My Christmas Wish for you…..and a Tip to Start the New Year on the right foot

Merry Christmas!

As this will be my final post of 2014 (we all need a vacation), I have a few thoughts to share. No glitz and glamour…..just realness that can only shine through during this blessed season.

I have a wish……

My wish for YOU this Christmas is that you will realize you are worth it and you contain boundless potential. Stop saying you’ll feel better after you lose the weight OR stop overeating OR maintain a fitness routine……You have exponential worth RIGHT NOW, just as you are. If you are drawing breath each day it is because the world needs something ONLY YOU can give us! So stop hoarding it and waiting to “fix” what you see as broken in your life. You are exactly where you need to be to make a difference.

The #1 Tip I can give you for a prosperous New Year….

Stop comparing. Don’t waste time comparing your physique to others, the weight you lift to others, the amount of time you spend in the gym to others or your jean size to others! Start 2015 out compelled to improve on all the greatness that is YOU and share it with the world. Find YOUR distinctive purpose and chase it with all your might.

Our family wishes you and yours and blessed and Happy Christmas!