FREE Workout Wednesday! Total Body in 10

1 move (ok, 3 but who’s counting?!?!) to get your whole body. Planks rock! Keep telling yourself that ;)

Whoo, it’s also a throw back. I was softer around the middle…and blonde. See what happens with consistency?


Workout Wednesday!

Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior Workout DVD review

It’s that time again! Time for another insightful review right? :) OK, today I’ll be reviewing Yoga for the Warrior with Bob Harper. Everybody loves Bob, am I right? So, let’s get started….

I’ve been involved in yoga for over a decade now and even though we sometimes have a bumpy relationship, yoga has always been there for me and always will be. Yoga for the Warrior is different from some of the other yoga DVDs you’ll find on the market right now. Bob does a good job of taking out the spiritual conotations of yoga as some people are made uneasy by that. He focuses on what yoga can do for your physical body more than the spirit. What is lacking just a bit is the mind/body connection, but that’s about all that lacks in this DVD. The yoga sequence for abs is short and sweet and leaves you with a good burn and better posture to boot. The hour long sequence delivers a sweat drenching workout with powerful poses. Bob makes sure to remind you of flexibility differences and to go at your pace, BUT challenge yourself too. He has 3 models in the video (all extremely fit) with the 2 girls modeling the harder variations and the guy in the back showing what variations can be taken. The class itself has a home like feel and you really start to feel connected, which will keep you coming back to the video. Although you work up a sweat there aren’t millions of Sun Salutations and Chatarungas like power yoga and Ashtanga yoga. This is beneficial to yoga new comers!

Bottom line: To get some cross training benefits and flexibility increases of yoga, this video is an awesome pick! If you lean more towards classical yoga, you may not like the music and sequencing as much, but I encourage you to open your mind and give it a try. Remember to