Meal 3: Shakeology flavor of choice blended with 12-16 oz water, ice to taste

Meal 4: 2 cups mixed green salad, 3-5 oz chicken breast, squeeze of lemon

Snacks: If you do get hungry during the cleanse you can snack on a piece of fruit in the morning and cucumbers in the afternoon.

Water: DRINK A LOT! You’ll need between 90 and 120 oz per day

Order Your ENERGY Here

Don’t let the word “cleanse” scare you! You can still lead a totally normal lifestyle during this cleanse. You CAN go to work and no I will not write you an excuse to stay home. Should you find yourself running to the bathroom to pee a lot (hello giggles, calm down) that generally means your diet is a little sugar heavy and your kidneys are getting cleaned out. If you find you’re running more for bowel movements (simmer down!) that means you’ve been hitting a few too many processed foods and late night snacks that stack up in your intestines. You may now go enjoy lunch!

As always, pay attention to your body and rest when you need to (not at work, unless that’s acceptable!). Post in the comments if you did the cleanse and what results you had. Did you lose anything? Did you keep any off? That kind of stuff.

Have a healthy day!


Shakeology Recipe

Hello Gorgeous! Or handsome as the case may be :)

By now I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that I am lovin (it IS the month of love people!) my daily Shakeology. At the present time I have 1-2 a day. It is recommended that you drink no more than 2 at most. This is because 1) at some point you do have to break down and make yourself some food! and 2) there is fiber and chromium in Shakeology, both of which suppress the appetite…. Just a little FYI for you!

So, normally I just have my scoop of Shako in water and I like it chocolatey! If I’m feeling really crazy I put in 1/2 a banana. INSANITY!!!! OK, I’m a creature of habit, but this new recipe really rocked. I take a little less than 1 cup of nonfat, plain greek yogurt and mix in about 1/3 to 1/2 scoop of Shako and MAGIC BANANAS I have chocolate pudding minus the artificial ingredients and sugars. Rock on SHAKO, rock on….

There you have it. My newfound fave AND a great way to spread your Shakeology out a bit if you’re like me and want to live off the stuff :) For Shako recipes, the science behind it, or to order, check out this link :

Make today a rockin healthy day people!